Learn To Skate A Pool – Part 1 of 2

Learn To Skate A Pool – Part 1 of 2

Hey, this is Eric Muss-Barnes and you know ever since I started skateboarding,
all I ever really wanted to skate was pools! I remember when I was probably about 7-8 years old. seeing footage on television
of people skating pools and I was completly blown away by it.
It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I remember watching it just thinking how desperately i wanted to learn how to do that sort of thing
myself. Now back when kids were hopping fences so that
they could skate backyard swimming pools that looked something
like this i was growing up in Ohio, and unfortunately we didn’t have
round pools in Ohio in fact most of the pools in Ohio looked more like this. Or worse yet they looks like this. Obviously not something that you can skate. So, when i finally got the opportunity to skate real swimming pools i was really really intimidated. I coudn’t get over how huge how huge some of these pools actually were. I mean look at the size of this thing. It’s about an 11foot deep-end. It’s about an 6foot shallow-end. and this deep end must be twenty five feet across. This thing is huge! Of course, something like this is really intimidating
to learn how to skate. And I knew that there are a lot of things that I have to learn in order to ride this thing. One day, I decided i was finally ready,
I was gonna begin dedicating my time in skatepark to poolriding. So I started coming to the skatepark three or four days a week instead of once or twice
and I skate two to four hours at the time and I spent 95% of my time sessioning the pool. Cause I knew it’s gonna take months of dedication and discipline
and I needed a lot of patience to get good. I mean I had tons to learn. So before I felt worthy of calling myself a poolskater
there were six things that I knew I wanted to learn. First thing, is “Drop-In”. Next, backsind tile in the deep. Frontside tile in the shallow frontside tile in the deep backside tile in the shallow and of course to go the “launch out”! relatively smoothly. As far as I am concerned, if I could not do those six things i wasn’t worthy of calling myself a poolskater. In the end took me about three months of skating
for about eight to twelve hours a week to learn those six skills. Now as you can see here, I already knew how to skate a bowl.
pretty well. but the timing of skating an 11foot pool is entirely diffrent than
than a 5foot bowl. So I decided to document my progress and actually shoot video of my entire learning process of pool skating. Now as you can see this footage was shot on the 5th of july and this is actually very first drop-in that i got in this pool on video and the very first drop-in that I ever did on vert and in this pool was actually three days prior
to this which was thursday july second. I had actually been skating the pool for i’d say maybe three weeks or so before I learned how to drop- in and thing was it was just so exhausting team climb into the pool and try how to learn how to pump back-and-forth
without having that extra movement that you need of dropping in. So i finally said okay that’s it,
I have to learn the “drop-in” so i can get more speed. I remember that 2nd of july that thursday afternoon, i’ve gotten out of work a little bit early
for the holiday and I was standing there on the edge of the pool.
Looking into this thing and I thought I now have three more days off work if i can do this, if I can pull this off right now I am gonna be in such a good mood.
I am gonna be so happy for the rest of the weekend. And so I had my iPod I was listening to carmel dancing yes I was actually listening to that song. I don’t know I was in a great mood.
I was really happy and it was all sunny and beautifull. And I said, this is it.
I can do this! I am going to pull it off. And my very first try … I bailed. and did kind of a knee slideout. it was completely fine didn’t get hurt at all. So I stood right back up got back on the board dropped in the second time.
Pulled it off! As you can see from watching this footage
everytime I set the board on the coping and get ready to drop in it would take me for ever to actually do it. Its mainly really because I was so darn scared
even though I knew how to drop in. I would just need my foot position to be absolute
perfect and i have to really take my time and get ready and as you can see my cards are really really
low, I am still many feet below the coping. in the deep end. and if you know it’s just because again I
had so much to learn I didn’t really know the timing quite yet sometimes I think I can kickturn a little bit higher
but my carves back then when it was still pretty low and I’m still just working on things just trying to figure out how to get that rhythm going. The day before I shot this footage actually got my very first kickturns to tile in the shallow end. You can actually hear the grind on the tile. when you watch these clips. oops, looks like I missed the tile that time. But you know this angle gives you a better idea of
what the shallow end of the pool looks like. And i will tell you climbing out of this pool
sure gets exhausting. I mean sure you do it once or twice no big deal with do it twenty times
in a row and wow! Now in this last clip not only get frontside tile the shallow
but this is my first backside tile in the deep end.

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  1. No age is too old to get back into skating. I personally skated with a guy who started when he was 42 and had NEVER ridden a skateboard before. Look up a gentleman named Lloyd Kahn – he started skateboarding at the age of 65 and is a downhill longboarder. Anyone who thinks you can be "too old" to skate needs to race Victor Earhart on downhill. Look up his videos…

  2. Hey, i've been skating for two weeks know and all i can do is an ollie but i really want to learn to skate pools, is it alright to start know or do i still need practice ?

  3. Everyone learns at a different speed. Some people might be really comfortable on a board after 2 weeks. Some people might need 2 months. Everyone is different. If you feel like you have good control over your board, go for it. But, you really should start small first – work on a miniramp or a small bowl and learn the basics, then move up to the pool after you can pump and kickturn the miniramp.

  4. i hate how all the sick parks like this are in california … if i had those in my city i would be so fucking good because all i would do is skate them… where i live we have shit ass parks …. i hate it

  5. Your never to old or to young to skate . Some dude at my old skatepark was like 40 and he was one of the best ones out there

  6. Practice makes perfect ive been skating for about 9 months and all i can say is learn to drop in on quarter pipes then half pipes then if you feel your ready go for the pool

  7. Skating is all about skating everything you can. Pool. Street. Downhill. Longboards. Vert. Just have fun!

  8. word, indy's all day for me! Haha ironically I live in ohio and I'm learning to skate a similar pool, cept its a left hand kidney. 12' in the deep and 7' shallow. No tiles but real pool coping! Anyways bro, i enjoyed watching the learning curve. My goal is solid airs by next fall!

  9. SoCalSkateshop. Just search for them on Google. (So lame that YouTube still doesn't let you put links in comments.)

  10. I have never skated before but I have a sudden interest to start skating. Where should I buy my first board and how should I start? Thanks!

  11. First, watch all 7 chapters of the "Learn To Ride A Skateboard" videos on this channel. That will help you start. Then, go to your local skateshop and buy a board. If you don't know where to find a local skateshop, search on Google for skateshops in your city.

  12. Is that one park with just alot of pools or was it many parks? The Santa Monica clip you showed look pretty cool do you need helmet and pads to skate it? That pool with the hip looked pretty fun I love those its like skating a snake run which I love my favorite one is the one in Venice park and the part that said Santa Monice looks alot like that snake run just smaller. Is it similar?

  13. All footage in this video is in the minibowl and the pool and The Cove in Santa Monica. The pool is shot from different angles, so it might look like different pools, but it's all the same one. Yes, you need gear to skate Santa Monica. No, the Santa Monica minibowl isn't really like the Venice snakerun at all, but it's still super fun.

  14. I am thinking of becoming a skater because it looks really fun, but i am really scared to start. I tried skating when i was 10 but then i quit because i couldnt even master the push off. I need some good advice please. 🙂

  15. Advice? yeah, practice with absolutely NOBODY around. Just take everything one step (push) at a time SLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW

  16. They're reverse kingpins. I was experimenting. I don't recommend using them on shortboards.

  17. I love the "YoFace" by Bustin. I also like almost anything by Deckcrafters or Pool King. The other dude who makes great pool boards is Five Points Skates.

  18. Start small. Learn to drop in on 3' or 4' bowls. You don't learn on a 6' pool. That's too big. Start tiny.

  19. You deserve applause for you personal achievement. BUT, this is a video diary, not the how-to the title implies. Watching you is instructive IF the viewer is skilled in analysis of body position. Not everyone can do that. No verbal analysis of technique is given. The title should read, "Learning to Skate a Pool". Viewer expectations would be different. The footage could be salvaged with a more explanatory voice-over.
    Once again, congratulations on accomplishing your goals.

  20. Hey man Im 14 and learning to skate pools (more like large bowls) and I have no idea for the life of me how to get steep carves. I think it might be due to a lack of speed because i cant drop in yet. Is there any tip you can give me there? also, our bowl doesnt have tiles, just coping, so is getting tile the same as grinding the coping or is there a difference?

  21. Don't worry about how high your carves are. It's more important that you make the carve without falling than getting high and bailing. Keep them low. As you get comfortable, you can get faster. As you get faster, you'll be able to get higher. Just remember – a low carve that you pull off is better than a high carve that you bail. "Getting to tile" means you're still inside the transition, but your wheels roll over the tile. "Grinding" means your trucks slide across the coping.

  22. So much props to pool skaters! I have only been able to ride a 5ft mini ramp for years and i finally went to Chelsea skatepark in NYC and tried skating the bowl and it was unexpectedly hard to keep speed and pump the corners especially coming out of the deep end.

  23. There are many kinds of skateboards. Pool. Street. Slalom. Freestyle. Downhill race. Downhill tech slide. Freeride. Cruisers. Pool boards are typically a little wider and longer than an average street board.

  24. Right!
    I'm 46 now. Started when I was 44 by building a 3' mini in my back yard for my sons and me. I've learned how to drop in, kick turn bs and fs,rock to fakie, rock n' roll and since yesterday (finally, after hundreds of tries) I do bs 50-50 stall. So keep trying and learning. So much fun!

  25. LTRAS or skateboard you are good I have been to trying a 50-50 stall in my skate park I now can dropin to my 10.5 foot "pool" I did it now I am with the old timers skating with them is fun skating with the oldtimers fun and fun with them

  26. Noticed you used a picture from Scumline with Jimmy jumping a fence val and Josh Peacock… that and the next pic were Fresno pools.

  27. hey man great videos. up till now ive been more of a strictly street skater but now im definitely looking to start getting into park bowls half pipes pools etc. Whats your recommended setup for bowls and pools and stuff seeing as i dont think my 51mm wheels and 7.75 wide inch deck would be comfortable in a pool. Even if you have a recommended wheel base and stuff like that your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Go into as much detail as you could, and by the way keep shredding dood.

  28. Thanks for the reply! now im getting better, i can drop in on the slightly smaller bowl and my carves are pretty steep, but i have a different problem: while i can do full 180 kickturns, i cant do those angles kickturns where you carve up and lift the wheels and carve down, but you only really turned like 90 degrees or so. whenever i try its a bit like im doing a pop shuvit and i kick to hard, or i dont commit and do a really weird carve. still haven't figured out the launch out though.

  29. I like big boards. 8.5" to 10" wide and 16" to 17" wheelbases and 7" tails. But plenty of guys skate transition with smaller decks like yours too. I'm usually on 60mm to 65mm wheels.

  30. Don't worry about what others think. You're a skater. That makes you awesome. Anyone who makes fun of you is just a poser. Go check out some of my videos with the girls of Silly Girl Skateboards on my SkateboardCalifornia channel. They are girls and they rip.

  31. thx for the videos! thay are inspirative for me, a 51 year old guy who picked up my borad again after 35 years =) still gotta learn how to drop in though…

  32. Well if you live in Raleigh like I do I usually skate Marsh Creek Skatepark which has a good flow area to start on and then a Huge bowl towards the end of the park so if your in that area you should check it out. And then another is The Factory with Delicious skateshop that's in Wake forest and they have a small bowl that's alright but not as good as Marsh creek Im sure there's more bowls though.

  33. @PapaMikey Don't worry. You'll get the drop-in. Just remember to start small. Preferably on something 2 or 3 feet high and work your way up to larger and larger transitions.

  34. Hi, I'm looking for a skating pool around Miami to make a photo shoot. Maybe some people know where I can find it ?
    Thanks for your help !

  35. @Learn To Ride A Skateboard  … your shoulders are what move you through the transitions in a pool , bowl , half pipe what have you … in this video even 23 days after your first drop in i can see you were letting your shoulders lag behind where your waist and feet were going … learn to move your shoulders into the movement first and your body will follow with much more ease and comfort 

  36. Coming back to this video again after a few years and I have to say good on you mate for putting in the effort. great set of videos and inspiring too.

  37. does anyone know how to wax or prepare the pool coping for skate, a friend build a pool but the coping crushes when we try to grind it please help!!!!

  38. there is a round pool i found at a apartment its empty except 3 ft of mucky water i have a shop vac that hooks onto a bucket and the bucket is about a foot and a half how long would it take to drain the rain water out im doing it when the front office closes do you think ill have any problems  

  39. Hi Eric, thank u for ur videos… specialy this one.. i started cruising on a longboard last year, and 6 month ago, i saw ur video n i thought… yes, thats what i wanna do.. skate pools.. i never skateboard before n i m 36… went to the skatepark early in the morning to avoid crowd, n started to learn step by step trying to do what i saw on ur videos … today i just can drop on small bowls n carve…stil not able to kickturn frontside, but  i m having fun since the first day i started to skateboard.. still remember the fisrt time i was able just to pump a miniramp… so happy..smile on my face, same when i fisrt drop a small transition.. wish i could do carve grinds, n 50/50…  well, just to say again thank u for the inspiration i had from ur videos.. i cant believe i had to wait 36 to discover that skateboarding could give me same fun n happynes as surfing did 20 years before… i m a father now, n i can feel i m having exactly the same fun as a kid… thank u !

  40. How did you get to session a practically-empty pool (without tons of other skaters)?! Man, here in Oxnard it's packed all the time…

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