Jennifer Lawrence’s Mom Revealed Her Horse Died During a Cheerleading Competition

Jennifer Lawrence’s Mom Revealed Her Horse Died During a Cheerleading Competition

-You look gorgeous, as always.
-Thank you. -Talk about gorgeous.
Look at this right here. Ooh, la-la, saison.
-Thank you. -I mean,
this is the biggest magazine — -I didn´t know you spoke French. -Well…
Un poquito. [ Laughter ] This is the largest magazine
I´ve ever seen in my lifetime. -Yeah, well,
and the interesting thing — -This is Hillary Clinton´s
new book. [ Laughter ] -It´s unbelievable. -I don´t know why
she chose me for the cover… -“Of your book?”
-…but I´m really flattered. -Honored, yeah.
-Yeah. -Well, this is gorgeous.
-I said, “Of course.” -Of course.
There´s different covers, right? -Yeah,
this is the Annie Leibovitz. And then, I actually have — I don´t own one of these, ´cause I thought
that would be super modest. -Yeah, just have it
laying around your apartment, like, “Oh, I guess
I´m on the cover of Vogue. -That´s not me. -No, it´s hard
to find you in here. None of these are you. -This is the one
with Bruce Weber. -[ Gasps ]
I love Bruce Weber. -And I haven´t worked
with Bruce Weber since I was 15
and I did an Abercrombie shoot. -Me too!
Dude, I was — [ Laughter ] -And I have
none of the pictures. -I´m always shirtless
at Abercrombie. -None of the pictures
ended up being useful, because they told us
to play football, but it was, like —
you know, like, model football. But I was like, red-faced, sweating, nostrils flared,
like, “Grr!” At one point, a girl said,
“Get her away from me.” [ Laughter ] -Really?
-Yeah. And then when I went to do
the shoot with Bruce — hang on. We did —
We had done this photo. How does this work? -It´s a magazine.
Oh, wait. Is that what it does? -So we had done this photo,
where my hair´s all greasy. -Yeah. And so, the next day,
I showed up, and I tried to wash my hair
like six times, and it just
was not going anywhere. And so I showed up, I hadn´t
seen him since I was 15, and all sweaty and disgusting. I showed up like a grease ball. They were like, [French accent]
“What are we going to do? We have to wash your hair.” [ Normal voice ] And, uh —
I speak French, too. -Ooh, la-la, saison!
-Oh, ah! -Un poquito, yeah. -You´re not the only one. -Look at this —
the horse whisperer. I mean, look at this. -Yeah.
I don´t know if the horse was doing that because
I was doing that. -Yeah, are you frightening —
Was that real? -It was real.
-It was real. -The horses were very — -What were you
saying to the horse? -“Stand up.” [ Laughter ] What else do you say to a horse? -I don´t know, man. But you grew up with horses,
so this must have — -I did, yeah.
I grew up — I grew up with horses. -what was yours horse´s name?
-Well, I had many horses. -Bones was one. -There was
one horse named Bones. Growing up on a farm,
you have ups and downs. There´s good things
and very sad things. I was at
a cheerleading competition. I was a cheerleader,
which I´m really proud of. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -I was at
a cheerleading competition, and my mom in the audience
was mouthing something, and I didn´t understand
what she was saying, and I was like, “What?” And she was like,
“Bones is dead.” [ Laughter ] “Bones died!”
And I was like, “What?” -“Bones is dead!” -Yeah, and she´s here,
and I was like, “Can you try to rethink
what your thinking was on the timing on that?”
-Did you start crying? -No, and then
she just went into how — what she´s getting
my 3-year-old nephew for his birthday. She was like,
“Did I tell you what I´m getting Theo
for his birthday? Getting him a leaf blower.
A real leaf blower.” [ Laughter ] -“A real leaf blower.”
-“A real leaf blower.” -“Oh, he´s gonna love it.”
-Yeah. -“He´ll be out there,
blowing leaves.” -He actually really will.
-He will? How old is he? -He´s turning 3, but he loves
engines, trains, locomotives. Is that what they´re called?
-Yeah. -Oh, cool. -Yeah, well, I don´t think
you´re getting him a locomotive. -I don´t know why
I keep drinking this water. -It´s ´cause
water´s good for you. I remember, as a kid, I really
wanted a metal detector. That´s what I wanted.
[ Laughter ] I don´t live by the beach. I didn´t grow up — I just had my back
and my front yard. -Oh, I was picturing —
Oh, you mean the scanner. I thought you meant the kind
we walk through at the airport. [ Laughter ]
-What?! No! -I joined the TSA
when I was 3 years old, yeah. -I begged for and finally got
a clap on/clap off in my room. Oh, it was sick.
-It didn´t quite work. My grandparents had that,
and they had it hooked into their Christmas tree
but also the television. -Oh, my God.
-It was so awful. ´Cause they would be like —
[ Claps ] And I would just
run into there — I would run into the room, clap,
and then leave the room. And the tree would go off,
the TV would turn on. They loved me.
I was a great grandkid. [ Laughter ]
-You sound like a hoot. -I know, yeah.
I want to talk to you about reality shows,
because I heard that you like reality shows,
and I love them, I´m obsessed. What do you —
-Bravo? Is it Bravo? -Bravo´s on
in my household 24/7. -I am a…I guess
kind of a producer of all of “The Real Housewives,”
Andy Cohen and I. -That is not true at all.
-I would call us colleagues. -You and Andy Cohen? -Yeah, I get really passionate,
and I give him a lot of advice. -Wait. I do, too.
-I know, really? But do you text him?
-Yeah, I — Do you make a difference
in the show, like me? [ Laughter ]
-I´ve never made a dent. Do you really?
Have you changed the — -I mean, we´ll see,
´cause one of the star´s fate is kind of in my hands, so…
[ Laughter ] -This is insane.
-Not to brag. -Which one do you watch? -Well, I have different — With “Beverly Hills,” my friends and I have a drinking game
of anytime Lisa Rinna says her husband´s full name,
Harry Hamlin. She always calls —
Have you guys ever noticed that? She always goes,
“Harry Hamlin´s on his way.” And so we have
a drinking game for that. -Every time
she says his full name, yeah. -But when I found out when Luann
announced her divorce to Tom, I was horrified and shocked,
and my stomach dropped, because I realized that I had
just seen the reunion, which means they aren´t filming. And so I texted Andy,
and I was like, “Get a camera
in Ramona´s face right now.” And I also told him
to show the interview — or, not the interview
but the moment in the Berkshires where Bethenny´s crying
and going, “I just don´t think
your guy´s a good guy.” Anyway, I don´t know.
-No, that´s good! -It´s hard
to explain the ways of producing you know,
if you´re not a producer, so… -Oh, my gosh.
You are un– Does Andy every call you
and give you ideas for your — -You wouldn´t get it. -“It´s a little bit
over your head. You wouldn´t get it.” Does Andy ever call you
and give you notes on your acting? -He doesn´t
say the same thing about me. -Yeah, no, yeah.

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  1. Why is she talking about her private life I thought she separated her movie career from her private life. Like don't come up to her and say hello or ask for an autograph. Who cares then ?

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