Learn to Skate – BASIC 1 Skills!

Learn to Skate – BASIC 1 Skills!

hey guys I’m Mary and and welcome back to
my channel today is the first video I’m so excited
about my learn to skate series it is a series as I’m putting together for all my
beginners learn to skate is an amazing way to make new friends and perfect your
skating skills I hope these videos can help everyone
out let’s get to our first lesson they I first feel we’re going to learn today
is how to fall and stand up on the ice try to practice the skill off ice first
if possible when we fall try to lower your center of gravity slide on the ice
on one hip and use the arms to control the upper body to stand start off on all
fours like a puppy dog position place one skate between your hands then kneel
and place your hands on the raised knee and push back up to a standing position our second skill is how to march across
the ice two different things here balance and momentum we’re gonna try not
to fall arm slightly in front of you slightly below the shoulders I feed a
parallel and hip-width apart some common errors are only pushing with
one foot or the inability to properly push you can practice this by holding
onto the wall or pushing away from the coach just getting used to that pushing
off the technique be sure to never look down at your feet
always stand nice and tall like a pineapple also don’t be afraid to lift
up your feet don’t be scared of falling guys falling makes you a better skater
our third skill is a forward two foot slide the goal here is to glide for 4
seconds slow count not fast count
we’re not cheating here we’re gonna focus on picking up more speed now this
move the speed is going to be our friend don’t be afraid to take big steps
because the more speed you have the farther you’re going to glide speed will
also prevent us from getting stuck and falling down same as our marching our feet
are parallel and hip-width apart common errors again or the ankles
collapsing and not staying upright don’t be afraid to push guys the biggest error
is not having enough speed here also for beginners if your feet are too wide you
will have some difficulty controlling your glides our skill is beaten the dip
is a combination of a squat and a two-foot-wide we’re gonna focus on the
important skill here which is bending the knees bending the knees is
skating it’s gonna help us as power and speed and edges let’s warm up with a
simple squat into the dip position chest up eyes forward arms parallel to the ice
we’re going to use our two foot glide get some nice speed feet parallel and
dip as low as you can a common mistake is not getting low
enough into your squats another common mistake is looking down and putting our
hands toward the ice next up we have forests whistles our goal is to do six
to eight in a row this is a great time to talk about inside and outside edges
so if this is my blade inside edge are inside this ski is always be closer to
the ice cube like so outside edge our outside of the blade is going to be
closer I think of starting the Swizzle by
bending the knee turning the toes out and pushing the feet apart to initiate
the forwrd movement once that push starts and the legs are
straight focus on turning the toes in to bring the feet together the common error
again is not using your inside edge staying flat or being on an outside edge
will strain your thighs and also slow you down so really focus on the inside
edge pushing your ankles inwards so that you are a nice strong edge start small
and then work your way up to bigger swizzles if your swizzles are too big
you might just get stuck into a split also remember to complete the swizzle
toes and heels are tapping no cheating because I’m watching you guys another
friendly reminder about our knees knee bend is our friend in skating you guys
are doing fantastic time to go backwards now we are going to start learning how
to skate backwards by doing back their goals I think of it as a fun dance
move our goal is to do six to eight wiggles in a row consecutively going
backwards the secret here is balancing on the balls of our feet our knees are
bent chest up we are wiggling the hips against our shoulders shifting our
weight side to side the common error is wiggling our hips too much that we’re
stuck in place and not going anywhere another common error is our rhythm being
off remember the shoulders are moving
opposite of the hips our first beginner stop that we are
going to learn is called the snowplow stop you can either do as one foot or
two leads we’re going to start in a glide
slowly push our feet off in the V position pushing out like this until we
come to a place practice this movement at the wall first
hold on while pushing the heel of your skate upwards at an angle like an
upside-down V you will be on the flat side of your blade common errors are
catching too much of an edge or not pushing out with enough of an angle you
can also do the snowplow stop on one foot a common error is bending at the
waist looking down which throws off your balance our last skill is a bonus skill
we’re going to learn how to do a 2-foot properly every level in learn to skate
has a bonus skill I think of it as extra credit a more advanced move that gets us
ready for any event from a standstill position do a small jump in place we’re
going to bend their knees to jump up and then land first on the toe then to the
ball of the foot land with a slight knee bend as well thanks so much for watching
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for more and stay tuned for base thanks so much for watching and see you
guys next time

6 thoughts on “Learn to Skate – BASIC 1 Skills!

  1. I know there might be some crossovers (pun intended!) but could you do this for the UK NISA Learn to Skate course too?

  2. Hi Mary! Thank you so much for these basic skills videos! They’re very helpful! I have a couple of questions:

    1. What figure skates do you recommend for complete beginners? Jackson’s or Riedell? The skates I currently have give me no support on the ankle and I feel very wobbly and shaky on the ice and my ankles always rock inside
    2. How do you engage your core?
    3. When marching, is it similar to just walking normally or are you pushing on the foot that you’re lifting to gain speed? I find myself not going anywhere when I want to glide and that I have very little to no speed
    4. When doing the dip I find myself constantly falling backwards, what can I do to help this?
    5. Swizzled are really hard for me, I find that it’s very hard to push from the starting position and get my toes to touch what can I do to help this?

    Thank you so much!

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