Intermediate Ski Lessons – Keeping Skis Parallel

Intermediate Ski Lessons – Keeping Skis Parallel

If you’re still having trouble keeping the
skis parallel throughout the whole turn, you may be doing something that I call a two-step,
I’m not talking about pushing into a wide snowplough, making the turn, and then letting
the skis come parallel at the very end, it’s just a very quick one two. So the skis aren’t
actually changing edges together and staying parallel all the way through, one two. Let
me show you what I’m talking about. If you have a watch down here, I’m doing a
very quick one two. The skis aren’t turning together, one two. And it’s something that
even good, some good skiers do, and it’s more of a habit than something you need to do. As you saw there, there was just a very quick
one two. And that’s actually because what you are doing, and it’s more of a habit than
anything, is pushing off that lower ski, turning the uphill ski to initiate the turn, and then
in some cases having to actually lift the other ski. What we want to replace that with,
and think about the clutch accelerator that we’ve already looked at, instead of pushing
off that lower leg, feeling the weight gently coming onto it and even letting the knee roll
down the hill slightly. Now you can see even standing here, as I do that, the skis are
going to want to slide into that next turn nice and smooth. So get away from this idea
of pushing off to start the turn. Avoid the temptation to push off the lower
ski, gently let the weight come onto the top ski, and let the skis stay parallel. Don’t
rush the turn. Like most bad habits, it will probably pop
up when the slope gets slightly steeper or you’re starting to get tired. Get it dialled
on the easier slops and it will start to become very natural. Remember, practice makes permanent!

98 thoughts on “Intermediate Ski Lessons – Keeping Skis Parallel

  1. I just want to thank you so much. I am 16 years old and this year is mainly the first year I've really gotten into the sport. Your videos have been such a big help I am so greatful for them. Sincerely, a very appreciative skier.

  2. Very nicely put for 16-year-old, really pleased you appreciate the films and hope it helps your skiing, thanks again Darren

  3. Thank you very much, we will soon have ski school app available to most phones so you can have it with you all the time.Regarding your inside ski make sure you're not rotating your upper body this will stop the ski from coming parallel you can also open the uphill knee which will flatten and then allow the inside ski to go from the inside edge flat and then to the outside edge.hope this helps.

  4. Yes. We are in development at the moment and hope to have it published in the next couple of weeks. Follow our Facebook, Twitter or check our website for announcements. Thanks

  5. We are really close, it is being worked on right now I'm hoping within the next week or so.fingers crossed

  6. Is there any need for poles for a beginner/intermediate person?
    (I am at the level of practicing my parallels to make it permanent)
    Great videos – thx – your apps are very convenient to take along!

  7. The devil is in the detail, if you if you get the basics right you will continue to improve and not get stuck in a rut, glad you found the film useful. thanks Darren

  8. They are useful for moving around but try to keep them out of the way when you are skiing, never use them to help you turn at this level. I quite often get people to leave them behind for a few runs it also helps to encourage a good relaxed arm position.

  9. Hi Darren,

    I've a problem with my parallel skiing. I noticed I got a lot of speed when I'm turning and it led me to break trongly before I started a new turn.
    I tried to analyse my problem : I have my weight on my downhill ski, I stand up and face the valley and I transfert my weight on the other ski. Doesn't it to late to transfert my weight ? Must I transfert it before I face the valley (in fact press on my uphill ski to turn) ?
    Thanx a lot

  10. i cant seem to comfortably turn left while i can easily turn right. when i turn left my inner ski doesnt wanna stay parallel and my outer ski always turns too much (pointing almost horizontal to the slop)

  11. How about flection and extension (up and down motion) while you are turning without those "one-two"? And using end of the turn and edging for initiation the next turn (for more advanced skiers). I am professional ski instructor having more the 12 seasons of teaching experience and have never heard about "one-two". Thanks

  12. Its still surprises me, just how a lot of people do not know about Avalorexon Training Program (do a search on google), despite the fact that lots of people improve their ski skills with this training program. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Avalorexon Training Program, I've improve my ski skills.

  13. I'm a begginer getting to intermediate and I found this videos extremely helpful. I am now starting to turn parapell ski.Thank you very much. I wish you guys can make the app to andriod. See you great teaching Technics you have my man!

  14. Nice video. Real nice illustration and explanation of the "one-two." I think this is the same thing that I have heard referred to as a "residual stem." I can't wait to get out there and work on eliminating this from my skiing!

  15. Awesome, Instructions , All videos are very clear, I have learned a Lot From these Videos

    Thank You
    Form Colorado USA

  16. The video is comfortable and the instructor amiable. He FINALLY gets to the main point that keeps people from advancing (at 1:10)… The INSIDE ski.  This is the most overlooked element in peoples' skiing.  I will try to keep it simple (though difficult without the ability to demonstrate).  The reason that people ski with a wedge (different than snowplow) is because the outside ski over-rotates at a greater rate than the inside ski. If your main focus and action is turning on the outside ski you will be fighting the wedge.

    Those of us old enough to remember the "Wedge Christie" will understand that we would initiate the turn with the outside ski then "match" the inside ski to parallel, earlier and earlier in the turn until we had parallel skiing.  Well… With our new shaped skis, this is bass-ackwards.  What we need to do now is initiate the turn with the INSIDE ski, sort of what this instructor does at around 1:10 in the video.

    Think of it this way: Your weight (and pressure) NATUTALLY will be on the outside ski at the end of the turn. This is almost unavoidable (happily). What we want to do is release that ski (and the old turn) simply by rolling that edge over, beginning to turn/steer that ski (the new inside ski) into the upcoming turn. Then the weight/pressure transfer to the new outside ski can be done at any time comfortable. IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE DONE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TURN!  By ACTIVELY steering (or more advanced, edging) the new inside ski early in the turn you avoid (or minimize) the dreaded wedge. There are other aspects that are too lengthy and technical to point out here.  Happy skiing.

  17. Best series of tutos ever !
    Thank you very much for these coaching sessions.
    I personally recommend the advanced "stacked" position video.

  18. This video changed my skiing!!! I started last year, at the age of 45, and did the one-two step. I couldn't get off greens. I watched your video this winter and began practicing this method. Don't rush the turn is critical! I've gotten smoother, faster and more confident. Last weekend I did my first double black! Thank you!

  19. Thanks for these helpful videos… Especially this one; I couldn't realize where the problem was till I came across this awesome video

  20. This is the most mess-y explanation I've seen so far in this course. You lose any sense of which is the lower ski and which is the upper since they change all the time. So it's not clear at all where you have to move your weight and when. You should redo this video, maybe with some diagrams and of course with more rigorous language.

  21. Бе то на крива ракета космоса й е крив, ама все си мисля, че ако ни беше такава маслена пистата и ние щяхме да станем такива мазни като теб, бро. 😀

  22. So that's the catch! Although I haven't been pushing the rear end of my upper ski like that at the begining of the turn  (it slided nicely), I have been putting all the weight on it to make the turn while LIFTING the lower (turning into the upper) ski and turning it in the air in order to make it parrallel.
    So, instead of taking the weight off that ski, I shoud do the opposite and put the pressure on it (making it turn)? 

  23. "Practice makes Permanent". Man I wish I'd thought of that. I'm going to steal it though; and may I add my thanks to you and your cameraman for making such a great and easy to follow series. I am currently sat at home on my sofa resting after a week in Andorra…I wish I'd spotted your videos a week before I went. Working towards Alpine Ski Leader and beyond…knees permitting. These will be of great help not only to myself but also when offering up tips to others.

  24. Similar to Timothy – this is exactly what I do now.  I am growing quickly as a skier, but I need to perfect this.  Is the weight shift key to eliminating the two step?  In other words, it looks like as you go into a turn, you are lifting up slightly, shifting your weight subtly against the direction you are going and then making the turn?  I think the two step is done to get the skies around.  Between your subtle weight shift and foot position changes, you are getting the skies turned around.  Finally – your note on terrain and fatigue is spot on.  When that happens, I go right to the two step.  Thanks so much for this.  Exceptional work here!

  25. Wow – the one two he describes is exactly what I have been doing  – and getting away with it on Black Diamonds!  However, on greens, I am can't do any better than my kids, who only do greens.  Plus the one two wears my legs out so fast.  I can't wait to try this subtle but amazing change next week in Colorado.

  26. Excellent.. I know you mention it in other videos, bit it's important to let the skis flatten out between turns, which is what you are doing here.

  27. G'day from Australia   getting ready to head up to Falls Creek soon….mate your lessons are magnificent…….easy to understand and comprehend….keeping the lessons simple …the brake and clutch analogy etc works for me…..I'll keep watching your you tube lessons    thanks heaps Rick

  28. Looking forward to getting back on the slopes after a year! will need to keep my turns tidy as shown in the video. Out of interest, where are these lessons filmed?

  29. Great video thanks I was doing this one two without even realizing . Your videos really help improve my skiing , Thanks so much

  30. Thanks for making these vids as I'm going to Italy on a skiing trip with school next year and I don't know how to ski so I've been watch your beginner videos

  31. Super helpful because we decided to go on a ski trip and the first day was terrible I fell many times I skiied before but I forgot how to. But these were some of the most helpful tips. I used snowplow the most.

  32. This is exactly what I do I KNEW I had bad habits wish I saw this months ago !! its kind of hard to re-teach yourself or CORRECTLY know what to do, I had not skied in over 20 years and just started again this season. I'm really bad for lifting my ski on turns one side more than the other and pushing down hard to control the speed sending snow flying the other issue is using my body instead of my legs to turn.
    Watching a video of my second time and one on my 7th and last I see a better difference with turn my body but not the leg thing unfortunately the season just ended here it was very short no snow until mid Jan.
    Next season I'm paying for a few hours of lessons because once you are taught correctly at least you can practice correctly lol

  33. I went with my family on a ski trip last week here in Greece and it was amazing. I want to say so many thanks. You make my life easier up in the ski center! Your advices are awesome and very helpful. I take them all in consideration. A night before i go on skiing, i saw the most of your videos and i was excited. You helped me how to walk, how to carry my equipment, my body position on the mountain and how to stop like a pro! As a family we have gone on skiing a lot of times the previous years, but i had to ski at least 2 years. My father was asking me how you learned all these tricks and you are really good. My mother was in shock when i was going down the hill with style and i didn't fall not even once. THANK YOU !! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! Keep going your great work!!! My love and kisses from Greece!!

  34. Honestly these videos are really helping. My problem was that on steeps or any other skiing I was fighting my body taking me down hill. Now I've learned that I need to focus on keeping my upper body and legs moving down.

  35. Hey! Great video, I have watched it many times. My ski instructor told me the trick to parallel turning was to lean forward in your boots in your turn initiation and leaning your inside knee into the turn. this has been helping me but I need to improve my weight transfer to my downhill ski. I also tend to rush my turn. Do you have any good drills to improve this?

  36. I’ve been in ski lessons and the ski instructor has actually taught this techniques as a handy tool to use if your skiing out of you depth, he called it the hunters turn I think

  37. I used to do snow plow, then a bit respecrible(eats delictibles).
    Then I got over my fear of snow plow and went to the top of the mountain.

  38. Good video – but this, like almost all ski instruction, misses a critical point – many, many people are skiing on equipment that forces them out of balance. I was doing this for many years and couldn't break the "habit" until I figured out I was forced into the one-two because of my body was doing what it could to maintain mechanics. Now I notice SO MANY people who can't advance because their feet are in hard plastic boots that prevent proper mechanics.

  39. I'v been skiing for 10 years now and I still can't make that turn. this video helped a lot. Also I like how you don't do a huge intro.

  40. Nery nice video, before start skiing every person should see this basic informatic video. I appreciated your work. For snow goggle lens protector visit us

  41. Stand on a staircase sideways with your upper body facing down the stairs. Take your weight off the lower foot and step up onto the upper foot. That, is what you want to think of to start the next turn. Avoid Pushing the uphill ski away from you to start the turn. Will it allow or even help the ski to turn? Yes, BUT, it is the Opposite of what He is doing when He skis. You don't teach students the Opposite of what they Should be doing Just to get a result they will recognize as "A" turn. The Wrong way won't make it Right!

    Stand up and take your weight off one foot. You will instantly feel your weight under the other foot, roll over onto your arch. The arch is the inside edge of the ski. That's where you want to stand to allow the ski to turn As Designed. You don't want to step Up the hill, you want to Fall Down the hill. Just get off the downhill foot and let the uphill foot roll over onto the arch. The ski Will turn as designed.

    1:34 Play this in slow motion. (It's in the snowflake at the bottom right of the screen.) All, ALL he is doing is getting off the arch of his Right foot and stepping on his Left foot on the uphill edge. He was Balanced on the arch of his Right foot. When he quickly got off it, he was no longer balanced and his body instantly moves down the hill. When that happens, his Left foot rolls over from the uphill edge to the flat of the ski. Because the Edge is no longer locking the ski in it's path across the will, the torque, (Twisting) in his body allows the tip of the ski to move down the hill to align with the upper body. THAT, is what Starts the turn. As the ski continues to roll over onto the arch or inside edge, the SKI will continue the turn.

    That happens in a split second and you don't have to think about it, I just wanted you to Know Why the skis will turn On Their Own. Skiing is a series of balancing from one arch to the other. Envision you are Standing on the pedals of a bike with your hands on the handlebars and you are pointing the front tire down the hill. You pedal it by taking your weight Off one foot after the other. You turn Fast by pedaling Fast. You just keep the front tire pointing in the general direction you want to go and get off one arch after the other. For slalom turns, that is straight down the hill. For wider, GS turns, that is across the hill BUT, your ultimate goal is down the hill so it is halfway between.

    Think of a bungy cord attached to your jacket zipper that is constantly pulling you toward the bottom no matter where your skis are going. By positioning your upper body that way, you will always be in a position to be Balanced every time you change your weight. Read my other comment as a response to GeroLubovnik.

    Learn To Ski EZY with Jack

  42. Starts his turns with some upper body rotation. Would be better with a stable upper body and to have a little more upper lower body separation. Twist the legs .

  43. I didnt understand any of this. I learned to ski 40 yes ago and cannot use newer style skis. Edge always trips me up an puts me down. I am using older style skis. And stay in control as to not fall,however end up in a wedge often.

  44. Thanks for the good lesson but… I've heard wearing sunglasses is not really recommended Cuz when my friend crushed his sunglasses very close to hurt one of eyeball which would result… you know. I'm not sure the population and condition of slope of your country. I'm Korean and Korean slopes are usually very populated, especially with stupid boarders who ruins condition and safety of slopes.

  45. Nice memories of when I watched this series and are now quite an advanced skier. Hoping to transfer these lessons and mt experience whilst learning tomorrow on the slope for my GF, who has been struggling to learn Snowboarding.
    Hope I can get her to do paralls by the end of the day, especially when I remember how I hated the snowplough turns

  46. Dude u must come Kashmir Himalaya's in India …to have fun with the best powder snow sking ….n yae you are doing good Job …

  47. Good principle, ambiguous process, rather than "gently let the weight come onto the top ski" I'd replace it with 'gently shorten the old outside leg by bending the knee a wee bit'. This is the precise opposite of pushing off.

    Further reinforcement of the parallel movement pattern is feeling the slight pinky toe edge pressure as a result of bending that knee.

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