Kickin’ it with Club Sports – Figure Skating

I’m Riley Belvin and today we’re kicking
it with club figure skating so I’m here with Sarah who is the vice president of
a figure-skating right yeah so tell me a little bit about club
figure-skating you guys are what you do club figure skating is a great
opportunity on campus to be able to get together with other skaters to work on old skills new skills learn new things it’s really fun to be able get together to
share the same love and we take people from like brand-new beginners people
who’ve never skated before all the way to competitive levels so it’s really
inclusive and we have a really diverse group nice I love it when do you all meet we
meet every Thursday 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. so not too late
and how does one join the club figure skating so yeah club figure skating is
like super easy to join because we don’t require any set of skills that come into
it all you have to do is contact any of the exec board members so what are you
typical practice on Thursday nights at 9:00 look like for you guys so a typical
practice is really split up it’s in two different groups we have are more
competitive group or we also have recreational skaters so we really need
to work together to boost each other up what’s your favorite thing about the team
my favorite thing about club figure skating is being able to get together every week with my fellow skaters
growth do you guys do like any kind of like events or competitions or anything
like that throughout the year yeah so as a team we have fundraisers throughout
the year we’re in the Union a lot our fundraisers are to be able to have ice
time one of our biggest events of the year is skate for the cure it’s a good time and it’s for a good cause
so keep an eye out for it in the spring skate for the cure right yeah skate for the cure takes place in the spring do you have anything you want to say to anybody who’s
considering joining the club figure skating team yeah of course I think that
it’s really just an easygoing environment there’s no pressure
don’t need any sort of skill sets if you’re interested in just the sport in
general it’s a really good opportunity to be able to learn some new things and
it’s really just a fun way to get out and exercise and do something outside
your house there you have it

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