Kids Play at Ultimate Water Park!! Adley learns to water slide and Niko floats around!

Kids Play at Ultimate Water Park!! Adley learns to water slide and Niko floats around!

– [Adley] Hey butterflies! – Yes. – [Dad] We’re going on the purple slide. – Whee! (upbeat music) – Whoa. Come on, dad! – Whoop! (water gurgling) (baby cooing) – One, two, three, go! – Ahhh! (water gurgling) (upbeat music) – Morning, hi, hahaha! I missed you guys. – I missed you guys too. – We’re going to a lagoon beach. – Laguna Beach. – Do you have a water slide? – A water slide? – And guess what? I have my swimsuit on
already, and my daddy doesn’t. – Uh, huh, this is my Space
Station Gaming swimsuit. (futuristic weapon sounds) – Okay, what else are
we going to do there? Oh, we should take Niko. Do you think Niko can do water slides? – No, he’s too small. – I think there’s baby things for Niko. (chiming sound) – Yeah, like, so little and his mat and it has a slide on the back. – Exactly, like little slides, like baby slides, like, whoop! – It’s like this? Whee! (laughter) – And it goes fast, maybe. – Yeah, for babies. Should we go wake him up? – Yeah. If you’re ready! – [Dad] Whoo! – Hey, dad, lookit! What’s this? Baf! – [Dad] The water camera. (footsteps thumping) – Let’s go here… – Rah! (scream and laughter) – Let’s get Niko. – [Dad] You scared us. – [Mom] Good morning! – [Dad] Morning! – [Adley] Niko! – [Mom] Hi. – [Adley] Hi. (laughter) – Shall we go swimming? (baby sounds) – [Dad] Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah? What? – We’re going to a lagoon park. – A lagoon park in our swimsuits? – No, a lagoon beach, I mean. – Oh! (laughter) – We’ll be run-Nika! – [Dad] Ah, di-co-ba-Nika. – Niko’s never been there. – I’ve never been there. Ah, digga-digga! – Basically, it’s going to be
a really good, best day ever, so, uh, swimming fun. – Hey, dad! We almost forgot something. Let’s pack a full lunch, with
snacks and cheese and feu-ood. – Feu-ood? – Deal. Fuel and food…feu-ood. You get Niko ready,
we’ll pack a fun lunch. – Okay. – [Dad] Snacks! – See if it works. – [Dad] Good idea. Make sure the water
blog works before we go. – Get out! Hey, is this the right button? – [Dad] Yup, push it. – Ooh, hi! Hi, vloggie. Hi, vlog. – [Dad] Is it working? – Yeah, lookit, it’s working. – Hi. – [Adley] Hello, I can see vlogg. – All right, should we bring it? – Yup, let’s turn off. How do we turn off? Like this? Yes? – [Dad] There. – Oh, yay. – [Dad] Okay, put it in. – I fit it this way. – [Dad] Okay, oop! (laughter) – [Dad] Okay, you hold up. – [Adley] Other vlog, you’re so happy! – [Dad] I know, that’s a heavy vlog, huh? Okey-doke! (whistles) We got the water vlog, – And drive vlog, meet
the water vlog in there. (laughter) – You guys are officially
the drive vlog now. – We can even get a bag … ow! Ow, ow! – [Dad] Did you step on a balloon? – I stepped on this little brush. – Oh, okay. – Look, we need a bag. A bag for the snacks. – [Dad] Okay, let’s get one. – Ooh, here’s one. – [Dad] A picnic basket? – Yeah, it’s like, different stuff. So, let’s take these out
and put our picnics in here. We need some drinks,
so let’s bring straws. – [Dad] Oh, those are
illegal in California, Adley. (crickets) – We need lots of straws, these too. (laughter) – Now we just got to take this stuff out. Mom, we’re taking this stuff
out from our food basket. – What? (ominous chord) (laughter) – [Dad] I am sorry. – You have to ask. – [Dad] ♪ I didn’t ask. ♪ – You have to ask. – [Dad] ♪ I am so sorry. ♪ ♪ I did not ask if I just ate your cake, ♪ ♪ please clean up that chair. ♪ – I can not. – ♪ Please do it, so we can swim. ♪ – Why are you guys singing? – [Dad] ♪ We are singing the
vlog a song about the cake. ♪ – You can not! (baby cries) – [Dad] ♪ Are you sad? ♪ ♪ Stand back up. ♪ ♪ You are so tough, ♪ ♪ I am so proud of you, Niko. ♪ ♪ Good job, little bear. ♪ – Tra la la la la! – ♪ Your sister seems so funny ♪ ♪ I do like it lots. ♪ – ♪ Gonna get her, ♪ ♪ A skate, skate-board. ♪ – [Dad] ♪ Oh where did
you get that that? ♪ ♪ That skate-board is my ♪ ♪ don’t play with that in the house. ♪ (baby squeals) – [Dad] Whoa, don’t run over Niko! ♪ Did you steal, my skate skate-board? ♪ – ♪ Yes, yes, yes! ♪ – [Dad] Hey, ♪ but did you ask? – Yes. – [Dad] ♪ You need to ask. ♪ (giggles) – Ya. – Bye! ♪ Don’t hit your head, on that wall, ♪ ♪ That is going fast! ♪ – [Mom] Okay, no
skate-boards in the house. – [Dad] ♪ You have to sing. ♪ – [Mom] Nope. (laughter) – [Mom] ♪ No more! ♪ – [Dad] ♪ This is skate ha-ha-s! ♪ ♪ Let’s stop singing and go
play at the water park. ♪ – [Adley] Yes, yes, yes. – [Dad] ♪ Yes, yes, yes. ♪ – ♪ Did you watch him back? ♪ – [Dad] ♪ We can’t end this, ♪ ♪ we’re still going to go swimming. ♪ – ♪ Yes, we are going next to me. ♪ Let’s go to swimming! – [Dad] ♪ Deal! ♪ ♪ Good-Bye! ♪ ♪ Niko, come on. ♪ ♪ You guys can wait for Niko,
cause he takes so long. ♪ ♪ Good-Bye. ♪ – [Adley] Juice for me? Last chance. I’m going to swimming lessons, dad. (footsteps squeaking) – [Adley] When you guys go on your trip, I’m going to swimming lessons. (grunting) – [Adley] Look! (grunting) – [Dad] You got your shoes. – Yeah. – We got bad news. – And good news. – What’s the good news? – We have all the beach stuff. The bad news is very, my dad doesn’t have shoes! – What? – Shaun forgot his shoes! – [Shaun] Yeah, I actually did. Ow, it’s actually way hot out here. – [Mom] What are you going to do? – [Shaun] I don’t know! I actually don’t know! What are we going to do? Do you think they sell shoes here? – I think maybe at Laguna Beach they do. – [Shaun] Maybe I just don’t need shoes. What if I just don’t need shoes? – [Mom] Will they let
you in without shoes? – [Shaun] What if I make shoes? Do you have anything to
make shoes out of in here? Put some bags on my feet? Oh, boy! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! – Today is a hot day,
so my dad’s feet is hot. – Yeah, we’re going to be
looking for patches of shade the whole way to the pool. Look at this big parking
lot I have to walk through! I’m so scared. – Stop, stop! Stop. – [Dad] You trying to stop traffic? Ah, ah…shade, shade, shade, stay on the line. – [Mom] Watch out for cars. – [Dad] Adley, watch out for cars. Shade. We just gotta hop from
car shade to car shade. This is how we’re doing
the whole parking lot. – Dude, guys, good to see you. – [Dad] Good to see you. I’ve been standing on a towel. We ran into our old friends. That was kind of fun…bye! And they said they watch our videos, that’s how they keep track of us. I don’t know, it’s kind of cool, I like the way we make all these videos. – [Adley] Dad, I want
to hold the vlog’s hand. – [Dad] Here, here’s the vlog’s hand. Okay, let’s go! – Oop. – [Attendant] Hello, how are ya? – [Dad] Hey there. Good. – [Attendant] Thank you, Shaun. – [Dad] That’s me, and that’s her. Okay, he needs to stamp your hand. – [Attendant] Shaun, do
you have shoes, by the way? – Yeah, I do, they’re in my
bag. You need to grab them? – LIAR! – [Dad] He asked if I had shoes. – I heard that. – That was so awkward! (water splashing) – [Dad] Oooo, that feels so good! Do you know where the swimming part is, with all the water slides? – No. – [Dad] Have you ever been there? Whoa! I think that girl fell. Go back and rewatch it, Brandon. – [Adley] No. (whoopie sound) – [Adley] I’m trying to go. – [Dad] Whooo, we made it! Good job, oh yeah. (water gurgling) What’s up? High five! Oh, yeah, do you want
to give her a high five? – I like your channels. – [Dad] Thank you. – I didn’t know Adley live in America. – [Dad] Really? Yeah, we’re going to Laguna Beach. – I watch your videos. – [Dad] Really? – Guess what? – [Dad] What? – They have shoes. – [Dad] Yes! – [Mom] Should we go pick some out? – [Dad] Yes, please. We found a bunch of people
that watch Adley’s videos. – What? – [Dad] Adley, you have so many friends. That’s so cool. Where are they? – Shoes. – Oh, baby. What should we get? – [Mom] Those are all women’s, so I think you want to look to the right. – [Dad] Okay, um, I just want basic, normal, easy sandals. Yup, black, easy. – [Adley] Dad? – [Dad] Oh, that’s great. All right, now I’m ready to party! – Let’s go swim. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Whoo. (upbeat music) Hey, let’s go play! – One, two, three, go! (screams) (water gurgling) – Hey, butterflies. – We’re going on the purple slide. – Weee! Whoah! Come on, dad. (laughter) – Whoop! (splashing) – Yeah, let’s go again, Niko. Weeee! – Whoah! (splashing) (laughing) – Very good! – [Dad] He knows how to float. – Yeah. – He’s learned, survival instincts. (water gurgling) (upbeat music) (baby cooing (water gurgling) (upbeat music) (water gurgling) (upbeat music) – We’re all going on
the rain slide together. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – I’ve never seen a little kid just swim around the water
park like this, and I love it! Let’s go, fish! (water splashing) (upbeat music) (squealing) – [Mom] Good job! – Weee! – Oh, Adley’s getting in
trouble for going head first. – [Mom] She’s in trouble. – Waaaa! (water gurgling) – [Dad] Did you get in trouble? – Yup. – You can’t go down on your belly. (laughter) – This is Laguna Park. (squeals) (whoopie sound) – [Dad] Did you go on your bum? – [Mom] Good thing you’re
wearing safety goggles. (water gurgling) (swing squeaking) – [Dad] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Mom] Watch his head back! Good job! – [Dad] Good job, buddy! – [Mom] Good job. – See how he’s being good about it? – [Mom] Yeah. I’m so proud of our kids. – [Mom] I know. – They’re getting so good. – [Mom] Good job. – Yeah, do you want to go on some rides? – Yeah, after we eat. – What ride do you want to go on? – I want to go on Burnbore after scood and I dry off. – Deal. That was fun. How’d Niko do? – Good. – [Dad] Did you have fun, buddy? – He’s a good floater. – [Dad] Yeah, he did awesome. Both you kids did awesome. (punch sound) – That was nice. – Hey, babe, I like your shirt. – Thanks! – Whoo! – Stole it from you! – We’re Space Station Gaming models. (dance music) (dance music) (dance music) – Stop it. (laughter) – Let’s go get a cheera. – [Dad] She wants a churro. – Yay, mine. – [Dad] Thank you. – [Server] Okay, guys. – [Dad] Cheers. Whose is bigger? – No, stand yours right here. Mine’s bigger. – [Dad] Hey, wait, I got an idea. Now let me see. Hey, you still win. Hop in. (springing sound) Good job, little monkey. I’ll do one then you do one. – [Adley] Okay, where’s mine? Dad! – [Dad] What? – You better give mom the vlog to do this. – [Dad] Oh, yeah, that’s true. Mom, vlog. – [Mom] Oh, my gosh. – Hi! – Hi, mom! (upbeat music) – I’m getting sick, just watching them. – One more side. (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Dad] Gotta make sure it stays forever. Yeah, that’s amazing. – Thank you. Good to bump into you. That was fun. I don’t know why I love signing shoes, but, I didn’t … he
asked me to sign shoes, I always just end up signing shoes. Here, we can go on this
one the next, sprout. – I wanna go on this one. – [Dad] You’re going on the very front? – Yeah. – I like it. Very front, or nothing. We’re in the very front. – Yeah. – [Dad] Look, there’s the
water that we were in today. – Yeah. – [Dad] Oh, boy, look
how tall we’re getting. – Gonna go down, very fast, so hold on to your phone very tight. – [Dad] Okay, I’m holding on. – There it goes! (yelling) – [Dad] There’s mom and Niko! (yelling) (wind rustling) (giggling) (yelling) – Whoa! Wow! Are you asleep? Adley, wake up, the
roller coaster is over. Adley, wake up. (laughing) She fell asleep on the roller coaster? Come on, let’s go. Adley fell asleep on the roller coaster. (baby cooing) – [Dad] He’s awake. – [Mom] He’s awake. – Sleeping-roller-coaster-Adley, we somehow moved her into the car. Now she’s sleeping-car-Adley. (baby cooing) Niko, did you have fun? – Yeah? I think they both had fun. – Do you think we could like,
move her into her bed now too? – Yes, from roller coaster to car to bed, without ever waking up. (laughter) – Transfer was a success, and that is a solid
best-day-ever with the family. Thank you guys so much for watching. Before we end this video,
I want to show you guys something that I think
is pretty important. So, I’ve always had a VPN, this thing, this is Express VPN on my phone, and I’m about to put one on
the gaming computer right now. This last part is
sponsored by Express VPN. Very important network. I don’t know what VPN stand for. The most important part, though, and the reason that I’m doing
this sponsor part of the video is because VPNs keep you safe. Everyone watching this video,
you guys use the internet, that’s a good thing, but be safe when you’re using the
internet and VPN is like a helmet and knee-pads
for when you ride a bike. I don’t know if that’s a good analogy but maybe, we’ll just keep it. (chiming) – More than anything, encrypt your data, keep safe, all that good stuff, like passwords for
protection, even little things like ads targeting you
for your location, etc., all that stuff, taken care of, when you run through a VPN. So, for gaming, I can route
through a different location, so, say I want to play with
someone on the other side of the world, so we can
get in the same servers, and stuff like that. Oh! Back in the day,
when we used to play Wii, we would always route
though a certain country and meet our friends
there so we could have a tournament one on one. It wouldn’t get all the
random public people in. – [Gamer] Pass it up! – [Gamer] Shoot! – [Gamer] No! (cheering) – There’s a lot of fun
ways you can use VPNs in the gaming space, but
if you want to learn more about VPNs, I’m going
to put a link down here, you guys can click it, learn more, I think it’s important,
they’re good people, I’ve enjoyed their
service, out of all the… I mean, I’ve tried a
couple of different VPNs, Express seems to be working
the best for me, so far. Yeah, click the link. Oh! We can get you a, hold on, you know there’s a discount for ya. There it is, and you will get three months for free. Pretty cool. I mean, it’s not a huge deal,
because it’s only $7 a month, so, at three free months,
it’s like giving you 21 bucks, that’s like, taking you to
lunch, you know what I mean? You’re welcome. I think you get 30 days to trial it out, you don’t decide you like it or use it, you get all your money back, it’s one of those things though, 30 days to at least try it,
see if you guys like it. This is the end of the best day ever. VPNs keep you safe. Safety’s important to me. Thank you guys for watching
so much, we had a blast, and I’ll see you guys for the
next best tomorrow ever, bye. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Dad] Ow, ow, ow. (whoopie sound) (whoopie sound) – Ow, ow, ow!. (ominous chord) (laughter)

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