Kendall Jenner Takes You on a 360° Tour of Her Closet | Supermodel Closets | Vogue

Kendall Jenner Takes You on a 360° Tour of Her Closet | Supermodel Closets | Vogue

Hi guys! It’s Kendall and welcome to my closet! I’ve had them for like four or five years now. Kanye gave them to me. They’re my favorite shoes. I have this good vintage Hermes big bag that is a really good airport bag and I just got it recently at a vintage spot. So basically every year for Christmas, we get matching pajamas. We get them on Christmas Eve, the night of our Christmas Eve party. And then on Christmas morning
we all wear them together. These are from recent years, but they’re still good. This one’s actually one of my favorites. Oh my god this is like a workout! These jeans, I stole. Don’t tell anyone… from a photo shoot at Marc Jacobs and I was obsessed the star on the butt and I shot in them from a Vogue story actually. I did a vogue story, a
denim story, and I wore these and I was obsessed with them and I tried to steal them from set. But now that I’m remembering clearly, I’m not going to get in trouble
because I didn’t get away with it. Um, and then I got them sent to me because they heard I tried to steal them. Um, that’s kind of it in here. We can go into the more fun closet now. So, this is my fitting room. I love this skirt. This new Louis vintage skirt. I just got it. I haven’t worn it
yet, I need to figure it out. I wore this to the Fendi show in Paris, during Couture. I shortened these shorts actually. They were a little bit longer
but I made them shorter. And I’m obsessed with this jacket. Actually, this looks so
rad right now and I might leave it on. All my thigh-highs! I love my thigh-highs. I’m going to do these standing so you could like, see how high they are. A lot of my friends come in and try them on and they don’t fit them because they’re so tall ’cause literally they’re up to here on me. These are Vetment x Manolo They’re so crazy! I made a mistake and I didn’t put a sock on. [Laughs] I don’t know you guys, I don’t know. [Laughs] I did it! See, but look at how worth it that was. Wow, my outfit right now is really just coming together. You guys I’m really
about to go to lunch looking like this ’cause I feel cool-bags. I’ll show you guys some of my bags. So, this one, whoa! So everyone knows I love a good fanny
pack. And, this fanny pack is my baby. It’s a little vintage Louis and it was
actually my grandma’s. This is my Met dress from two years ago. Versace. I made it come home with me. And now it chills. I ran into Cindy Crawford on the red carpet and we took a photo together and honestly it made all of my dreams come true. This dress is going to be a part of my closet for the rest of my life. I found a reference photo online of someone. And at the time I didn’t know who ’cause their head was cut off. So I sent it to my stylist, we had it
made. Ended up going to my 21st birthday. Paris Hilton was there and she goes, “Oh my god! I wore this dress on my 21st birthday.” And I showed her my reference photo. She told me that that was actually her. Just, how the world works is pretty
amazing and I love it. Next time, if I were to ever move, I’d probably have, like, in a dream world, a giant closet. One half of it would be everyday stuff and the other half of it would be, like, my messy dressing room. Like maybe, like, a bar or something. When I have friends over we can have, like, some champagne or whatever just to get us in a good mood. [sigh]

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  1. Omg i was so confused i was sauing the camra person is so bad at it until i notice i was the camra lady i was just shook😂😂😂📹📷🎥🎬

  2. اني عراقي

    هذا كندال جينر هذا أمريكيه 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Lmao I literally was rolling all over my bed to see her closet (my dumbass didn’t know you could just move the screen)

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  5. I legit thought my net's slow that's why it seemed blurry and i suddenly moved my hand and was like wait…WHAT?

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