Korea Top 10 – S1E5_11 Horseback Riding(www.theonehorse.co.kr/) 승마

Korea Top 10 – S1E5_11 Horseback Riding(www.theonehorse.co.kr/) 승마

Actors look impressive on horseback in movies. Did you know that horseback riding is a popular
routine in celebrities’ diet plans? This indoor horseback riding park is located
in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. The
Halla horse is indigenous to Korea. It has
a mild temper and is suitable for beginners and children. Joey finally mounts the horse. Horseback riding is a full-body exercise.
Maintaining a straight posture from head to toe is crucial. Joey masters basic horseback riding steps.
She’s ready to move on to the next level. Horseback riding is about maintaining balance.
Just a one-hour ride is enough to burn the daily calorie intake. If you want to have a celebrity body, try
one of these celebrity weight loss methods.

9 thoughts on “Korea Top 10 – S1E5_11 Horseback Riding(www.theonehorse.co.kr/) 승마

  1. I want to go there I'm only 10 and I live in England unfortunately but when I turn 15 16 17 18 I'm defiantly going do sent matter if I'm 13 12 14

  2. She was sitting really unbalanced. That’s not actual riding though 😂 that’s bouncing around in a saddle

  3. I think I will try horse riding in korea too. Even though it's ridiculously expensive. 80.000₩ for 45 minutes. In germany I pay that for 3 hours (4 × 45 min per month).

  4. It's sad that horseback riding only develops for the "diet" aspect, there's no actual passion for the horse itself.

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