Kole Lind Skating Analysis with Canucks Power Skating Consultant

Kole Lind Skating Analysis with Canucks Power Skating Consultant

– Ryan Lounsbury, I’m
a power skating coach, primarily working with the
Vancouver Canuck prospects and the Utica Comets. My main role this week with the players was to talk to them about
how to improve their stride, how to improve the pace of their game. The NHL is all about speed now, and skating is such an important of it, and finding ways to get better. I think my role as a skating coach is to try and challenge players to get out of their comfort zone and find new and different ways and some of the same
ways to do things better. First phase of a quick start is getting the knee drive, getting that knee ahead. I like where your arm swing is going. You can see your shoulders are parallel. The arm drive is coming ahead. Your knee is driving ahead. Every player, it’s a little bit different. What we encourage them to do is take a couple things from this week that you can improve on. You know, we’re not talking
about drastic changes here. They can all skate, they can all move, and that’s one of the
things that I’d noticed in the game in the last decade. Everybody can now move. It’s what’s gonna give
you that one percent, two percent, three percent better. How can you get better? And the other big thing is that skating can really improve
as strength improves. Kole in particular has gotten stronger. He’s got his shoulders
back, his core is stronger, and that’s only helping,
only benefiting his stride. Now the hand comes through. Here’s your second step knee drive. Good position there, right? Bringing that ahead, good
ankle flection there. Again, always working
on our ankle flection, finishing middle of the blade off the toe. – It’s always good to have someone who’s done it for a long time, and someone who’s worked
with a lot of pros on their skating, and obviously, that’s the number-one thing for me is trying to skate like a
pro and move like a pro. I’ll definitely have to look over it and focus on the things that
he said to work on this summer and to help push me to
get to the next level. – You can improve skating. It’s no different than a golf swing. Our job as coaches, and
one of my primary rules here this week is to give them some ideas on how to get better, and I think that’s what being a pro is all about, is learning. What do they have for me, how
can I apply that to my game? Great job this week. Good luck with the summer training. – Thank you very much.
– Alright.

7 thoughts on “Kole Lind Skating Analysis with Canucks Power Skating Consultant

  1. I wonder what comments he has for Hughes… hard to pick apart a kid taught by a figure skater and hockey dad..

  2. This is a Tip and comment in General. A player comes into your organization and you watch him play for a year and he does really good, next year you want more out of Him so you assign a coach to him to help out, now the player in his next year has a bad year and you blame him and want to move him? I would check the coach out, was he a star in his day or was he below average? He might be teaching that young player bad habits. Let your players be players and coach basics ,skating, shooting,weight room work,eating habits , but don't tell them how to play.They can learn systems but they need to feel they can be themselves and take the pressure off them, not load them up with more . You can see the effect you are having on player and if you can't then maybe rethink your job. Lower level coaching is always an option. Gretzky said he never thought of the pressure that was on him but just had fun playing the game. Some guys are built that way and some guys are not.Each coach must know this and take each player as an individual.

  3. Try not to make to much change to their ability and Potential, already lost out on Nikita tryamkin, if he comes back that would be awesome.

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