Key & Peele – Weird Playlist

Key & Peele – Weird Playlist

– Let’s listen to some music, you got a playlist–
– Oh yeah. – That you like? – All my music is good, man. Just put it on random. – Alright. Rock it out. – This is an audio
journal of my experiments on my own human condition. (laughs) Forgot
this was on here. Let’s skip ahead. – Oh no, no, no. No, no, I wanna… I wanna hear your
thoughts on things. – Tasted my own urine today to
make sure I was still human. Yeah, let’s just skip ahead. – What the fuck is this? – It’s just some voice memos. My experiments are going well. I’m hours into my
daylong commitment to stare at myself
in the mirror nude. I’m beginning to see
my reptilian self. I am the lizard. I am the lizard. I taste the bug on my tongue. – Don’t touch it. – I just– – Don’t touch it. – I have committed myself to
understanding what a woman feels like when
she is penetrated. I want to fulfill
this commitment but the matchstick
won’t fit in my penis. Too square. – Too square? How ’bout… Forget it. – My penis. – I understand. – Is too square. – I understand… What? (Jordan screaming) – Why? Why? Why? (intense screaming) No! No, no, no, no, no, no! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I’m so fundamentally lonely. I’m adrift in an
indifferent universe. Only Keegan tethers
me to reality. I’ll take a drive
with him tomorrow. I wonder if he senses how I
feed off of his lifeforce. Different Keegan. (beatbox music)

100 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Weird Playlist

  1. No one ever wants to hear my playlist since its filled with kpop songs, opera and piano pieces lmao

    (though I do have a few pop songs)

  2. Plot twist: this isnt a skit. This is just them driving to the set of a skit and Key stumbling upon Peele's movie ideas.

  3. โ€œI want to fulfill this commitment but the matchstick wonโ€™t fit in my penisโ€

    Seconds later…

    โ€œโ€Itโ€™s too squareโ€

    More seconds later….

    โ€œMy penis….is too squareโ€


  4. You all need to knock off this funny business, because I am slowly dying every time I watch one of these clips from these two guys.

  5. Yโ€™all ever get that glitch where another videos audio plays over what ur watching, yeah that just happened to me and they are currently listening to the Minecraft version of pissy pamper

  6. 1:25 Absolutely fucking KILLS me every tingle time. I wonder if they live-played this audio when they filmed these and how many takes it took without them drying laughing.

  7. i was reading the comments when i heard "but the matchstick could'nt fit in my penis" i think i missed something xD "too square… it was too square… the matchstick."

  8. 1:54 "only Keegan tethers me…I wonder if he senses that I feed off his life force."

    So he's been throwing the plot for us in our faces for ages?

  9. Damnnn I was watching this with my earphones on 2am and there he goes screaming about the penis and I'm laughing my belly so hard

  10. "I have committed myself to understanding what a woman feels like when she is penetrated. I want to fulfill this commitment but the matchstick won't fit in my penis."

    "My penis…. is too square."
    "I understa- WHAT?!"

    I laughed way too hard on that. In public, no less.

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