Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten stabbed to death

Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten stabbed to death

Denis Ten, a Kazakh figure skater of Korean
descent and former Olympic bronze medalist, has been stabbed to death at age 25. Choi Si-young has the details. Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten has been stabbed
to death in Almaty, Kazahkstan. According to Kazakhstan news agency Kazinform,
Denis Ten was stabbed by two unidentified men who tried to steal his car on Thursday
local time. “He came to the clinic in a critical condition,
clinically dead. All efforts of the clinic, and the city were
made to try to save his life.” His death shocked fans in South Korea. Ten was a great-great-grandson of a famous
Korean independence fighter, and he used to tell people that he was proud of his Korean
lineage. Ten belongs to the same agency as South Korean
figure skater Kim Yu-na. He competed at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics,
and was expected to increase his activity in Korea such as meeting his fans. Choi Si-young, Arirang News.

42 thoughts on “Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten stabbed to death

  1. I can't believe it… Some months ago, I was waking up at 2Am for watching him in the Olympic Games… He did a good performance, and we know that he had a problem in his leg…. He was always smiling, whatever happened…
    On the ice, he seemed like he was flying. Yeah, sure, he was born for that…
    I didn't deserve what happened ! Life is so mean… He was a talentuous, amazing and adorable young man who had an all life to live whith happiness and victory !
    I can't describe my sadness. For me, he was this guy who give me the love for ice skating and he since that I was always supporting him, because for me, he is and he will stay the best….
    There aren't beautiful words, just the truth and what I wanted to say, when I knew about his flying to Haven…
    God will protect him now 🙏 we mustn't be worried about that.
    All our love for him, his incredible performances, his smile and his family. We love you Denis, and this is a thing which never, never change. Rest in peace and be happy now 🙏

  2. Почему на самом деле убили олимпийца Дениса Тена https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ9v9WpWxXQ

  3. I know this is a strange thing to think but why would you kill someone over car mirrors? Even in a worst case scenario if you were caught stealing mirrors of a car you'd just run away. When I first heard of this I immediately thought that someone had him killed, probably to thin out competition, and made it seem like a theft gone wrong. Again this is just my own little theory on this

  4. our superstar..an incredible human being, an incredible soul… we are all heartbroken and devastated.. we will never forget Denis and his beautiful , kind heart… and we are all so sorry for our damn system …that it happened in his hometown that he loved so much…

  5. I'm wonder what kind of people live in Kazakhstan?
    Here I get the feeling of a comment that you are racists of some kind!
    Here is a person who might like Denis Ten but the guy had a wrong accent!
    Then he's not good enough!
    8 other person's like him like's his stupidly stupid comment!
    What does it matter if someone loves his country like Denis did? He always told us abroad how much he loves his homeland Kazakhstan and he praise it.
    If a young,humble and good guy can gather his people around a paceful activity and give a new hope for a better tomorrow to young people in their home country then you have to grow under the basket if it is the accent that is not acceptable.
    If he had moved to us to Sweden we would have received him with open arms.
    He would not have to speak a Swedish word either.
    So grateful we would have been if we had gotten someone with Denis Ten's caliber,character and glow.
    You certainly did not deserve to have him in your country. He was way too good for you.

  6. Condolences from Malaysia. My girlfriend is a half Russian/Korean with a Kazakhstan citizenship and she's also grieving. Sorry for your loss


  8. Très triste que Denis ten ne sois plus de ce monde… Je l'admirais beaucoup ! C'était un très bon patineur .. mes condoléances à sa famille .. je suis totalement triste de cette nouvelle … Il vas tous nous manquer ! Il restera à jamais graver dans notre cœur 😩💖

  9. Our condolences to his family and love ones. We all grieve for his death and i hope we get justice from death.

  10. Even though this would not bring our beloved Denis Ten back to life, I'm glad that those murderers got caught and justice has been served.

  11. So sorry … I'm watching him now and again I'm crying for him. It's now 2014 Olympic games thanks to my dvd recorder, bronze medal, 21 years old, so cute, a smile showing nice personality, Denis Ten is so happy to be the bronze medalist. I recorded many competitions to be able to watch beautiful performances (since 1990) when I want and what I see ? … a talented boy who is now dead, killed in a crazy way ! He is there in front of me, skating and jumping, alive, I can't yet believe he is not with us anylonger. And I'm also watching Gordeeva-Gringov (in case, sorry for the mistakes in writing their names) he is another great champion who was too young to die but, at least, it was not an assasination. They are always alive for me


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