Le SKI en Couple / What’s Your LOVE

Le SKI en Couple / What’s Your LOVE

What do you do this week-end? Tomorrow I go to the mountains with my girlfriend… No, you too? You also? Yes. Skiing with girls is a nightmare ! They have so many layers, but feeling cold everytime. It’s ok, I’m ready. The worst, that’s the pictures ! Smile, come on honey. And like this, selfie ! Horrible ! Selfie. More, you can’t say anything. She is hurt all the time. Bent your legs honey. What? WHAAAAAT ? You have to say nothing ! It’s way better now. Before it was not good? It’s terrible. Baby, I guess your ski are not well fixed…

8 thoughts on “Le SKI en Couple / What’s Your LOVE

  1. Y a les BON APPs qu'on piquer votre concept avec les BR'HELLs !!!!!!!! les skis et le sac a dos sur les mobs …. ; ) ….LA RUMEUR DES ALPES

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