I don’t know how I always end up forgetting stuff but on my last day in Japan I was heading towards the airport my hands were filled with my luggage and I forgot my skateboard my full complete on the train and I’m so bummed because of having history of doing this I’ve done this since I was a kid I was rushing I was about to miss my flight so I couldn’t call to see if they had my tea board so I had to leave it luckily I had an extra deck with me and griptape because my friends from France had just given me a new board he’s another youtuber as well he goes by the name dr. nozman he’s a French youtuber so luckily I had an extra deck and my friend geo had just shipped me Sooni grid Edwin was really busy shipping out all the product for the last drop so he never had a chance to send me it while I was in Japan so he sent it all here dude I’m so hyped I’m just gonna like toss it down here oh my go hot it’s so many shirts yeah I’ve missed out on all of these I was like really hyped to actually have an excuse to use this right away because neither board was still pretty good some kagome grip custom made by GM bones wheels red bearings independent trucks I don’t know it’s a lot it’s a lot of multiples do but hype I’m gonna times like a bunch of new clothes to take to LA [Music] also try futatsu turn something oh sure I don’t know cook it all up boy I didn’t know I don’t know I see I I thoughti my dinette and mile see these niggas don’t know what I said [Music] 90% of the time I was supposed to meet Edwin here at 1:30 but he have to go pick up these jackets which is the reason we’re meeting up we have a drop the day this videos released yeah is like a car full of people he brought over like everyone for me race they’re all meeting up here and we have two hours of daylight probably an hour and of daylight left because it took them forever to get here so we’re just gonna try to make the most of the time we have don’t fucking touch up doing it actually our large I got a large for him I got medium for him I got medium for him and mine’s XL medium or a large they’re from hey the backing for me oh cool I’m too garlic the best I don’t want to say it but you saying doing would you welcome to America [Music] [Applause] also try forethought to turn no you want something [Music] [Music] oh well [Music] like that where those at my house we’re droppin 160 jackets the only thing is that each jacket comes numbered so 1 – 165 you can either get 2 3 4 you know whoever is the luckiest one is gonna get number 1 but making every single jacket different high-quality mesh lining triple panel hood kangaroo pouch hidden pockets on the fucking side push it zip up this shiz if up y’all see the drip – two-sided prints on the side got a what’s going on up there fuck that shit is on fire is a fucking raid look I do oh my god you’re Orange yeah I’m the important oh I almost which black now main thing we need to do is get photos for the release downtown and then I thought this I mean they’re having a meeting right there we were just walking around and there here they just walked in to look like a cult because the back of the jacket are all the same they’re wearing the same shit walking in and the guy was so casual we’re like hate we shoot a photo I was like yeah guys [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] we had for the identical ection was insanely huge we say insanely huge we’re not just exaggerating but there was so many orders to took this a month to throw everything but this next drop these jackets all the product that’s dropping and from here on out everything’s going out next stage we got fucking heard that because we got fucking lies we I get the heat we got we got a new shipping system new email new label printer everything’s going out next day like I guarantee you that within like eight hours of you purchasing the product you’ll get a trackable I’m not lying message this man actually ain’t no but for real shout out to everybody that was very understanding and was still fucking even when it was taking months and months we’re in a better position because of you guys and now it’s only going up so cuz I was like you guys want something cuz we cover everything but I’m like yo if you want something to take home then just take it you think I’ll get a pizza to take home we take one step out of the pizza R it’s already fuckin munch it up shit I’m hungry Jarell does not deny approval like anybody wanna baby lick me ain’t no other you don’t like this mess how he raised it down what the foot this this drop special because it’s our two year anniversary release two two years dan what’s crazy [Laughter] [Music] [Music]

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  1. 2 Years of ERASED <3
    Follow the fam : @ERASEDXPROJECT
    Luis: @LuisMoraVids
    Andrew: @_andrewarnold
    Josh: @Jashewa
    Ryan: @RyanLibrada
    Jerell: @JerellWare
    Edwin: @EdwinAcuna

  2. He’s living the life I want man. Much love Luis and never stop this. You’re such a big inspiration to sooo many people.

  3. you’ve come so far and most likely you won’t see this comment but imma say it anyways. i know you’ll blow up again soon. but thanks for bein an inspo and a real one to everyone.

  4. Yo, where can i buy that jacket i really think it looks great. So if anyone has a link to the product comment on this please.

  5. That song’s hella fire the clothing hella more fire I feel anyone will dig the cloth and the whole style of it it’s just perfect and I really feel jealous but to be dead as I love ur vids and keep up the great work

  6. If i get my left Nostril pierced can i join the team as the photographer? seems like thats a requirement. lol

  7. 5:06 puts skate guards* goes over the ledge and still grinds (already seem this video watching it again and caught this part) 😂

  8. Hey Louis I love yours vids and I love the erased community that you created. But could you write the location of street spot / skatepark you guys skate at?

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