Jeff Daniels Made a Death-Defying Leap Between Two Galloping Horses

Jeff Daniels Made a Death-Defying Leap Between Two Galloping Horses

-You´re doing another thing
that I always dreamt of doing. This new series, limited series,
“Godless” is a Western. -Yeah.
-I would — Oh, I would love
to be in a Western. -No, you wouldn´t.
-Oh, yeah. No, it is like my dream
to be in a Western. -Can you ride a horse? -No. -See, that´s not
what actors say. -Oh, yeah, exactly. Oh, yeah,
sure, I can ride a horse. -And that´s the problem.
That´s the problem. And I had done “Gettysburg”
years ago where I had to walk on a horse. So I knew that when they go,
“Can you ride a horse?” and you say, “Absolutely,” when
you can´t, go out and learn. Because on “Godless,” you are in
the Kentucky Derby on day one. 30 horses across, you´re going, and it´s only a matter of time before you are either thrown off
or fall off. -I know you told me this story,
and this is a true story. You won´t believe this.
This is an amazing story. You´re in a scene
and you´re on your horse, and what take is this? -Well, we did one, and then
we had to do a second one because there was an actor
behind us who was riding like this. [ Laughter ] He did.
Because you — you go — Scott Frank, the director,
you go, “Scott, take one, everyone survived.” -Yeah, let´s take this as a win.
We´re good. -Yeah, and he goes, “Well,
the guy was back there doing… Okay, all right, we´ll frame him
out, do it again.” They move the camera car
15 yards. Now we´re in, like,
a different lane on the highway through the prairie
kind of thing. -Now the horse doesn´t know
where to really go. -Oh, you´re riding,
riding, riding, and I´m riding and I´m shooting
over the top of the horse and I´m John Wayne
and I´m just — All the training is working.
-Yeah. -And then there´s this sagebrush
pile as big — bigger — twice as big as your desk,
and we´re heading right for it. And the horse is going to jump. He´s going to jump it.
-Oh, no. We haven´t done jumping.
We haven´t trained jumping. -No, no. -I got a wrangler right
next to me and a wrangler — Mark and Ricky,
and their job is to save my butt when things go wrong, and things
are about to go wrong. And I get right up to the thing, and I´m going to jump to him,
and the horse veers. -You´re going to jump off
your horse onto another horse? -I´m jumping over
to Mark´s horse, which we never rehearsed,
hadn´t even talked about. -How could you even think
about doing this? -Because it was either that
or voom and we´re airborne. -They´re like, “Bye, Jeff.” -I´m not doing that. -But we have photos
of you doing this. -Yes, yes.
-Look at this. -They chronicle every take. -So look how fast
and all the dust coming up. -There´s the sagebrush.
-That´s the wrangler. -I am now off the horse,
looking at Mark, who rodeoed around
the other side to get to me. -Your horse is zoned out.
He has no idea what´s happening. -My horse was Jeff Bridges´
horse on “True Grit.” My horse is so over me
because — He´s making comparisons,
going, “Bridges can ride. What´s this — This guy was in ´Dumb and
Dumber,´ for God´s sake.” -He´s making comparisons.
-Yes. [ Applause ] -Then you actually do —
Jeff, you actually make it. -I survive it.
Yeah. Now there´s a groin problem
there, obviously. We´re popping a groin, man,
yeah. Survived. -Can you explain
what the show is about? You play a bad guy. -It´s a Western,
good guys, bad guys. I play an incredibly bad guy who needs — needs a team
of therapists. He really does, and they just
aren´t available in the 1880s. -You don´t think.
Isn´t that crazy, right? -So he´s wandering around with
a lot of mental health issues. But, yeah, I have a son
that I´m chasing down. I´m also trying to parent him, even though
I´m a complete nutcase. And, yeah,
there´s a bunch of stuff where I got to teach my son
how to — how to kill a guy, you know. Merry Christmas.
-Yeah. Any dad would do. Yeah, merry Christmas.
-Any dad would do.

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  1. It's nice to see Jimmy staying positive. Hope he's doing ok. And Nbc Jimmy is a great host he should be himself he dosent have to kiss up and fake laugh all the time and overreact i think he's matured as a host. So this video of Jimmy being himself gave me the feeling of watching The tonight show starring Johnny Carson so think about that … This people are already famous and i think Jimmy has more talent then most of them he is a star when he is himself he's gotta realize that and maybe he will be as big as Johnny Carson. I wish you all the best men. And i want NBC to read this comment.

  2. i cant believe back then people thought he wasnt funny glad jim found something in him for dumb and dumber that deff made him famous

  3. Been riding horses for years…it’s not always “rainbows and butterflies.” Jeff Daniels can back me up on this. (:

  4. Two words cured my desire to learn horseback riding: Christopher Reeve. And he knew how to ride. Hats off to Jeff Daniels for his bravery.

  5. I just got done watching this mini series and my god it was completely amazing. This is one of jeff daniels best roles. If not the best. Unbelievable. I didnt want it to end.

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