Lauren Graham Broke Her Wrist ‘Skiing’

Hi. Hi. I just learned that you haven’t
been here in a year and a half. Is that right? It doesn’t seem like it. It doesn’t. Maybe that’s wrong. Maybe it’s so right, it’s wrong. Maybe it’s so wrong
that it’s right. I want to ask you
about your hand. You broke it? Is that what it is? I broke my wrist. You broke your wrist? Yeah. It’s a distal radial fracture. A distal radial fracture. And what’s that little
thing you have on there? This is like a scar thing that’s
supposed to help it not scar. I see. Well, I can’t see it. So it does the work
because it’s covering it. Yes. How long ago did it happen? What did you do? It happened a couple
of months ago. And we were on a ski vacation,
so what I like to say to people is that I was skiing,
but that’s not true. I was in a ski town. There was a ski
mountain visible, and I just fell
down on my own toes. I just literally like– I wiped out for no reason. So where were you, physically? I was just going to lunch. And you tripped over like what? I don’t know. It’s so embarrassing because
people kept saying like, oh, but it was icy. And I was like, no. And they were like, oh,
but you were skiing? And I was like, no. And then they were like, oh,
but you know, you probably– there was like a shoelace,
and it was like– No. I just like– I mean, this is now– I’m just like a
person who falls down. You know what I mean? Like, I’ve gotten to that place
where it’s like, oi, my hip. And so I fell down. And I fell like this, and it
was like at a weird, bad angle, and– but I get
very nervous about– Wait. You were falling? So you tucked under, like– you didn’t fall with your– that’s what– why would you do
this if you’re falling down? I was scared of falling. Oh, no. I don’t know. I don’t know. But I guess I– because I didn’t go down like– I don’t really know. I kind of blacked
out, but I just fell and then my first thought
for whatever reason was like, don’t embarrass yourself. But I already fell, so how
much worse could it get? But then I just stood up
real fast like, no problem. Everything is fine, and there
was a guy crossing the street, and he was like, are you OK? And I was like, yeah. I’m fine. Were you by yourself? Yes, I was by myself. I was going to meet
a friend for lunch, and so I went into
the restaurant and I sat there for a second. And I was like,
this is really bad. And so I asked for a
giant bag of ice, which being in a ski town, they had. No one questioned me. They just gave it to me. And then I went to
the emergency room. Wait. So did you look– was
it in a weird angle? Was it like completely
in the wrong– Yeah, it was more like this. Uh-huh. Yeah. And looked good. Yeah. No, it still looks
kind of Frankenstein-y. No, it doesn’t
look like anything. But we have an X-ray of
what they’ve done to you. I don’t know. There must be a more current,
modern way to fix things. That’s one, but then
look at all the screws. That’s overkill right there. It’s hilarious. Everyone’s like, oh, gross. Well, first of all– Is that coming out? Does that come out? No, it stays there. I know. The good news is if you– I mean, that’s almost
coming out the other side. That’s– I know. What you realize is there’s a
whole world of ski injuries, and I wanted to be part
of that world so badly. So people would be like, oh,
did you do it on Shane’s Lament or whatever, the black diamond? And I’d be like, oh, yeah. The old, you know,
downhill racer. I don’t know what the
names of the slopes are. The old downhill racer. And so I would
just lie to people and tell them that
I did it skiing. Wow. I know. Yeah, and now you’re telling
it to everyone that you didn’t. Well. So now people just
think you’re a liar. Well. Or a really cool skier. You know they know
now that you aren’t. Oh, right. OK, this is on– That’s what I’m saying. Sorry, I forgot. Seriously, there must be–
is there a doctor here? There must be a better way
to heal than just hardware. That’s from a hardware store. I know. It’s from Home Depot. They’re just screws. Mm-hmm. I know. I don’t know. I mean, also shouldn’t
they dissolve or something? I mean that just stays there? Once it heals? Yeah. Once it heals, it
should dissolve. Yeah. Like on Mission Impossible, when
the tapes would self-destruct after a certain time. Anyone over 50? And this is her new book. It is called In
Conclusion: Don’t Worry About It, which is
based on a speech. You went back to
your old high school. Yes. And my father signed me up
to give the graduation speech at my high school, and
then announced it to me. He was like, hey, you
know Bill from tennis? And I was like, what? And he’s like, yeah, so you’re
going to do the graduation speech at Langley. And I was like, wait. I don’t even understand. He made friends with
someone whose grandchild went to my high school, and
thusly, I’m giving this speech. I haven’t even been there
for many, many years. And then I was asked to publish
a version of the speech. I expanded it and changed it. And so it’s just a little book. It’s a gift for graduates. Yes, and so it’s basically
your experience in high school and giving advice
on other people. Yes And are you honest about
your high school experiences? For sure. Well, it’s not all in there. Well one of the
things I talk about is if you had to pick
on that graduation day all those years ago who
would be sitting here, or who would be doing any of
the things I’ve gotten to do, you would not have
picked me necessarily. And so, one of the
messages I thought about as I was looking back
is, things happen at all different times
of life and you shouldn’t feel so much pressure on
these moments like graduation, like these big, supposed big
you know transitional moments that they don’t always– they’re not always what
they’re cracked up to be. Right. Some people ripen
later on in life. That is right. Yes. And some people
ripen in high school and then they go downhill. That’s right. That’s right, You go back to those
reunions, and the people that we’re the cool ones,
you’re like, look at you now. Ha, ha, ha! So do you talk about not driving
without a license in here? Not in this book. Not in this book. I didn’t see it. It’s in another book of mine. We thought it was
such a good plan. Mothers Against Drunk Driving
was very big at the time, as it should always be. And I didn’t have a license,
but I also didn’t drink. So you know, I drove the car. My friends drank. I didn’t have a license. It all evened out. I see. It was probably fine. It was the safer
thing to do for sure. Yes. Are you a good driver? Well, I’ve been driving
for a long time. That doesn’t mean
anything at all.

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