INSANE Custom Parks In Skate 3

INSANE Custom Parks In Skate 3

*intro* H-Hey! It’s me! Y U B And welcome back to more Skate 3! I’m- excited for more Skate 3 gameplay. I see you commenters asking for more Skate 3! I see you like : “We don’t care if all the new people like horror games! WE WANT SKATE THREE!” I gotchu’ Someone told me (a little bird), told me, EA mysteriously put the servers back online for Skate 3. O M G What does this mean for the future? I don’t know But I can tell you what it means for right now it means that the custom skate parks are back! We can go on here, the community parks that people made should be back up! If not, hopefully people have made more parks. Today I just wanna look at these wild parks people made and just freaking… Oh my god look at all of these- I didn’t even know about all these DLCs… What the h*ck! Night skating? Why don’t you go ahead and murder that comment section if you’d like to see nightime skate gameplay! I’m-I’m trying to buy all of the DLCs. Screw my money! Who cares? (you probably…) So here’s the featured parks… What the h*ck?! I wanna look for somethin’ that’s CRAZY. First thing we need to find is a freaking cra- Here! “King’s Park” It’s got a giant ramp. I’m comin’ for ya, k i n g (sliding into ur dms be like) OH! What the h*ck! That’s not what I thought was gonna happen when I hit “play” HAAA So this is king’s park, huh? OH MY GOD! You can really make all of this?! It’s got a bunch of Jumbo-trons! Let’s go down here and see what happens… What the h*ck? *some noise* AYYYY! NO WAY! BRO! This park is AWESOME! Sure it’s the first one. Why is my board upside-down? Nonono don’t do th- *PLOP* This game just got a lot more fun! Now there’s like all this more replay value we didn’t have before! And look there’s stairs- Freaking phantom stairs you can take up here *some other weird noise* Oh my gosh! Uh! What is this thing? No freaking clue! What is this here for? No one knows… If only I knew how to do a freaking backflip, this would be the spot for it, a m i r i t e? Yeah I just can’t backflip We’re doin’ a backflip, hold on… It can’t be that hard… lemme google this… *reading the instructions on how to backflip* Bro, the double tap, it does not work. *attempting* I’ve seen enough of this one! ):🙁 Yeah definitely do a freaking feeble grind down the whole thing this makes PERFECT sense… OH GOD! Bro! send help pls (oof) Hold on get this board- yeah, who needs that? not me! Alright here we go. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH Hi. I’m here. Look in the sky, it’s skateman! *true superhero…* Nice… Where does this one go? does this one ever stop? I don’t know! (full rap coming in 2019) It looks like you can go on this one! Oh my god… now turn… COME ON! Hold on for dear life! Don’t let- Don’t you dare- Signing off! He fell like this! Do this… This is fine right? No it’s not. *switches off* Oh!! The tailslide! No way! you’re not landing it… Ohh This guy! OOH! With the switch! You’re a madman I feel like we have to turn into the ramp a little bit, I feel like that’s what I’m doing wrong… Ooooo! And it was switch! With the backflip… BOI oh… 🙁 Hey what does this tube do? Woo! let’s go over… Oh my god he’s insane! Ummm… what happens if I land on this stuff? Oh death that’s cool I L I K E T H A T I think this is totally fine… And I recommend you try this at home On ur ps3 I mean (nice save) Oh ok… this is not what I was trying to do… Why is it doing that? Oh my god :O He’s dead… This man is dead Yeah he’s dead for sure… It’s tough because you can’t see until you get right here on it! This oughta be a lot better, here we go! Oh my god this is so fast! All the way over! Are you kidding I was going SO fast>:( Not fast enough (gotta go fast) Oh my god… The camera shake is nuts! I’ll land that… No big deal Waddup? Dead (T-T) Let’s check out one more custom park… That’s probably all I’m gonna have time for but lemme know if you like this stuff (I do) This video is like, super not-structured and I’m sorry for that… But I’m just having a great time hanging out and having fun… Let’s go to dead space park! Oh look guys it’s dead space park… Oh my god I’m terrified… Have you ever played the game dead space? Cuz I have not (me neither…) Oh here we are.. Dead space park! 😀 (oof) okay… here we go… Oooo. It’s filled with- Oh it’s got like… death OH NO WAY DID I JUST DO THAT! :O look out look out… Oh my god this is actually sick! THERE IS NO WAY! :O I couldn’t have done that on first try if I meant to… But I just did! Hit this- NO come on dude! D

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  1. No matter how many times I watched this video, I keep laughing at all the stupid moments. This is the 20th time I watched this. This video is quality content

  2. I yawned until 7:51–7:58 and i ended it so perfectly where t ends lol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. The word heck is censored in the captions. Bless whoever typed out the captions, for saving the innocent ears.

  4. YuB: if you want me to night skate murder that comment section
    Me: stabs my phone where the comment section is
    Me: the didn’t werk

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