Jackson & Jooheon, Celeb Bros S5 EP4 “Jackson&JH’s night hiking”

Jackson & Jooheon, Celeb Bros  S5 EP4 “Jackson&JH’s night hiking”

I just thought about a new place
How about Engbong Mountain? Seoul’s best 3 night watch place [Jooheon wanted to show the view] -Is this it?
-Yes, the view is like this If the view is different
once I go up there -You’re gonna take the responsibility?
-Of course -Where are we?
-We have to climb up from here -Have you ever been here? -No, but
-Frankly, came with your ex-girlfriend, right? -What are you talkin’ about?
-Did you come with ex? -Nonsense
-Have you or not? -I’ve never had a girlfriend in my life
-You’ve never? -Nope [He found something] -Hello -This
-Should we order chicken up there? -Once we go on top? -Yes
-Okay I’ll take the picture of the chicken shop [Take picture to capture the phone number] Only if I had a cell phone,
I could save the phone number right away -Can I play this?
-Sure, go ahead I used to play it while I was young [Doll draw cut] [Full of new items in the draw cut] -Which prize looks the best?
-I want a battery charger -Then you aim vertically, then I aim horizontally
-I go vertically? -Yes You try this then -My feeling is
-Go with your gut [Go with my gut] -Just pull this up -once?
-Yes, pull and stop What the.. [I didn’t do that]
You saw that, right? I continuously pushed I think this machine is broken, hold on
[Go inside to complain?] -Can you change this to 1,000won bills?
-Thank you very much -Thank you -What would you like to eat?
-Me, nothing [What should I eat?]
-Let’s eat this -Candy? -Yes I used to eat it while I was young
Orange? Or Cola flavor? -I want lime -Lime, this one? Cuz rappers always rhyme -That was cheesy, Jooheon
-Sorry -Thank you
-Thank you -You have 9 more chances
-Let’s get this one no matter -We must get this no matter
-Let’s go! [First trial] -It went too far
-I got the feeling -I was gonna push it
-I got the feeling [Perhaps?] [It’s getting pushed]
[Not pushed further enough, FAILED] [Though, we see the hope!] [They are so cute~ ha ha] -It’s almost there
-Let’s do it again -Let’s get the charger [Fail to aim?]
-Push up, up! -We got it
[It touched] [Succeed??]
-We got it! -We can’t push the machine, huh?
-Just watch [3rd trial] Hold on, wait -Okay, it’s your turn
-Should I push this up? [I’m gonna push it!] [Very much Concentrated] [Please, please, please~!] [Dang it!] Why doesn’t it fall down? This is too much! [Stunned so Just laughing] -It’s hard, huh?
-I can do it -If you push the machine, it’d fall When I tell you to stop, just top
[Cannot hear] [Let’s go!] [Failed again] -It’s our last trial
-I know how you feel now [Last try?] -Got it [please…!] [Failed again!] [Wanna get the prize…] [Please, this is the last one!!] [Jackson doesn’t give up] [So close…!] Let’s go You invested 10,000won [To find 10,000won happiness] [Wanna get it!] [Even the way he eats candy is lovely!] [Finally, started to climb up the mountain] -Do you regret?
-Yes I won’t play that ever again
That game sucks -You invested 10,000won
-I feel down now and sad -Are you sure this is the way up?
-Here’s the park now -Frankly, you came here with someone, huh?
-With my mom [You gonna keep on lying?] [What’s that?] [Artificial climbing wall] -Frankly, I wanna do rock climbing
-Don’t have the strong feeling What make you feel good than?
Tell me. What do you wanna do? [Rock climbing that Jackson wanted to do]
-This is the one that you wanna do I don’t think you should do that
Why do you waste your energy to climb up? [What? I’m getting convinced] -You’re right
-Just climb up and come down -Then what do you eat?
-Once you eat, you get full and feels good -Why should you eat?
-People live to eat When why should we live?
Why do you live? -If I ask like this,
you cannot get the answer -That’s right If you ask me why I rock climb,
I don’t have the answer for you [Heading to the Octagonal hall]
-For the challenge -That’s right -It’s harder than the rock climbing
-What’s this? I can’t find something similar
from the picture After hard work,
good thing comes along -Also, you have a strong thigh
-Haven’t used it for last 4 years -You used to play fencing
[Jackson used to be a national athlete] -I wanna try to play fencing
[Don’t have the energy to talk back] You’re not tired, right? -Bro! bro!
-Let’s talk once we’re up there -We need to go higher?
-Yeah You go first -I’ll hold that bag
-No, it’s alright -Why did we come?
-It’s good, look for good scenery, too -How come there’s no light?
[Pretend not to hear] -Dangerous to come late
-It’s really scary -Have you been here before?
-Me, frankly never -You said you came with your mom -It’s a great place for dating
-Why you wanna come with someone? -Me? -Yeah I have a girlfriend
[What?] -Who? AGA-SAE (GOT7 fan club) My AGA-SAEs~ I miss you, all! Thank you~ -Let’s do double date(with fans)
-I don’t think so There are over thousands of them
[Just happy to be together] What’s this? [Found Moving bridge!] Let’s do rock scissors and paper
And whoever loses, cross this bridge -I get scared of this. I do most of the things
But this – Rock scissors and paper’ I have a trauma. You know why?
I saw too many accident clips -You can do it
-I can -Yes – Rock scissors and paper
[Jackson won] [Jooheon lost] I’ll be waiting for ya
Go over there & come back Monbebe are watching you Go, run like a man [I can never do that]
-Hurry up -It’s easy -Jackson -Why?
-The bridge connects the road -What?
-From here, we can climb the top, too Okay, let’s meet up there
[Gotta make him cross] -We need to go together
-I’m fine -come over here -I didn’t lose
-Just come quickly -I really have the trauma
-I’ll go over there to pick you up [You just trust me & follow]
-This one is really scary -It’s okay This is very dangerous
It’s not even funny [I knew it] -Jooheon!
-Hurry and get over here -You go first
-I’ll walk in backward then -Then you go faster
-Okay [Just look front, not scared] [I’m not happy to be laughing]
-Not scary, right? -Yes, it’s okay [Together] [Get over the trauma] [despair& discouraged] -I’ll hold this for ya
-No, it’s okay -I feel uncomfortable to look
-Don’t want you to suffer I’ll hold the bag
Please let me hold it, this time -Dude
-Call me dude? I’m older! -Bro
-I’m 7 months older [So childish] Let’s do rock, scissors & paper
On our way up Let’s do rock, scissors & paper
Losers carry the other on his back Rock, scissors & paper [Jooheon won!] -Okay, on my back
-One, two, three Need to hold this [Jackson’s hardship begins] Jooheon is having so much fun -Wait, please stop singing
-Okay My knees get weak [No sing, so I’ll rap] Don’t sing!
[Oh, so fun~!] [Cheer up! Super power!] You’re almost there [Fell with a thud] [Feel like dying] Why are you so heavy? Jackson We should’ve done the rock climbing! [Beautiful Seoul’s night view] [Very beautiful dazzling night view] -It’s really good
-It’s really beautiful -Is this that temple on picture?
-Right [Eungbong Mountain’s Octagonal hall] Look at this
[Let’s see] [This is the place] Many people visit here so please don’t order
And eat delivered food. Jackson! -What?
-It says, don’t order food here What? You were the one suggested to
Order chicken and eat here -I wanted to…
-Why did you stop by that chicken house? Let’s go up there and order chicken I’ll take picture of the chicken house
[You made me to expect this much] I took the picture of the number
So we could order it -Why bother. We can’t order anything
-I didn’t know that -Let’s get down and eat then
-My back is already broken Jooheon! NEXT WEEK [Why are you here alone?] -You eat alone?
-It’s for my Hong-Kong friend [They meet for the second time!] -Hello, senior sir
-Why do I have to come to meet you? Eat with your hands
Did you wash your hands? Is it too much for you?
My Korean is bad so you can’t understand? I understand what you’re saying very well
What do you want me to do?

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  1. 8:31 My emotions was all ready to give sympathy to Jackson when he said he has trauma. LOLed hard at "cause I watched too many accident clips" why would you Jackson hahahahahahahha

  2. Their friendship is just so cuuuuteeeeee. I love how their personalities fit with each other and how jooheon would copy jackson's accent HAHAHA

  3. Two of my brother in law's would team up whenever we visit the theater because there's a claw machine there and they would literally shake or push/tilt the machine til a toy or object would fall out 😂😂👏 I'm surprised we never got in trouble

  4. Jackson sounded like he wanted to kill Jooheon when he shook the bridge. Aw they go so well together! #BestFriendGoals Also I just wanted to point out that when Jooheon reenacts how Jackson acts it’s spot on.

  5. man I was frustrated for them bc they didn't get the prize.. I would just push the machine until falls

  6. jackson and jooheon is so cute omg😍💕
    i love u got7 and monsta x
    my favorite groups
    Monbebe and Igot7❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    love love love

  7. Jooheon when jackson said he has a GF is every fan right now. HAHHAHA. takes off the hat and looks right pissed off and offended. like "wtf did you just say boi"?

  8. 9:33 whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's chose the song???????/ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. I just realized Jackson said he had a trauma of the hanging bridges because he saw too many accident videos. What kind of videos are you watching, Jackson??

  10. Leave Jackson in a jungle, A few moments later 🐼🐨🐻🐵🐔🐸🐘🌳🌳🍄🐹🐭🐱🐶Jungle Book 2 Jackson(In place of Mowgli) will happen 😅😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖😂😂😂
    His Life Moto: Make friends wherever you go and whoever you meet ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Jooheon waits alone
    Person- who you waiting for?
    Jooheon- I’m waiting for my Hong Kong friend
    Me- *dies*😂😂❤️

  12. joohoney so loveable, I think all male idols that know him have a crush, either professionally cause he's cool rapper or personal style for who he is and cute, warm and fun person. I bet he's casually dated a bit in in HS and maybe early as trainee and had female friends, but I can believe he hasn't had "official GF"…..I think he's picky and has a big heart. To be a GF would be important for him. I would like to be his GF. 😉 I know how to take care of a sweet man.

  13. For their whole moments, Jackson aLways sayiNg hE's the hyung..its like always JB doing to him.. 😄

  14. I loved this too much, just seeing them casually hanging out together~~💛💛💛And for some reason they really did sound and act like the same person

  15. anyone knows the name of the place where they had a nice view of seoul's street? Thanks aghases 🙂

    Let's be #Famed and #FocusOnME

  16. Jackson: I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND
    Jooheon: remove his cap who?
    Jackson: AGASAE!

    Waaaah this really made my heart so fluttered❤

  17. 0:27 😆Ay este Jackson preguntón , yo también quería preguntar lo mismo 😂
    ☹Me dá tristeza que Jooheon no haya tenido novia , espero pronto le llegue la indicada💜

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