iPhone Helmet Camera Mount

iPhone Helmet Camera Mount

a has today i want to show you how to turn your iphone into action sports helmet camera actions force home it now so far 30
today’s call the hospital a is a universal video now it worse with
all smartphones on the market on so with that uses my which iPhone helmet camera mount it should work with that upgrade your
founder still really all the user click unlike some other competitors also if you have heard from the case you
have to take your protective case Arkon use it happy to be there maybe use protective
case if you doing anything extreme I’m you can see here right now like a
wind gust sources of funds so are you listen to
scrap grays River group singer from inside squeeze in fact now your phone is always
cures not coming out of humor they don’t have to do for
credit he’s an ass so the classic look come to use a mouse one flap and won her this ensures that
whatever the contrary how it is you have amounts can work for you you
can also find additional if you do not on their
website possible dot com on these guys you talk like 20 bucks
really afford with his stick my homeless any hard surface you’re going
to come from so go ahead and check it out iPhone helmet camera mount really cheap iPhone home amount were
scraped check not have as possible dot com after the Laker thanks for watching

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  1. Is there a way to plug in a mic to your cell phone for audio during your vlog with this? If so what mic do you suggest?

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