Kevin Nealon Tries to Get Ellen to Go Hiking

– Good to see you, Kevin. – You too, Ellen. – This is your 20th
appearance here. You’ve been here many– – Really? – And we have known
each other for a– do you remember? I was trying to think today when
we first met, where we were. – We were in San Francisco. We were both doing
stand-up comedy. And yeah we did a lot
of road gigs together and here we are now. – Here we are now. – And I loved your latest
special, by the way. – Oh thank you very much. – I could relate to it. What was it called? – It was called Relatable. – Oh, then it works. It works. – Yeah, so you related to it? That’s great. Yeah. – Yeah, thanks. – It made me want to do
a special because I’ve done two of them already. And I was trying
to remember what I had done in them, because
it’s been about six years since I did my last one. So I went back and I
visited to make sure I wasn’t doing the same material. And none of it was the same. [LAUGHTER] – Well, that’s good. – But the hardest
thing is coming up with a name for your special. I don’t know why they
call them specials, everybody’s doing them now. So it’s not that special. – That’s right. – But Dana Carvey
had a good one. I think his last one was
called Critic’s Choice. – That’s great. – That way, when people
see it, they say, oh Critic’s Choice,
we gotta see this. – Gotta watch that. – So I’m thinking of maybe
calling mine Five Stars, just show five stars on it. – That’s a good idea. – Now I got to come
up with some material. – Yeah, that’s the hard part. That’s what I did. I made the deal without
having the material. – Did you really? – I really did. – I like that. It puts pressure on you. – Yeah, that’s what I did. – You need a
deadline, don’t you? – Yes, it took two years
for me to come up with it. So it is June already. Can you believe it? – No, I don’t believe it. – OK. [LAUGHTER] Well, it is. Will you be traveling? – Yes, we are actually. We’ve been doing these
river cruise trips. We go down, not in
the US, but in Europe. We go down like the
Rhine or the Danube. And I was never
like a cruise guy. I didn’t like that idea. But these are smaller
river cruise boats. And every time I talk to
people about it I said, we’re going on
this river cruise. It’s always like, oh yeah my
grandmother did that or my aunt did that. So I’m kind of getting
to that age, I guess. But it’s a lot of fun. – They’re supposed
to be really nice. And it isn’t like
a regular cruise. Now your son is 12, does he
enjoy that kind of cruise? – He was like the only
kid on the cruise. [LAUGHTER] – They didn’t really
have games or anything? – Yeah, but he learned
how to play chess. [LAUGHTER] And he was performing for
everybody on the boat. And he’s at that
age now where, you know I’m kind of an older
dad, and his friends’ parents are a lot younger than me. AUDIENCE: Oh. – There’s your son. There’s Gabe. – Oh, oh. [LAUGHTER] I thought they were
oh-ing because I was old. [LAUGHTER] But he’s getting kind
of critical of me. Like if I’m down on the
ground playing with his toys or something with him,
and then I go to get up and I don’t get up fast
enough, he’s kind of like– [LAUGHTER] You know what I mean? Or like if after I
eat, my stomach may be out a little bit, he’ll go– he’ll pat it like– [LAUGHTER] But I tell him I said, look
at, Buddy, I’m in great shape. By the way, I could take any
one of your friends’ parents. I could beat up any one of
your friends’ parents, even the fathers. [LAUGHTER] I could take them all. It’s true. Even the fathers. So tell me about this
YouTube, I didn’t know you have a YouTube show. Why haven’t I hiked with you? You go hiking and
talk to people. It’s so hard to get
to you, to break through that wall of
people you have around you. – I guess so. I haven’t– – I’ve tried for years. Now would you go? – No. [LAUGHTER] I might if I had time. Well, you hike here
in Los Angeles? – I hike pretty
much in Los Angeles. Yeah, I do the canyons, and
I’ve really gotten into it. This is my second
season doing it. It’s called Hiking with
Kevin, it’s on YouTube. And I started off just
with a selfie stick and a camera on the end,
you know my cell phone. And now I have
like a GoPro, and I have a drone that I fly myself. – Wow. – Yeah. And I’ve crashed it
into trees before. It’s really scary,
because it makes all these beeps and noises and
bells when it’s about to crash. And you start panicking and
you can’t do anything about it. And it hits the trees
and it’s a lot of fun. Oh yeah, I bought snow shoes
with Donny Osmond here. – Oh that kind of
hiking, look at that. [LAUGHTER] – Is that with Donny Osmond? – That’s Donny
Osmond in Sundance. Yeah, we hiked from
Sundance to Vegas. [LAUGHTER] – No, you didn’t. – We did. – Well how long of a– – Well, it seemed like we did,
but we really took a plane. We started in Sundance
and ending up in Vegas. – You flew, I see. So you must be in good
shape with doing all this, because you have to talk
while you’re hiking. Look at you. – Yes, I’m in great shape. – No, really. Because if you have
to hike and talk– – Yeah, there’s a lot of
talking going on and hiking. I don’t even think
of it as exercise. And I’ve had some fun
guests come with me too. Everybody has their
own unique ability. There’s some hikers
that come with me, they’re called flat liners. I call them that, because
they only want to hike flat. – I see. – I don’t know if
that’s called hiking. Would you be a flat liner? – How dare you. No. – I just saw you were
a little out of breath when you’re dancing before. AUDIENCE: Oh! – When was I dancing? – On the monitor at my– this is like in May. [LAUGHTER] Exactly. I haven’t danced in years. – But Spade wanted to go flat. And it took me like a year
and a half– it took me longer to get to him than you. And he wanted to only go
flat and no hills at all. And so I found this
really flat trail. And we’re hiking
and he’s got to be done by a certain time,
and all of a sudden and it’s like a 1 degree angle. We’re going up a little bit. And he noticed it. He goes, are we going
up the hill right now? I mean if he took a
marble and rolled it, that’s the only way you
could tell it was a hill. Because it was that slight. – That’s hilarious. Well that’s David Spade.

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