JEEPING in KYRGYZSTAN 🇰🇬(Dangerous?!)

JEEPING in KYRGYZSTAN 🇰🇬(Dangerous?!)

[Music] [Music] you no dick is going to bring me into the adventure today we’re starting in this car and then going up in his Jeep his russian-made Jeep to go high up into the mountains no tech had been told his uh Loki told me an excellent driver and gonna bring us into some cool landscapes here outside of catechol Turkestan and in this part of the world they’re very they’re all about the the process the experience so you know we weren’t far in but we stopped at a restaurant coffee that from my experience so far in Kyrgyzstan to eat massive portions a lot of food I already had porridge three eggs this morning and notic no ducks ready to fuel up so let’s check out this scene here another nice neck English now you see but not yet though sometimes some sad okay it’s meat meat in onions and in a pastry it looks like some chili pepper they’re getting into it and so the adventure started this morning it’s not knowing where I was going and then just going on the journey in the journey just leads you to all these new new experiences like this [Music] this is what a local store looks like outside of ketika little tour here watermelon they do they have amazing melons russets it amazing melons in this part of the world eggs like everywhere in the world outside of I think the US eggs are kept in the in the warmth because in the u.s. they clean the shell was some chemical I believe and then they need to be refrigerated afterwards but here they don’t do that like most places so eggs can just hang out in the warmth they’re pretty big on the sweets here a lot of slot key lot of tea and oil I found out to be the truth oil absolutely overused in my opinion use a lot of oil in the food big on the energy drinks and some beer and alcohol and even though this is a Muslim place the alcohols everywhere what’s up yeah yeah yeah they peel I don’t drink okay Snickers let’s just say well what you’re gonna drink flash max who’s now she thinks it’s delicious okay go go stay still send 150 which is nearest 150 which is like $2 don’t see Dania chase leva bye bye good luck and we got to a zone this place where has his Jeep this is our machine no okay yeah take it off we’re on a mission on an adventure up somewhere into there yeah tried the work and so then we took a we took over in the Jeep [Music] so as we got up in altitude there’s this deep blue sky in this very vibrant green and the trees and the wind rustling through the leaves and the river raging from snowmelt from glaciers we high open the tea on Shawn’s [Music] [Music] [Music] rushon jeeps are made like tanks I mean we just rallied over all that crazy terrain and I swear to God if you run out of gas you can put vodka in the tank and if anything breaks you can use duct tape so how – aw beautiful place this is insane up here you guys it’s some of the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen in my life gotta say you ready [Music] [Music] [Music] horses some nomadic people you can see there they’re living off the land here they’ve moved their yurts up for the summer for their livestock to graze such a raw special unique corner of the globe the whole point of doing this is not just to show off myself in beautiful places it’s really a I’d rather just put the camera down for that and enjoy them but my point of doing this is to show you the viewer that well especially the Western viewers so much of the world we’re told about to be dangerous is not the case and there’s been a lot of fear baked into our education our news cycles and yes do things happen in the world for sure like there are places to avoid I’m not stupid with this stuff I do my research but are there many of these places that we think to be dangerous that aren’t yes ton of them like here like this Mountain Valley here in Kyrgyzstan I’m gonna get out of the wind here so those Peaks right back there with the snow actually all the peaks it’s all part of the Tian Shan range which go up to I think I think 7,000 meter ish maybe even more 7,500 meters so in feet that’s like what 23,000 ish something like that massive massive Peaks I feel very small I think it’s the most beautiful setting I’ve put my eyes on in my life and I’ve seen a lot I hope you can feel just a little bit of that behind the screen it’s worth coming to though if you have the opportunity it’s worth coming it’s worth breaking out of the normal travel destinations and going a little more adventuresome a little more rugged if that’s what you’re looking for if you’re looking for that life experience that is definitely one of those places this is the language of body language they speak a mix of keys in Russian spasiba so sniper comes up here mostly in the winter in juice he shoots the wolves in the winter they don’t come down to the valley the bear come in the valley you’re easy prey said Fox but the wolves are the hard ones to snipe which improve no wolf suba suba suba he makes coats out of them so I thought he was selling the whoops but now he’s actually makes coats out of the wolf hair [Music] [Music] [Music] the song again we heard this roughly at times today [Music]

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  1. Водитель УАЗа фанат группы чай вдвоём. Керемет тоолор. Лучше гор могут быть только горы.

  2. Ущелье Алтын Арашан находится в 10 км от города Каракол, недалеко от деревни Ак-Суу (ранее Теплоключенка). Берегите природу! Thanks, man for the good video!!!

  3. Привет и добро пожаловать в Кыргызстан, в страну гор, облаков, леса и озер. Кыргызстан маленький рай земли.

  4. Думаю гендиректор завода УАЗ поставит лайк за райскую красоту "КЫРГЫЗСТАНА"!!!

  5. Amazing footage! Thanx for sharing ur experience. The best part the noodles 🍝 with lamb, kinda Italian pasta lol
    Hospitality is amazing. My home country. Thanx again

  6. Hey Peter, I'm actually going to Ukraine with Peace Corps for two years starting Saturday and I'd really like to film some candid stuff like I've seen you do. It looks like you're using a gopro/action camera for a lot of these shots. Are you using an external mic or is the internal one doing a good enough job for you?

  7. This wheelbarrow is never called or referred to as “Jeep” in CIS countries, but rather as “UAZ” (pronounced like “whazzz”).

  8. такое ощущение, что у машины нет тормозов :-)))))))))))))) но машина действительно ТАНК, помню папа в дестве как раз на такой машине возил нас

  9. Samsa is an ancestor of Indian samosa. Turks from Central Asia ruled India for centures and they brought their dishes over there. And Indians made their own version. Also, kazakh word "nan" has the same meaning in hindi and urdu.

  10. Киргизстан очень красивая страна! Если они наконец то начнут развивать свою экономику и повышать уровень жизни населения, то у него есть большое будущее!

  11. Actually media doesn't tell us that Central Asia is dangerous. Truth is we hear NOTHING about these countries so people know absolutely zero, then they judge by the 'stan in the name.

  12. There's a mistake in the subtitles: in the disclaimer it says "There's a lot of Kyrgyzs/Russians" instead of "There's a lot of Kyrgyz/Russian pop."

  13. Cool places, hospitable people. I would say you can find that in any country. Less politics, more hospitality.
    Just wondering – what that people would say about USA.

  14. Здравствуйте. Спасибо за приятные отзывы о Казахстане и Кыргызстане , это самое главное что хочу сказать. Но вы я заметила делите население на казахов и русских. Как бы две категории. Вы даже не думаете что за внешностью с виду русского человека , на самом деле прячется немец, татарин или ингуш к примеру . А с виду казах может вполне оказаться уйгуром, узбеком, корейцем и так далее. Вы не поняли на сколько многонационален Казахстан и Кыргызстан, и это очень плохо. У нас тут проживает такое огромное количество народов которые создают особый колорит нашим республикам







  16. Otro vídeo corto excepcional, repleto de aventuras! You have learned to master the editing of these videos: you intermix nature with conversations, music with fast and slowed down scenery takes, a few drone scenes and much more. The product is an attractive piece that compels the viewer to want to go to Central Asia!!! Hay muchísimo más ahí de lo que nos enseñan en las escuelas de Occidente! Felicitaciones.

  17. Этот несчастный безграмотный гид предлагает и водку и Сникерс и энерг напитки Которых этот американец это дерьмо давно не употребляет

  18. Thank you,the autor,what are you talking about my country👌.Kyrghyzstan is an original coutry,with good natural food,beautyful nature.We have a multinational country,people are friendly.Welcome!!!!

  19. 3:54 Он говорит "Хотя это мусульманская страна, алкоголь здесь везде" и тут водитель говорит "Пива будешь?" 😆😆

  20. Группа чай вдвоём посмотрев этот ролик сняли новый клип на уазике в горах

  21. I am lerning English ! Help my guys, I help you lerning Russia! My whatsup number add +996705604799 i from Kyrgyzstan

  22. These forests and mountains are amazingly beautiful .Its like the Swiss Alps but in much more beautiful.Thank you for sharing with us.

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