Jimmy Takes a Wild Ride | Yellowstone Season 1 | Paramount Network

Jimmy Takes a Wild Ride | Yellowstone Season 1 | Paramount Network

– That horse will make
a hand out of someone – That’s a good idea I’ll be right back. Hey Jimmy go ahead and put that down (tape stretching) – I don’t know nothin about horses! – Now you’re getting a crash course Jimmy. – Should I pet him? – (laughs) I don’t think it’s
gonna make much difference. – You got it on your side? – Yeah, I’m good. You pull this and you don’t flip back. Understand? Alright. He’s gonna hate it for shit but, whatever you do Jimmy don’t you let go. – Can we talk about this for a second? – Good luck Jimmy. – 20 on the horse. – I got 40 on the ball. – I’d expect some resistance. (laughs) – Define resistance. – You be quiet resistance’s the kind of pain that defines itself Jimmy. Let’s go kick him. (horse squeals) – Whoa whoa (horse squeals) – Pull your reins there Jimmy! – Whoa (horse squeals) – God damn that thing’s a freight train. (horse squeals) – Ooo weee I don’t miss being low man. – Low man’s what turns you into cowboys. Will make him one too. (horse squeals) (laughs) – Whoa whoa easy. – Pull him down. – Whoa easy. Easy. There you go. (horse nickers) Come on. (spits) Come on come on. (horse squeals) Whoa. Whoa easy. Easy. Easy. Easy. Jimmy you go bathe him tie him up and no hay until he cools off. Go on. (gate clanks) (dramatic music) Well son of a bitch is broke now. (gagging) Here we go. – Rough. There may be a little
cowboy in him after all. – Catch up on Yellowstone season one now on paramountnetwork.com or the app. (guitar music)

18 thoughts on “Jimmy Takes a Wild Ride | Yellowstone Season 1 | Paramount Network

  1. is that how you meek a horse?
    i thought an unbroken horse woulda started buckin' soon as you got on…
    how long did it take to duct tape him to the horse?
    i gotta google this and i live in texas.

  2. I’ve worked Texas ranches then hauled livestock everywhere. You climb on a wood fence or gate where I was, and see what a cursing you get. Don’t put standing weight on a wood fence out west unless you wish to be scolded

  3. Well, there is a lesson to be learned within that,you have to take the risk to become a man.Now days you can become whatever you want and it is bullshit, people cry like babies to get what they want.Tough shit if you want to be a girl/guy you are what you are, embrace it or be taken by nature.This is the best show out there,It teaches you things.

  4. Luv jommys character hes going to be interesting to watch how hes character becomes a man a cowboy and part of the yellowstone family

  5. Love how John nods his head at Jimmy as Rip rides the newly broken horse thinking to himself "Yup that's the way. We'll make a cowboy out of you" the music goes really well with this scene too.

  6. I was riding a horse that I had never been around cause we got the wrong horse and I hoped on in about 10 minutes kinda half assed it and 4 steps later started bucking and about 10 seconds later fell over and about broke my leg

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