LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Modular Skate House review! 31081

everyone this is the new Lego creator
three-in-one modular skate house there are of course three official major
builds but within each of those there are additional variants I’m gonna start
you out as usual with the smallest simplest official build which is this
little layout here which is really good actually it’s surprisingly good to the
point where I think they could easily have released a smaller cheaper set that
just had this build and nothing else and they could have just sold this because
this has all sorts of great stuff going on with it it’s such a good use of space
and good use of the parts and it is one of those modular sets like they started
to start to do for the creator line last year but they actually did it well here
that is a print not a sticker shock to see that add it in there but look at all
the different stuff that you can do here and it scales actually well there
respectably well I think to the Lego skateboard piece I’m not gonna put the
helmet on this guy just just yet which is unsafe but you know you can go
through each one of these things with this size of skateboard and just you
know use your imagination a little bit it’s good I like the color scheme as
well it’s a little different but it has just enough brightness to it you know
it’s got some earthy tones but also some brightness and yeah it’s it’s a good
solid layout with a lot of possibilities for actual play if you want to you know
do a little bit of active play with this thing you can actually spend a good time
figuring out different ways to chain different tricks together and such and
then with the modular building system it’s it’s not annoying this time they
actually did some good stuff with this like for instance you take these two
pieces apart and they can just easily be clipped together let me just take the
little ladder well here’s one thing you can do create monkey bars here if you
want not entirely safe for skateboarding but you can bring these two kind of
close together they’re not gonna perfectly line up but you know if you
swap out one single piece there easily change that up but beyond that
you also have the center section that can be popped up this is great I’m
actually gonna reattach these to here I’m gonna reattach this guy here this
guy here this can be just turned so now it’s just one long straight you know
chain that goes from end to end and then this can still be the section here can
still be used separately can be used around here you put it in that spot to
put it in this spot here independently there are just different things that you
can do to rearrange this let me see if I can do this a little bit differently as
well I think I can yeah do something like that not a perfect setup there but
these modules actually make sense that is that it’s actually kind of a
nice-looking little little corner right there needs a little work just in the
center here but you know you could turn this into something that would work out
pretty well hopefully there’s some skateboarders out there or actually
watching this you know what I mean you can start to see some of the lines and
such so this works out well and like I said this is just the smallest simplest
build oh and of course also just connect these two halves together to give
yourself a nice halfpipe there’s nothing too fancy going on with either of the
figures I think that they just kind of look like modern classics to me you know
just modernize versions of just the most classic simplistic wholesome smiling
Lego figures one male one female different hair types I also appreciate
the inclusion of the medium as your set of legs this can be swapped back and
forth between the two and yeah I think these are pretty perfect for just your
run-of-the-mill creator usage and they do include the one helmet too bad they
don’t include two in the set that would have been more appropriate but there is
only one skateboard so Heider way they can have to take turns
okay this middle build is something quite different looks like the start of
something potentially really really good but it looks like
it’s going to be just a piece of a building just a corner of a building
with a loading dock off on one side and this is the main entrance I guess over
here which has a sign up top that starts to give you just a little bit of a
suggestion of the type of thing that you will find inside this is an arcade with
dark red walls a good choice a good combination if you ask me
personally that’s a security camera up there to make sure nobody steals the the
balls I guess from this over here you’ve got just a couple of studs use as you
try to toss those in there this is the main checkout register where you you
know turn in your tickets and maybe get some prizes back there potentially or
purchase tokens I suppose this is supposed to be an arcade you know
cabinet here with the joystick over on the left hand side these things that
stick out up above are supposed to be lights so that’s supposed to be a small
light that’s angled down but this is a pretty respectable design for an arcade
cabinet out of a creator set you know do a whole bunch of other stuff but this
this is just not fair I’ve got the sit-down racing game with another print
back there and bring down the seats as you can and the steering wheel since you
can that’s a print that’s awesome I love that I’m gonna have to integrate that
into my own arcade with the dark red walls on it because that’s just such a
cool piece it it must be utilized can’t do without that because it exists nice
little nice little sit-down area here well shaped
well sized it can fit a full adult anything very easily
I appreciate the angling there everything just it just looks great I
love that a little bit too much and then just a small little area for having some
some refreshments and a snack yes those are supposed to be just a couple of cans
of soda and there’s one slice I’m just wondering where they bought the
pizza from I’m assuming would be inside of this establishment I am assuming this
type of place would not allow you to bring your own food in here so I guess
that’s what all this space here is for you’re supposed to imagine it or build
it yourself with your own parts incidentally this build completely
discards the whole idea of the modular design of things you can take this
welcoming plate off but that’s it everything else is is really tied in to
the build we’ve got a hinge right here but it’s not actually able to be used
and so you start really taking some stuff apart so this is built as is and
really designed to be used just like this which I think it’s perfectly fine
but here’s the main build that uses all the parts and this one does fully
embrace the modular system potentially to a fault but at least be the main
built here does work even if you don’t start trying to take things apart and
this is what they mostly advertise on the front of the box and has definitely
the most features really not a skating focused build though I mean you’ve got
this one area over here that’s set up to be used with the skateboard and also
with this little well scooter that’s a clever small simple bill obviously
doesn’t have wheels that actually turn but it’s okay those are smooth enough
you still play with it kind of realistically I like to think of this as
actually being the ground level and everything else being beneath it you
know like the street level just a different way of looking at things but
you know you got a little area where you can shoot some hoops they’ve got a
fountain or a water spigot back over there as well as a drain a couple of
sport drink bottles as well up on the top of the roof is kind of a hangout
area if you can make it up there they’re suggesting that that would be a good
place to to have some some snacks you don’t take a little bit of a break
they’ve done a little bit of something different with the mounting of the
security camera here on the ball joint just a little bit different way of doing
that I’ve got a wall climb going all the way up this wall with with some
a building just pretty straight up and down but then you get down to the the
lower section of it and this is set up with most of the building on its side
that’s pretty clever also another feature that you can climb up I like
what they did for this this Lantern in the front again just something a little
bit different you know porch light kind of set up just a little bit different
you can do some exercises off of this bar as well looking around this side
it’s still covered up that’s good glad to see another wall here rather
than the beginning of everything being opened up obviously those are modular
pieces there they can be pulled out but I’ll do that in just a minute coming
around to the back you have some interior space so let me get you in
there here they’ve set up a couch and I would think of that as a pullout bed
style couch so you can actually sleep there as well if this is a place that
you’re staying and they’ve got a game being played on the flat-screen TV up on
the wall I don’t see a console here but there is a console on the first floor
let me take a floor off to let some more light in so just over on the left
there’s your gaming console set up with the TV and the TV doesn’t have any
printer or sticker on it so you have to use your imagination a little bit it’s
supposed to be the controller there the 1 by 2 black plate I believe and then
over here just some shelves and a little boombox at this point I have taken some
stuff apart to my said let some more light in there this top roof section is
able to hand back and forth and get that to works it goes the full 180 degrees
there again these window parts are obvious modules they can be pulled out
this is interesting that’s a module of its own that can be
pulled out I think this one yeah this is also this is one this is kind of setup
as module just attached on their front is also one all this this comes apart
here but this section here is supposed to pop up there we go so yeah have all
these pieces when you put them together differently well this is different
doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good doesn’t mean it necessarily makes too
much sense I did try to use as many pieces as possible including the couple
of extra kind of window segments that I placed on the back there in a way that
made the most sense possible and they’re not really going with the modular system
they’re just gonna stuck there get the half-open roof as well you know want it
to really reshape the whole thing to show off what you could do with the
modular components but just like with the sets of last season it doesn’t work
all that well you know it has limited utility it’s nice to kind of I think get
the creative juices flowing especially for kids who are really stuck on just
building things according to the instructions and then leaving things
exactly like that and you know anything changes of anything gets knocked apart
and that’s considered a broken set you know kind of I think targets kids that
have that kind of mindset which is actually extremely common even though
many people try to deny it you know so it you know it’s so basically so you
start grabbing this thing things start to fall apart and it gives you the idea
that you can you know put things together put things back together in
different ways one piece actually wasn’t supposed to come apart but yeah it just
doesn’t work all that great to be honest I think that the full rebuilds work much
better and also a little bit of modularity that they had for the
smallest build that was pretty cool so unexpectedly I definitely like the
secondary and tertiary builds way better than the main build that they advertised
on the front of the box that they try to you know use as the the flagship build
that uses all of the pieces I think these ones that use just a fraction of
the pieces just work out much better they just make more sense I think that
the modular system feels a little bit forced here in some ways it does have
some merit but I think it’s not as as good as it hot to be I think that in
some some scenarios it takes more away than it actually
ads and I think this is a perfect example of that but these are really
good it’s certainly a great parts pack and it’s a good source of inspiration
that’s for sure thank you very much for watching hope you enjoyed this and I’m
gonna get to work on my next video so I’ll be talking to you again as soon as
I can catch you later

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