Kristin Gets Over Her Fear Of Horses In Montana • Ladylike

Kristin Gets Over Her Fear Of Horses In Montana • Ladylike

are we rolling yes okay I’m gonna Montana why am I going to Montana you might ask well Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky Montana has invited me to come out to their cowgirl getaway week we’re gonna ride horses and we’re gonna fish and we’re gonna learn how to rope but we’re gonna do all sorts of things that I have never done I am the city mouse and I don’t really have much experience in the country I’ve ridden a horse once I was a teenager and there was like strong adult supervision I’m a little afraid of horses I don’t know if you’ve gotten that from past videos where I feel like we’ve interacted with horses and I’ve been like aah horses but I am a little afraid of horses I fished once when I was 8 in a pond and I think I killed a fish I feel bad sorry r.i.p fish these are all things that like I don’t really have any experience doing and that like I don’t really know if I can do I’ve never been to Montana I’ve never done fly fishing before so mike is coming with me on this little trip even though he is not technically a cowgirl he is a cowgirl in spirit I’m very excited very nervous is very last minute we’re gonna see if I can actually do these skills so Christine what did the pilot just say on the intercom it’s snowing in Bozeman I wasn’t really prepared for that like I have a coat or two but uh I’m wearing a dress so our mission is waterproof minor or not it’s good to excite again am i allergic to snow in Chicago yeah I left thank you yes like a butter hatch ah Wow ready you didn’t lose any time no I have within five minutes of planning on playing pretend a little bit which I am okay do you feel like you’re dressed appropriately for a 30 degrees very dress but it’s a cute dress you’ve already gotten one compliment about it but it was a weary puff meant like you look cute good luck [Music] beautiful Montana Montana it’s raining a little bit but tomorrow’s to be beautiful huh I’m wearing tomorrow’s clothes today here’s this wood-burning stove oh I haven’t burned wood in a stove for years no well no it’s gonna be your chance Oh oh my god Mike I first walked into this room and I was just like wow that was incredible and then I walked in here and here’s what this looks like excuse me what this is built for a queen [Applause] and pretty stove in front of the tub because I am so glad that we are gonna go confront my fear of horses this week horses are majestic beautiful creatures much like you okay back on the planet Linda there can be dangerous and they kick people and they can start easily and they can throw you and they run really fast and I it’s just they freak me out a little bit Oh big teeth is your that horses have teeth I mean living mammals so not everyone is as smart as you like welcome to our orientation first and that involves drinks and apps and I’m gonna meet my horse you love his hat it’s like Christmas here it really does horses out of the little connect right now it’s raining a little bit so everyone outside [Music] [Applause] Archy love snuggles same okay this looks Agrippa dating what’s bad but one of these is Mike’s is it is it mine yes okay hello we’ll find out [Music] let’s go great okay just told you to do oh wait is that newspaper yeah oh yeah we’re supposed to put the newspaper in I forgot about that we are yeah cuz it burns more quickly I find I forgot I didn’t see it there wow that people like yeah it gets excited just close that back you know what that looks good to me so the fire is going but every time you close this thing gets dimmer which means there’s not an oxygen in there which means that somehow we’re screwing it up we’re gonna pick this up later alright so we’re gonna go have dinner got the warning candle it’s gonna be really awesome I’m like amazing cool food how many terrible’s to get the trail thread I’ve never had before these redfish okay good like I just have it this is a portion this is a bucket of chicken oh my god what you’ve done is the best choice of your life my friend is excited and terrified oh my god like your very first time should we do dessert and I will order something off of it and I will eat the whole thing and will not regret it so one cater for us it turns out the only mistake we made is that we didn’t leave a loo door open for long enough we smothered it too soon mother or fire we were a helicopter fire parents I’m getting the fireplace in my tablet wow so we’re just angling this really strategically of the prices [Music] time do you breakfast that’s not something amazing but I’m not it’s very cold wearing pants because I have no choice they’re cute pants I love them look at my butt Oh a booty booty butt shot literally every video I do as there should be it’s like an easter egg yeah I put it right up front Irene but to get on the courts I got my helmet all right I got new boots pray for me pray for this GoPro like 15 oh boy like yoga horse in my cave how you doing Jay oh wow you got our whole lineup of horses they’re doing pretty well like Lord little rings in here Mike I feel like I’ve been comfortable I wanted to record this just in case it becomes a famous last words situation I was a little scared but now we’re friends we’ve just stopped and yep we are taking that snack break where take a snack break apparently Lana verse divorce this is interesting yeah he just look he really likes that graph though just just say no to grass buddy little too fast funny you just took me out a little ride didn’t you follow the open field it’s a good sound no one’s fallen off yet not to jinx it but uh we’re almost back and the horses know that so apparently they’re going a little faster you only get one piece of funny business for three minutes mister and it’s like em I couldn’t fall off I think it might be time I was just like how can I get you to not gallop we’re gonna go now how many ropes do you feel ready to rope Patrick Patrick okay so you’re gonna show me how to grope alright no way I’m gonna hold the rope in her left hand roll it over my head legs like this yeah okay like that try to keep like that I am very sorry I’m learning here is that I’m very lucky other people can do this for me roping is hearted can’t we just ask the cows nicely to come home so I think the problem I was having before is that I was doing it badly is that is that why stop that I’m so glad you identified with a problem it’s important this is really important we’re headed to the wagons we’re gonna pull by horsies we’re not away I don’t you know where we’re going I think we’re gonna wagon to somewhere [Music] jingle bells jingle bells it’s October 1st Wow hi those are hardworking horses yeah yes you deserve it [Music] I got somebody ransom woman I think all cowgirls deserve why do fun do they deserve it but did I get it I feel like my butt muscles have worked a little more in the last 24 hours and they usually do I thought that maybe my boat was ready but it was what yes my fellow all the time yes Mike it’s day three and guess what we’re doing today what are we doing Kristin we’re gonna wear be quiet mission oh my wearing them I was sitting down I think that helped okay this was amazing I think you’re gonna take nice and form-fitting I’m feeling I don’t think I’m eating until tomorrow bro if I catch a fish it will be really cool and also I realize that’s not the point of this but it is a fun benefit fish seduction artists shape of water here we come is it a rock or is it a fish with Kristen how often do people accidentally hook themselves or others when you’re learning definitely possible probably recommend wearing glasses protective gear great I can always pull a hook out of your cheek I don’t know what are you guys watch we’re gonna try to minimize that bat today it’s just depending on me being good at this you have glasses that’s great view that going for you I’m good okay okay panics alright okay so so far I forgotten all my lessons okay let’s go like this it’s the more you know gesture wish I knew what that was okay trust me it’s a very funny joke if you finish angle back to do the bore you know adjust it you don’t need it really to bring in any line if it does anything funny you test it right back out there okay that’s right back out that I’m fully expecting to fall in at least was sacrum hold it like that so it’s not moving as no line in the waterfall okay it’s called high-sticking it’s not a penalty in here like it isn’t hunky isn’t terrifying everybody you’ve been mostly worried about not being coached by a by a lady my lady now you want now we’re gonna just let him do this thing you use the real or maybe okay oh my god Kristen high-five in the middle dumb fish [Applause] guys my dentists here to do something now we’re gonna release it because we’re doing catch and release water okay goodbye deserves a high five years are you a cowgirl now I am not a cowgirl now but I have done many outdoorsy things that I have not done before in my life it was let me still come at our horse and Angel bro luckily I was nowhere near available or else we probably would be at the hospital right now honestly I think the hardest thing was like the fishing as a city mouse I’ve always felt very intimidated by more country and wilderness pursuits and this kinda just made me feel a little bit more like it’s something I could do I mean it helped it like the food was great our cabins are awesome I’m not camping thank you so much to Lone Mountain Ranch for having us and for tolerating my inability to coordinate my limbs with my brain we had a wonderful time special shout-out to my horse hi buddy this is cowgirl adventurer Kristin tested fish approved because we caught fish one fish I caught fish is still single but no it’s fine no it’s good its ikana fish no hundred percent more fish that you have okay I’m gonna cut down [Music]

100 thoughts on “Kristin Gets Over Her Fear Of Horses In Montana • Ladylike

  1. The whole video could have just been Kristin being excited about the cabin and I'd still love it!!!!

  2. Hope you had a great time in Montana. Glad you got a chance to come to see my favorite State. Bozeman is great place for a Vacation. Hope you seen the Museum of the Rookies.

  3. what does kristens husband think of her with mike?? like if he has to film her in a bath then he sees her private areas 😂

  4. My english teacher told my class a story about when she was a girl and went to a horse farm.
    The moral of the story was: when you get bit in the stomach, get back on.
    I love quoting her.

  5. I’m a barrel racer and…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love this😂. As a person who works with horses and rides them, this is awesome! That hat though😂 good job Kristen horses are the best thing that happened to me! So I am happy you interacted with them and tried to get over your fear!

  6. Omgosh I live in Idaho and when they were surprised that it was snowing in Montana I was like……..

    Well yeah, that happens here


  7. This was amazing! When I caught my first fish I also got so excited that I fell in lmao I laughed so hard! Amazing!!

  8. I live on a ranch so I've been raised around farm animals and horses. Getting kicked by a horse SUCKS!!! I had a giant bruise on my leg for months!

  9. Kristin: how can I get u not to gallop

    Me as an equestrian: that was a trot not as fast as a gallop 😂😂

  10. I first got scared of horses like a year ago when I visited my older sisters in Oklahoma and I was feeding them and my sister told me to lay my hand flat and my dad came in and said or he will think your finger was the food and might eat it so no I'm scared

  11. I love lady like but I do want to say something about the horse the horse was not peer-pressured the horse was just not a lead horse and didn't like going unless the horses in front of it did but I love ladylike and Kristen is one of my favorites

  12. The girls should visit Roanoke, VA. It an old town and on weekends there are vendors everywhere downtown. It has a small zoo and huge museum, plus alot of stores.

    Thumbs up if you agree!

  13. Soooooooooooooooooooooo no hate horses are basically huge soft giants they are more afraid of us then we are them

  14. 38 degrees is boiling herein England our usual temperature at the moment is 14 degrees celsius anyway i hope that you have a great time

  15. Blahaha As a life long horse owner and rescuer, I so laughed watching this one. Ty for the giggles.

  16. How the heck can someone be scared of 🐎?! I always wanted to ride 🐎 since I was little… 📝 to self earn enough money to go to where you and Mike gone to face your fear so yea. I haven’t been riding a 🐎 since I was 10-13.

  17. See they got a wayyyy better set up to get on the horse, they have a platform. If they didn't have that you would have had to jump and swing your leg over and hope you stay balanced

  18. Me being an equestrian, this vid is like the funiest thing ive ever seen. I cant even imagine my life without horses

  19. Me being an equestrian, this vid is like the funiest thing ive ever seen. I cant even imagine my life without horses

  20. I loved watching Kristin list the things that horses can do to you and thinking, all of those things have happened to me.🤣😆

  21. Speaking as a cowgirl and an equestrian myself this is so um interesting I’m not scared of horses but this was probably how my first ride went….,

  22. It was so funny as a long-time minnesotan there total confusion by the fact it was snowing.
    Also this:
    Kristen: what if im alergic to snow!
    Me: its just frozen water.

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