LAKES, PEAKS AND BLISTERS 🥾: Long-distance hiking in Austria, Salzkammergut

LAKES, PEAKS AND BLISTERS 🥾: Long-distance hiking in Austria, Salzkammergut

Gasp! Only a few more meters. Hello fellow adventurers
and welcome to my home, the Salzkammergut. My name is Matthias from Bugs & Bears
and together with my girlfriend Doris I’m traveling the world
looking for wildlife and adventure. Our first long distance trail experience. My body temperature
feels like above 40° or something. As part of a motivated team. While hiking in the forest,
you’ll see how that affects your body and that you’ll feel good and calm down. An intense time in nature. Exploring our home region a little deeper. That’s still pretty cold, right? Holy, guacamole! Here, in one of Austria’s naturally most
diverse regions you’re hiking along crystal clear waters,
through quiet valley forests, over sunny alpine meadows
and up scenic mountain peaks. This is the Salzkammergut Trail. „The journey is the reward“ –
A very popular saying across German speaking countries. And probably the best motto for long-distance
hiking. It’s about finding these little hidden treasures
along the way, spending your days outdoors,
covering every meter on foot and these little rewards you treat yourself
with after a 20 kilometers trek. And what would be a better place for our first
long distance experience than the fairly new BergeSeen Trail in the
Salzkammergut. There’s a new long-distance trail
which is covering a lot of these beautiful mountains and lakes. And we will cover a quarter of it. And one of our big goals is to jump into every
lake that we’re passing by. We’re really excited. Yesterday, we already started with the Traunsee,
which is probably one of the coldest ones with 16 degrees. One, two, three. Wait, wait! The trail with 20 stages covers 350 kilometers
and not only loops through untouched nature but some of Austria’s culturally and historically
most interesting towns. It’s day 1 today
and we started at around 8am in the morning in Gmunden. A city with scenic lake views in earlier days even visited by the Austrian emperors. The imperial family with their followers,
aristocrats, musicians and so on arrived here in Gmunden,
crossed over to Ebensee by boat and headed from there to the „Kaiservilla“
in Bad Ischl, where they spent the summer. Lucky us, we’re accompanied by highly inspirational
people with serious hiking experience. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner joined our team today. She’s the first woman who climbed all the
Eight-thousanders without any oxygen supply. How often do you get the chance to ask someone how it feels to camp in a snow storm at Alaska’s highest peak? At the summit it has around –40°C (–40°F)
and often –60°C (–76°F). You have to bring a saw
to cut snow blocks and build a wall around your tent. Otherwise the strong storms will blow you
away. In Japan „forest bathing“ is a prescribed
therapy. Sick people spend several hours in the forest
to strengthen their own immune system. We did it! We just checked into our second hotel
after hiking around 20 kilometers today. And it was pretty cloudy. That’s why I already have a little sunburn. But it was really good – a beautiful area. The last stop were the Langbathseen,
which are totally beautiful. And we had a very refreshing bath there. Gasp! Are you crazy? Good morning! We just started our second hiking day at the Vorderer Langbathsee. The BergeSeen Trail connects no fewer than
35 lakes, a unique feature in the world of long-distance
hiking. Every lake on the way is a good excuse to
take a little break, take off your shoes and cool off. The Hinterer Langbathsee was quite refreshing around 15 degrees or something. Some of them better suited, than others. Because it’s just half a meter deep,
and there’s mud underneath. Today there’s so much beautiful nature to
film I constantly have to run to catch up with
the group. Is it cold (the lake)? – That one’s lukewarm, lukewarm,… Alright. Still pretty cold, right? Good morning! It’s already day 3 of our hiking challenge. And we feel our legs today. And I have a first blister on my little toe. But we’re still very motivated for today. Most of the trail’s stages could also be
done as a day trip, like this highly relaxing hike through flower-filled
meadows offering close encounters with locals,
local treats and refreshing plunges. And now we’ve got blossom season. A paradise. All the flowers are blooming. It can hardly get any better than this. Once again, we have the pleasure to be accompanied
by a professional mountaineer. Ralf is sharing some of his learnings from
climbing the world’s highest summits with us. Always being able to take a step back
to postpone the climbing, going back to base camp and having the luck to be able to try again. We’re having some „Bauernkrapfen“ today. Very traditional and really tasty! „Krapfen“ (Bavarian doughnut) is a pretty
fat, round pastry. Fill the lower part of the „Krapfen“ with
a little bit of jam. Add icing sugar on top. Perfect. Wonderful! Very healthy for hikers. There are no shortcuts to real success. When it comes to long-distance hiking – there
are. A speedboat for example! Good morning! – Hi, Doris, I’m Wolfgang!
– Wolfgang at the Wolfgangsee! How much horsepower do we have, Wolfgang?
– Almost 400. *noise from the boat stranding on the ground* Full action in the morning. We’re moving, aren’t we? A little obstacle is overcome
and we’re on our way to another historically worthy city. „At White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang –
where luck is knocking on your door!“ Here, God assigned to
Saint Wolfgang to throw an axe and build a church wherever it lands. The axe flew 5 kilometers.
– Seriously? And that’s where he built the church. And that’s how this town became
very popular. Even back then. Then Michael Pacher was instructed to build the most beautiful altar in the world. Day 4. We’ll cover the highest altitude difference
today. Up to a scenic alpine meadow
and to a rocky summit. It’s so beautiful up here. This morning it started pretty cloudy but
now we have perfect weather. Aaww, they’re pretty (cows)! So many different colors! That’s the „Schafberg Bahn“. It’s one of only two „Zahnrad-Bahnen“ (Cog Railways) in Austria. And it looks really cute. The BergeSeen Trail doesn’t include any difficult hiking ascents or via ferratas, but offers a lot of options to take excursions to surrounding peaks. We’re heading up the Almkogel
and I’m really looking forward to that view! This is a
so called „Söckibär“. Day 5 – our final stage. Time passed too quickly and we’re not ready
for our hike to come to an end yet. We’re starting our final day with hiking uphill again. It’s already pretty hot in the morning. All my sunscreen is already gone. We’re just hiking into a castle ruin. And we have a beautiful view of Schober. We decide to take a little detour. Officially this trail isn’t part of the
BergeSeen Trail, but the owner of a restaurant we just passed
told us, that it’s the most beautiful view. Just 15 more minutes. We’re almost at the top. Still that long? – I think so! It’s so hot! And it’s really steep up here. You wouldn’t believe it, but she was running
up here. – Seriously? – Yes, she can run up here. Gasp. Only a few more meters. Awesome! We’re totally hooked and already researching
our next long-distance trail. Have you ever been hiking over several days? Any recommendations out there? Please drop them in the comments! And if you have any questions about the BergeSeen
Trail in the Salzkammergut feel free to drop us a line or look at this
website. And what we’re really excited about,
is that we finally reached 1.000 subscribers on Youtube! Thank you so much for your support, guys and girls! We really appreciate it a lot! Stay curious and see you on the next one!

19 thoughts on “LAKES, PEAKS AND BLISTERS 🥾: Long-distance hiking in Austria, Salzkammergut

  1. Have you ever been hiking over several days? Any recommendations for long-distance trails out there?
    Who is keen on hiking the BergeSeen trail in the Salzkammergut once 🏔🇦🇹?

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  8. looks like such an insane hike and the lengthy trail! the landscape and the views are so beautiful though! the shot at 8:03 just made me go wow. the lake shots are stunning. looks like a tiring and maybe scary hike but everything it is definitely worth it with those views in the end. thanks for sharing!

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