Jam Skating Carhops; Dothan, AL | This is Alabama

Jam skating’s what I do and it’s like
breakdancing, gymnastic, popping, locking… you know, any type of
thing you can do on the eights. My name is Josh Tucker. I work here at Sonic in
Dothan, Alabama. I’m the number one skating carhop in the world because
technically there’s only Sonics in America, so… Sonic has a national skating
competition every year. They pick five skaters each year. Oklahoma City is where
you compete with the other five and it’s pretty fun, man. it’s a great experience.
This is my third year in a row going. 2015 I placed top five. I didn’t
win anything. 2016 I placed top five and I won the
spirit award. And then this year it was kind of like, I felt like a little
bit of a veteran. 2017, me and Rocket brought home gold and silver back here
to Dothan. No other Sonic has done that no other carhops anybody. We made
history this year guys. I don’t know if you guys know we made history. I don’t
want to say it’s making my head big but every time someone says congratulations…*air sounds* I’m met Rocket five minutes before we
competed in 2016. We just clicked like it was just like, “Hey, I’m Rocket.” “Hey, I’m Josh.”
and bam. We haven’t stopped talking since. He’s like, yo what can you do?
I showed him a little stuff. He’s like yo. If you add this and this do that it’ll be dope.
Come skate off time I did it. I did it. My routine routine went
off with a bang. It wasn’t better than his routine.
I learned a lot. I wanted to learn more. So I kind of brought it up to him. I
was like, hey man. How would you feel if I moved down to your city and learned from you. It’s like, he laughed about it.
He didn’t know I was serious. I laughed about it too- I was like like ha ha, like I was kidding.
Next thing I know Rocket is like hey man I’m in town. I got a place. Um, can I start
work? And I was like uh… Yeah, yeah I got you bro.
I love working with Josh. It’s like ever since I moved down here my life is changed. You know, I’m trying to grow skating because getting active in today’s world is something we all need. My next move will be that, man. Inspire
people to skate. Inspire people to do whatever you do to change the world in
your own little way.

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