Jockey Cam Horse FAST Galloping 44mph. GoPro

Jockey Cam Horse FAST Galloping 44mph. GoPro

From a GoPro Hero, What it looks like… to gallop full speed on a horse… like American Pharoah who won the 2015 Kentucky Derby and the 2015 Preakness Stakes American Pharoah may win the third leg of the triple crown in the Belmont Stakes where he will be asked to race 1 1/2 miles to the wire for the victory

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  1. Perspective on Speed : When he won the Kentucky Derby, Secretariat set a new record of 1:59 2/5 for the 1 1/4 mile race. He was clocked at 36 mph when he passed the grand stand and 39 mph and accelerating at the finish.

  2. Ah horse owners. I so envy you and your lifestyle. It has been my dream since a little girl to tend to and ride a horse of my own…. That will never happen 🙁

  3. I'm sorry that you had to go through its terrifying ordeal but that was the most beautiful thing that horse was opening up.. Is like daddy look at me see I can still do it daddy you want me to go faster daddy

  4. This was such a great video! I was right there with the rider. I wish I had a track to gallop on, I know he's got a top speed I just can't hit in the fields

  5. I galloped on a horse once in my life when riding a friends horse. She used to be a race horse before she injured herself, and holy cow….they may only go 40 mph or a little faster but when you're on the back of them you feel like you're going 80mph.

  6. I used to love galloping on ponies when I was little. Not a care in the world, they couldn't go fast enough. Then I got older and realised you could really break your neck and got scared.

  7. My horse would probably be 4 minutes ahead coz she's real fast but well done ur horse is fast

  8. No way this is 44 mph, Justified won the Preakness 1-3/16 miles I’m 1 min 55 secs around 37 mph at a full sprint. If this is a 1 mile track this horse would be more like 25 mph

  9. that poor person on the other horse. Bit reckless galloping past like that. That was quite an experience, particularly the corners.

  10. First time I ever experienced being on the back of a racer at flat out gallop I was 10yrs old and a young groom / trainee instructor took me to Southport Beach. Asked if I was sure I wanted to have a gallop ("Yep I'm sure!!") then just shouted "OK don't try to hit the brakes – loosen up – let him go!!" and we passed her flat out before she'd finished. I could ride and was a confident rider but Jesus I did not expect that.

    Took my breath away and once I'd got into a rhythm I just remember a deafening wind in my ears, eyeballs dry as camel bollocks and seeing everything hurtling by through two pricked ears.

    "Light speed is too slow. We're gonna have to go right to… LUDICROUS SPEED!"

  11. I love videos like this one, it brings back memories of what it felt like to be riding my own horse 25 years ago. I bought him when he was about a year old, raised him to 2 1/2, slow broke him gently for riding. I rode him almost daily. To say we bonded would be an understatement, I loved that horse. I'd whistle for him from the back porch and he'd answer with a whinny from the far end of the pasture down by the creek and come running to meet me at the barn. Sadly the day came after 3 more years when, due to my worsening neurological disorder I could no longer care for him properly nor mount him to go riding, and I was forced to sell him.

  12. From camera it doesn't look that fast but when you are actually in the horse it is just like "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING !!!!' Ahhhhh"

  13. Imagine how bored the horses get in the stables, thats why i don't like horse or infact usually any animal sports, anyone else?

  14. No hate but I have a question

    The fastest RACE HORSE only went 43 mph not 44 soo…

    And I’m just wondering

    How is your horse faster than a RACE HORSE

  15. Thank you for taking me the best ride of my life on a horse! I couldn't have done this without you, the rider the jockey!! Really, I'm a chunky Dunk from Texas so, ihe wouldn't be able to do his top speed since he would have had a little drag which, my fault!! So, thanks for doing this b/c its almost as close as I can get to actually seeing, the feeling and excitement as if I were riding myself!! I almost can feel the wind on my face amd smell the weather.

  16. Ok hold up…..I should have moved along but I started to read these comments about abuse and horse's being slaughtered amd blah blah…y'all come on. If horse racing wasn't wanted folks wouldn't go so therefore it's there to.make owners/jockeys monies but what y'all are going on and on about is that animal.abuse is everywhere and isn't biased. Why turn this into fact bashing and I know wtf I'm talking about blah blah….y'all ruined it for me at least. If an animal wants to run/gallop let him…most horse ownwrs know the risks about their delicate legs amd i tell you that when legs break or crack it COSTS ALOT OF MONIES TO FIX AND THAT'S IF U CAN FIND ONE BADASS VET TO EVWN TRY TO FIX THEIR COMPLEX MADE BONES… I've worked around vets at Texas ATM which is 2nd best Vet College in the United States, I picked up.a lot just.listening….but find that vet that can FIX any needs of horses and you've got a winner horse with a winning rider and a BROKE OWNER for sure. Enjoy this piece of video for what it is. Dang!!!!

  17. 44mph is the current WR speed for the horse…it is faster than what Secretariat clocked (40mph) back in the days

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