8 thoughts on “Kanye surprises inmates

  1. She's all; "one attorney had to wait two hours to meet with their client." —-> 1:46

    She was almost able to blame Trump, but the cord didn't stretch that far.

  2. Takin' it to the streets, prisons and church. Some people sittin' in church be in prison but Jesus came to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE where ever they be. Way to go Kanye and Choir!! Use em Lord!

  3. An Attorney free from bondage complains about a 2 hour wait. Wonder for 2 hours did more research on case and other cases.

  4. Thank you KPRC 2 Click2Houston for airing this. This cynical and hurting world needs more of this. May God bless you. ❤️

  5. Really? The last comment of this reporter is about the “poor” (sarcasm) attorney that had to wait two hours to see her client!? I bet her client would have preferred ten minutes of Kanye West concert over thirty minutes with his attorney. What a beautiful story and how Kanye is doing exactly what Jesus said “go to the prisons”

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