100 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: Deliverance Prototype Live Stream

  1. can u build? like maybe not a full building but what about a tent or campfire?

    The cutscenes (well the parts u didnt  skip) r really good. i felt like i was watching a movie or something 🙂

    the combat looks awesome but the amount of times u got stabbed or run through without dying was a bit much, did u have god mode on for this video?

  2. I really appreciate the work that you guys are doing. In many ways you're doing what i'd always wanted in a medieval game.
    I don't understand very well the phases of a game creation and i think that probably you're already in an advanced part, but i'll share my wish, who knows maybe this can give you some nices ideas
    In a realistic game like this, i would really like a ranking system. Not level or anything off the story. I mean like starting as a simple foot infantry, till becoming a general or a king. [And not only with the military part but with the thief, or the bard too]That would be great [Maybe it's impossible, i know]
    And, in this spirit, i think that would be really nice if, in the world would be possible to create your own castle, maybe like "Medieval engineers" [Don't know if you know this game. Actually in that case i like the way they revolutionized the costruction (minecraft-like), but it's pretty useless, meanwhile in this game it would be great)
    I know that's just impossible, but i wanted to tell you anyway. [Maybe in an expansion pack? Who knows]
    Keep up with the good work!

    P.S. Sorry for the English, but i'm not a native speaker

  3. A game made by the donations and the contributions by the people. Thats what i call a ''real'' game.

    Keep going thats quite nice.

  4. Everything looks and sounds good except for the voice acting.  The actors have good voices, but they are not very good actors.  It sounds like they are just reading their lines.  Perhaps, this aspect was not part of the main focus of the game.  Otherwise, keep up the good work.  

  5. This is a very promising game. I understand it's an early alpha version but some of the graphics could do with more detail and extra love. I find the buildings roofs to be a tad minimalistic for instance.

  6. These graphics are shit id prefer big bulky muscly cartoon looking people with dragons and chicks with big tits and big bulky amour and angels and demons and a dragon lord. and the main character has an olden day machine gun on his arm and is heaps tough and bulky and when he hits stuff theirs gold energy coming from his weapons.

  7. It might be a good idea to leave ye auld English be, but make the subtitles standart English. Or not, just a personal suggestion:)

  8. Really looking forward to this game. I think it has great potential. Will Warhorse be releasing modding tools for this game?

  9. still looks really good 🙂 only thing i have to say about the game is the voice acting should be working on but otherwise. this game are one of the game i wait for. this and bannerlord am i going to have fun houers n hours to play with:D

  10. First off, i want to say that i totally understand that this is an old video and that much has probably changed, but i am stating things based off of what i have seen in gameplay so far. I want you to know that the story (in my opinion) is not what is so attractive about this game, Its the idea that we may actually get a Medieval game that does realistic authentic combat. I really do think you guys could be the ones who fill this gap in the gaming market, and I have faith in you. I dream of combat in which i have to respond to every attack and am constantly on the edge of my seat, knowing that at an moment i could die, and that all it takes is a single slip up. It would be incredible to have combat in which every blow counts and getting one or two strong, well placed hits in could end the fight. THATS what this game needs to be, if i hit someone ONCE i want to feel like i just hit another man with a steel sword. I want to feel like it was that one hit that mattered, and that a solid blow could win a fight ,what i don't want is another Elder scrolls or even mount and blade,  I want to constantly fear getting hit myself and constantly be thinking of how i can find an opening. Knowing all of that, knowing that this game has the potential to be just that, with the incredible physics and responsiveness I want, It makes me REALLY…REALLY worried when i see this immersion breaking slow motion, the player and the enemy taking hit after hit with seemingly no affect, the stabbing animation that by all accounts should be a finishing move or at the very least be a completely crippling  injury. All of that completely breaks immersion and endangers what I truly believe this game should be. Granted these are just my opinions (and many others if the comments are telling the truth) but if the combat still works like this  in the final game it will outright ruin what could truly set this game apart and give so many people what they desperately want. I know that you guys have promised a release date, and i understand why you probably don't want to extend it, but i (and i would guess many other fans) would totally be willing to wait another year or two for the final release if it meant this game will be all that it can be. I want you to know that I am putting this out there because i truly want this game to succeed and i have all the respect in the world for you guys, and i don't want to see it end up being less than fantastic just because of things as minor as these. Hope you read the comment and best of luck. 😉

  11. i really hope you finally manage to publish this game, it looks really good, and it proves that even though magic is fun to use its not necessary for something to be good and fun to play.

  12. Not to run the game down but it's not really realistic when you repeatedly attack an enemy and he just stands there taking hit after hit, I had to grit my teeth not knowing who was going to die first. As another person said previously, try to make it so that you can kill them with one to a few hits depending on the amount of armor the enemy has and exploiting any openings or weaknesses they might have. I think that will make it more realistic. Just my opinion, game looks great overall!

  13. To me, character customization is crucial in rpg's. And I was really looking forward to play this game as it looks amazing, but the fact that you have to play as a specific character is a big turnoff. Nonetheless I will give it a spin and see whether I like it or not.

  14. You don't get lunged 5+ times and keep fighting like it didn't happen, let alone at full capacity, unless you did that on purpose but yean

  15. One thing I would like to see,and im pretty sure lots of other lads,are tits…like in the witcher,make it so its possible to plough ladies ;D

  16. This game looks really good and promising. But the combat needs a bit work, like it's rather slow a bit.

    Anyways keep the awesome work, and good luck. 🙂

  17. This game looks uhhh excellent! Besides uhhh some details about uhhh about the streamer, the actual experience looks realistic and brutal. Good job!

  18. I would like to play in 3rd person and I am sure a lot of others would like that as well. 😉
    Will there be a German localization or only German subtitles?

    And is it somehow possible to support this project other than with pay pal? I don't have a pay pal account and I don't want to have one. Paysafe Card or bank transfer would be great. I really would like to put my money in this project, because I think, it could be the best RPG ever made!
    And THANK GOD! NO Multiplayer! THANK YOU WARHORSE!!! 🙂

  19. I think it maybe better to attack were the armor does not cover, if he has full suit of armor than I think it should attack the gaps by thrusting or what not.   Stun attacks could be done by bashing (manly with a blunt object or weapon or with the cross-guards or pommel)  Ones you get were the armor does not cover it should be easy to bring him down.

  20. Zdravím chcem sa opýtať bude sa dať pozdejšie stať kráľom? Inak vynikajúce dielo nič na túto hru nemá 🙂

  21. Re-watching this video while waiting until the new video (of E3) will be online so I can see all the improvements you made 🙂

  22. It looks interesting for sure. Wish I was watching live to ask some questions. Is the entire game set in Europe? Whats the goal of the game? Can you become a knight? Are you going to join a war etc?

  23. Awesome! Will this game be in Czech language with English subtitles? I would love to play the game with the native languages of the setting.

  24. Couple questions:
    What will the pricing be like? AAA style 60+usd/euro (59.99+) or cheaper?
    Any DLC plans, or is it going to be a complete game right from the start?
    Will you be able to unscew the pommel of your sword and throw it at the enemy?

  25. This game looks fantastic. Its a real bummer there is no planned multiplayer though. I hope you guys consider adding it later. Just look at what it did for Mount & Blade.

  26. never been so looking forward to a game. finally realistic some free roam with no magic. Looks very well put together. Outstanding job.

  27. Fast combat? HEMA like movement? Near realistic swordplay? RPG elements? Branching dialogues? Sounds like my kind of game. Will buy it once it comes out :3

  28. Omg.. Ive been waiting for a game like this since.. FOREVER.. You just got another fan ! Keep up the good work, i cant wait to try this out !

  29. I have but one complaint. When you enter into conversation I don't like how it goes into a small cut sense and a third of the screen is filled with the dialogue options. I think it would feel more realistic if the character stays in first person while conversing and the dialogue options are set into a much smaller UI.

  30. Damn, this is one of the games that I've been looking for! Finally I can role play as a farmer and then work my up to nobility and somehow start my own kingdom or just set as a soldier and be happy with my wife and kids.

  31. When is it released or is it already I want this game as it looks like something I would like but know nothing about

  32. your english is quite ok but the aaaaaa eeemmmmm ooooo in the middle of every two or three words make the video umbereable.
    plase be fluent while speaking.

  33. so i can sharpen the sword aaaaaaa right here aaaaa is right eeeee do it wrong aaaaa visible before aaaaa you can do it yourself aaaaa GOD DAMNIT can you do a video with a normal person? Is this guy brain damaged?!

  34. Funny is that villages do look more like old Czech village than English one. As well as trees in forest do look more like the ones in Czech. And the sky lights and ambient atmosphere as well. 🙂 England just look different in colours, in kind of trees…..

  35. "If you are in the middle of the town square and crouching, you are the most visible person around!"  Oh good, we have smart developers.

  36. This game looks very well. The combat system is really fascinating and the terrain looks like bavaria (sorry for my comparison but I was just once in czechia) 🙂 … but there's something I miss. I can't really explain… I hope you don't focused too much at the animations and the realism, because what a game really held me was every time the story. A game shouldn't be ugly as hell, because who wants to play nowadays a game with bad graphics ¯(ツ)/¯ But, after that, a game which has not a gripping story, is boring as hell … and then it isn't anymore really important that it looks very realistic..
    So I hope you guys do just a gripping story with a big fun factor which is realistic as fuck and wish you the best ;D

  37. Was so excited to watch this, got comfortable in my chair… got a drink ready to watch then i suddenly realized i don't want to spoil it for myself for when i do buy it. Fuck.

  38. Someone should tell Daniel Vávra, Creative Director of Kingdom Come: Deliverance that keeping your political views silent on twitter feeds about a game you're trying to sell to the largest amount of consumers is probably a good idea.


  39. 31:17 the guy said he had to put all the bovine down as they were alive,but in the background that one still is,the guy should have pulled out this sword and killed it

  40. Why do you transition to third person view when speaking to people? Just keep it all in first person that way its more realistic

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  42. I'm really hyped for this game because if it is this good in 2014 and planned to release in 2018, they must be considering everything. Keep up the work

  43. Warhorse Studios, simply a big thanks for this game!
    The setting without magic stuff is so refreshing, great story telling and the diffrent possibilities are fantastic.

  44. Wow, 5 years ago. I just love looking back on the development of this game. Well done WHS on a fantastic game. One of the best RPGs I've ever played in 35 years of gaming.

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