100 thoughts on “James May and Jeremy Clarkson trying to cycle around London safely | Top Gear – BBC

  1. Why cant bicycles get 4 wheels? You know… like quadcycles which would probably be more comfortable to ride and more sturdy

  2. 😂😂😂👍👍👍 too funny as always! My scrotum is on fire 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈

  3. For start bicycles should not be allowed to be riden on the roads. A bicycle is not a car, cannot move as fast as a car does not provide the same protection , it has no signals (turn signals, brake lights) to ride one you don’t need to pass any sort of test plus the cyclists DO NOT PAY ROAD TAX so they don’t pay to use the road

  4. Boardman thought it was clever to appear in a top gear piss take about cyclists. Maybe he regrets this decision after his mother's death. Clarkson and co have fostered anti cyclists behaviour by car drivers leading to deaths and serious injuries.

  5. Clarkson actually allowed himself to he filmed in cyclist gear applying soothing cream to his balls and taint . . .

  6. The meeting and clips are one of my favourite clips from Top Gear. I also remember the 'modern Peugeot driver' episode fondly.

  7. "Panel of experts" = useless bunch of overpaid public sector pricks who actually believe their "job" is worthwhile

  8. James May's was actually pretty reasonable. Well… they were both reasonable, but James was the most reasonable.

  9. There on the show every car they have is better than mine but this time at least i can say i have got better bike

  10. They're right!!!! I loved riding a bike when I was a kid …..but damn…….when your old GET A CAR!!!! LOL

  11. These lycra-wearing tossers who are just "out for a ride" need to get the FECK OFF the road.
    Slowing motorists down for the sake of your hobby is no better than playing a game of football in the middle of the road.

  12. Joking aside, James May is quite an accomplished cyclist, he has toured France on a bicycle, and cycled from London to Edinburgh, or was it John O Groats to Lands end, i cant remember, anyways a lot further than i have ever cycled and a Bicycle is my only transport.

  13. The problems with bicycles are numerous….here are just three I've identified.
    1. Only two wheels, immediately rendering them 50% less safe.
    2. Travelling too slowly in faster moving traffic
    3. Travelling too fast in slow moving traffic.
    Cycists interface with traffic/other road users/pedestrians in a negative manner…..and therefore, I conclude should be outlawed.

  14. Cycling will never work in cities with narrow streets. In the city I live in, cyclists are the main cause of traffic jam after work, especially on an up slope. No joke, I was once stuck behind the traffic for 30 minutes, only to realise that the jam was caused by two cyclists who decided that it nice to do a uphill climb after work hours. The traffic was smooth as f once we overtook the cyclists.

  15. I bought a bike a year ago. I loved my bike as a kid/teenager but I'm 35 now and thought I'd try out my new bike around a 14 mile route – you never forget how to ride a bike (apparently). I've never felt so much pain in my backside as I did the following day. I've lost so much muscle mass in my legs that cycling standing up is impossible. Ultimately I got a abscess in my bum cheeks which requires surgery. Bikes are evil, drive everywhere.

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