[Music playing] Looking for someplace to go for outdoor fun and adventure? Look no further, Stay tuned. So this is the entrance right here. Here are the fees. If you can see that. On dollar. One dollar. One dollar to get in. Hahahah Alright so. We gotta pay. You got money? [people mumbling] Alright LisaD is getting ready to pay. [people mumbling] LisaD is paying right now for the entrnace fee. You can see a lot of people are here. Trying to get in. Peole are coming out. Wow! Go ahead y’all. Look at that scenery guys. That sparkling water coming down the stream. And you can hear the water coming off of the rocks. It is awesome! Loving it! You can see the algae under the water. Making it sparkling and green. It’s sort of cloudy out here today but it’s still a beautiful, beautiful scenery. This is the beginning and the entrance of Kawasan Falls. As you can see there is a restaurant right there. It is awesome guys. I’m going to take you on a tour. A magical mystical tour. Of a universe and a world, you have never seen before. It is called Kawasan Falls. And it’s one of the natures miracle places in the world. If you have ever been to Boracay, I suggest you get to Kawasan Falls. People are everywhere in this Park. There’s swimming. They’re climbing. They’re horesback riding. [Music Playing..] They’re doing a lot of things that ordinary people just don’t do everyday. And it’s okay. This is how you enjoy your vacation. In the Philippines. This is why they say it’s more fun in the Philippines. Because you see a lot of things that you never see in your life. That’s why people coming out here to the Philipines To see the beautiful natures scenery. In this place. So They have jackets mam They jhave life jackets over there. fifty pesos, fifty pesos for rental. Required if you want to swim. Okay right now I don’t think I’m gonna swim. I might come back and get one. So guys, I suggest that you, those of you that want to go and be adventurous Come on out to Kawasan Falls. You won’t regret it. I’ll tell her. [people mumbling] Alright my friends. This is BobbieD and I’m looking at the falls of Kawasan Falls. the waterfalls. Its’s falling briskly. It’s about 85 degrees And there’s a breeze in the air. People are everywhere enjoing themselves, enjoyng family. Enjoying the water. Enjoying all the diving, and swimming and physical activities. and everybody’s having a great time. There’s my niece over there. That’s Shawn. There’s my sister Gwen. There’s my cousin Tammie. That’s their driver Reni. That’s LisaD. LisaD’s hungry, she’s eating her meal. Everybody’s having an awesome time. As you can see peope are swimming in the river. Some people are just putting their feet in the river. But people in the river have on a life jacket. I think that maybe required. You can see some of the people have a guide with them. Some people have GoPros that can take pictures under the water as they dive in. [Music Playing] Now you can see there’s many many different foreign nationals here. Enjoying the Kawasan Falls. They got people from Germany, they got people from Israel, they got people from the USA. All over the world come here. And they enjoy this beautiful site. As you can see people are taking pictures for souvenirs Because this is a once in a lftetime thing. This is a bucket dream. A lot of people dream of coming out here and looking at thses falls. A lot of peole dream of this. And when you get your dream come true you want to make sure you record it. Put it on video, take pictures and have a good time enjoying your memories. Once you get back home. So we got our family members here. They’re eating their lunch And wer’re just going to enyoy the scenery. relax ourselves and enjoy it for the time wer’re here. [Music Playing] [New music playing] Question For The Day: What’s the best place for you to relax your mind and body in the pHilippines? Leave your comments fo me in the Comments section of this video. And as always remember to LIKe, Share and SUBSCRIBE. This is BobbieD, saying, Take Care, God Bless and Peace! ]music playing].. A towering presence, Run like the wind, Be a King or a Queen. Life In the Philippines! [music continuing to play]


  1. WOW!! Good video, it really looks nice there at the waterfalls. I dont know when but one day i hope to visit the Philippines.

  2. QFTD: What's the best place for you to relax your mind and body in the in the Philippines? Leave your comments for me in the comments section of this video. And remember to like share and subscribe.


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