19 thoughts on “Jumping a Gymnastic Line on a Horse : Jumping 7 Fences on a Horse

  1. Better than I do……. Very nice!! = ) Let's not slag on people right? We're all in training for the same purpose. To ride better… she's not some hill-jack jumping shit with no trainer on some junk in the back yard, she's actively learning. (and better than me I might add) again.)

  2. If you would watch me jump, I appear to have very little release or jumping position/two-point between jumps. Why? Because if you know your horse and have a lot of jumping experience, you know how to just follow your horse's movement and adjust your own position accordingly. If your horse takes a long spot, give a bigger release and get out of the saddle. All of these techniques are basically just to get out of your horse's way while he jumps. Don't criticize unless your horse is this good!

  3. Hey Cubetacular4cake, you have no idea what your talking about… hahahha a Gymnastic Line like this only has one stride in between therefore you cant trot it.. She looked flawlesss.

  4. @simpleshoes2009 allow your hips to follow the trajectory created by the horses hips – that is forwards and up at a 45 degree (ish) angle depending on the horse- will allow you to have a soft following post that should feel natural and not like work ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @flyingchangeequine91

    there are 7, the second set of blocks are hard to see behind the wing of the first set of standards.

  6. @LizzsLizards she claims to be an expert and wants to give advice .. so she should accept critiques and applauses its how life is.
    people target experts on the slightest mistakes they find and as i see it her ridding is normal (good enough) and she knows how to deal with the horse but she isnt an expert she has some flaws in her riding as people here pointed out

  7. Gorgeous horse, but I would say that you are pulling back on the landing, try an automatic release? ๐Ÿ˜€ Gorgeous horse

  8. Okay, I usually hate the riding in these expertvillage videos, but I honestly think this girl is a good rider. She has a solid lower leg, stays over her horse but doesn't lean on his neck, and doesn't ever sit down hard on his back. Yes, a lot of you want her to fold more and be more forward, but if you have a horse who likes to rush, it's a death sentence to perch on their neck like that. Yes, she could have had a bit more of a release, but it's really overall not bad.

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