53 thoughts on “Last ski preparations | Vlog 44³

  1. Jeg har tenkt på å kjøpe nytt drikkebelte går det an å kjøpe de grønne eat move sleep drikkebeltene og hvis det går an hvor kan man kjøpe det?

  2. Dear Johannes
    Thanks a lot for the beautiful vlogs. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing from you every Monday. For the new season ahead, we wish you and the whole team good health, happiness, trust und success. All love and good Margrit und Ruedi

  3. I'm glad for your dad to see you driving the car yourself again…and pls don't train too hard to leave the others at least a tiny chance to win as well…😛 go for it…!!!

  4. Thank you for taking us training with you. It gives your fans a look into the tremendous amount of work you must do (often alone), hours each day to be the caliber of athlete you are. I love seeing you ski!! 💕

  5. Awesome video — that fish-eye lens is completely insane. Can't believe the WC season is upon us. Hope you can stay strong and healthy and bring back more cups!!!!

  6. Det hjelper ingenting å skrive noe fint til Johannes, han ser ikke kommentaren deres uansett
    (Mest fordi Ola styrer kanalen da)

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