Joannie Rochette [CAN] on her emotional Olympic bronze medal

My mom passed away two days before my
short program at the Olympics She had just arrived in Vancouver.
I was supposed to have dinner with her that night when i was pretty tired so I
pushed it back to the next night no matter how much we planned for those Olympics I could never have
planned at my mom would pass away it was a heart attack so it was a surprise to all of us I kind of told my coach and the skating Federation that I would do the competition probably 10 minutes
after I heard the news that my mom had passed away that was probably a little bit quick and
to be honest when I said it I didn”t even know if I could do it if I had it in but i knew that i wanted to try before
the first short program I felt like I was on the automatic pilot anything when i took my starting
position I had no more legs and i think the last thought that went through my mind
was oh my god how am I going to do this it’s like I don’t feel great at all.
But the music started and that’s great about finger skating. It’s a sport where it’s
easier to focus when we have the music to relate to so I think my body knew
every note of that music and just did the program by itself because I have no
memory of skating that short program I start to cry right away but I think it
was just the stress, the emotions and I was just so happy that I skated, but I didn’t
really remember how I skated that was the best that I could have done
that program and I was in third place and it was my my hardest program I knew my long program was a stronger
program for me so after that I realized Wow! I really still do have a chance to
be in the podium. That last one program really felt like the last three kilometres of a marathon, because I had nothing left in me and I felt it
towards the last minute and a half of my program i have no more legs but I think
I really gave everything I had I had visualized that moment for a long
time but with the people in there it felt so different the energy that was in that building
was just amazing it felt like home Holding that medal, I felt like the
little kid in kindergarten that would draw herself on the Olympic podium with medal around her neck and it was great
but then when I got out the ice it was just a little bit weird that the person who shared that dream with me
who had been along the way for all those years supporting me in the ups and downs that’s
what the person that I wanted to share that medal with to show it to her and
just felt really weird that she wasn’t there but I
knew she was somewhere watching In the gala I had dropped another program there. I was skating to James Bond’s “Die Another Day” and I thought that was really
inappropriate so actually what I did is I reused another routine that I had made
up for a friend that passed away after the 2006 Olympics, a song by Céline Dion
called “Vole” which means “to fly”. 🎜 Fly, fly little wing🎜 🎜 My sweet, my swallow🎜 🎜 Go off far, go off serenely🎜 🎜 There is nothing to hold you here🎜 🎜 Change worlds🎜 🎜 Fly, fly little sister🎜 It was great to skate that program for my
mom because it’s actually my mom who helped me think that music back in 2006
and she loved that program and it meant a lot to us really emotional, but it in a
positive way

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