LEGO Friends Heart Squad Meet Up In Sunny California! / JustJordan33

LEGO Friends Heart Squad Meet Up In Sunny California! / JustJordan33

– Katie!
– Hi, what’s up guys! (laughs) – I’m so ready for it,
you don’t even know. It’s gonna be amazing. (upbeat music) We’re actually gonna make something good. (machine whirring)
(upbeat music) (cheering) Hi guys, it’s Jordan and today,
I’m going to be meeting up with the LEGO Friends Heart Squad and we’re going to be doing
a bunch of fun activities and I’m super excited to actually
get to meet them in person for the first time! So, we’re gonna go meet
up with them, let’s go! Okay, so we just barely
left our hotel room and we’re about to go
meet up with the rest of the LEGO Heart Squad and
I’m super excited you guys! Because I already met them
them a little tiny bit yesterday and they were so
nice, so I’m very excited to get to know them better today, ’cause we’re gonna be
spending a full-on 24 hours with each other, so I
hope we’re best friends by the end of it! (laughs) – They’re great, they are so great. – I know, they’re so nice. So I think the first thing
on the agenda is to go horseback riding, which actually,
I love horseback riding. I’ve probably been three or four times and it’s so much fun! Horses used to be my favorite animal, now they’re my second favorite animal, so I’m ecstatic right now, but also I think we’re
doing like a cooking class later in the day, and guys,
I am not good at cooking, so! – I’m excited for that one
’cause us moms get to eat all the Heart Squad’s food, yes! – I’m a little nervous
for that one because I’m not a good chef, but you
know I’m down to try new things we’re ready for it! (laughs) Okay, so let’s go meet up
with the rest of the girls! We just met up with all the girls! So, say hello!
– Hello! – So we have Rykel, Nicole. Katie.
– Hi, what’s up guys! – And then, wait where’s? There she is, argh! (laughs) And, Sophie, hi!
– Hi! (laughs) – And we’re ready to go
horseback riding, I’m so pumped. Literally so excited! It is so bright, we’re like– (laughs) – I know, but it’s
actually like kind of nice. – Yes that’s true, it feels good. Ready to spend the day together! I’m so excited. – Oh my gosh I love your earrings! – Thank you!
– Thank you. – Rykel you’re the sweetest,
look what she’s doing. – What a good friend! She like couldn’t see so. We’re in the party
Uber, everyone’s in here and we’re headed over. Yay! – I know, I’m so excited,
we’re double vloggging. – I know it’s like ah! – Oh my gosh, love that! – I’m so excited you guys,
I haven’t been horseback riding in ages and I’m so ready for it, you don’t even know. It’s gonna be amazing. (upbeat music) We’re practicing our whistling skills (whistles) Oh, you got it! You got it, yay! – Wait, wait, wait. (whistles) (laughing) – Okay no wait, before she was going– (whistles) Oh! (laughing) – When you can’t hit the long note, oh! – You make it work. Guys, they got the horses in the back. Awww! (laughing) Hi! That’s the cutest! We’re sun blocking because I burn. – [Jordan’s Mom] Sunblock all around! – Yay! Got our gear and we’re ready to go. Aw yeah! If I can buckle this up. (laughs) Okay now we’re ready. (upbeat music) We made it back! – [Jordan’s Mom] Yay, welcome back! – Yay! (laughs) – That was so much fun, I
loved it, I got some lavender for you.
– That was so fun, ah! – What was your horses name?
– Pal. – Pal? Oh I missed you, how was the ride? – Poor Katie couldn’t come
on the horse ride with us– – What was your horses name? – Because she was feeling sick, but– – [Sophie] Stanky. – Stanky, Bruno, and Pal. – Yeah, that was so fun! – Are you hot? – Yeah.
– So hot. – It was worth it though, right? – It was, it was worth it. – We would like go over
the water rivers sometimes and my shoes would get wet. – Oh yeah, we’d go over little streams and the horses would splash you. – The horses would drink? They stopped to drink?
– No. – They didn’t?
– No. – Uh-uh.
– Interesting. But I’m so glad you guys had fun. – Oh, we missed you so much! – How was your experience? – Oh it was great. – That was your first
time riding a horse right? – Yeah. – Except for when you were little. – My horse was a little
wild but it was fun. (laughs) – We just finished and we’re on the way to the cooking class. (laughing) Double vlog, whoa! – What do you think we’re
gonna make for cooking class? – I don’t know honestly,
I’m really hoping dessert but I have a feeling it’s
not gonna be dessert. – It’s lunch time. – Yeah, but I really want candy. (laughs) That’s so bad. Okay, we’ll see you guys there! We made it to the cooking class, yay! And here’s my twin, we’re literally twins! And it’s called Cooking
With Class cause we are gonna be cooking with a class! Wow! Look at this, looks so fancy! Okay, we’re gonna start cooking
so we tied our hair back and we’re washing our hands
but Katie couldn’t make it because she’s feeling
sick, so very sad day, but we’re gonna bring her back some stuff. She’s resting at the hotel
right now, but we’ll see her later today hopefully, cross our fingers, but yeah kinda sad. But we still have the
rest of the girls here and we’re gonna make some food! (banging) I’m a pro-chef, guys. (laughing) This is the filling and
it smells really good! We’re actually gonna make something good. So we finished the parfait,
that’s what it looks like and the final touch is
to add on powdered sugar, and then we’re gonna put the lid on it. Look at that. Ah, so cute! I just covered it all. Nothing for the pro, watch out guys. (banging) Oh no. I’m gonna be the one who
gets eggshells in there. Oh my gosh I did it, yay! (clapping) We’re making a full-on like Italian dish– – I can smell the basil! – We’re making the tomato soup right now, we’re also making pasta and we
just barely made the dessert and everything so, I’m really excited. – Me too.
– I’m so hungry. – Me too. – Guys, our soup is almost done
and we’re taste testing it. I’m a little nervous, gotta be honest. – [Instructor] What do
you girls think of it? – Oh actually wait it’s really good! Okay I was nervous cause
it’s like tomato soup, and I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but that was actually really good. Yum! Update time. We’re waiting for food,
it’s finishing up cooking but it’s pretty much
done, so we’re all here. Hello. (laughs) And we’re about to eat so
we’re just waiting now! You guys, it’s here, let me show you! Look, look at this masterpiece! There’s like grilled cheese bits in there! What is this? Are you guys ready to try it? Okay we’re gonna try it. You guys scooch in. Come in, come over right here. – Wait for me! – Okay, we’re gonna try
it, we’re gonna try it. Oh I’m so excited, okay. – [Jordan’s Mom] Okay ready? One, two, three. – Mmm! That is beautiful. That is so good, oh here’s Rykel. – Hot! – This is so good.
– Mine is spilling. – This is so good! Ah! I love this. Look at our fancy schmancy meal I mean we’re not even at the meal yet. (laughing) – We’re not even at the meal! – This is just the
appetizers and I’m already freaking out it’s so good. Oh! (machine whirring) – Whoa! – [Jordan] Look at that fettuccine noodle! That’s so cool, look at Rykel’s face! (laughs) – [Instructor] That’s good. It’s okay. As long as they’re not all
clumped together, they’re fine. – We’re having a dance
competition while we’re waiting for the noodles, and I think
we know who the obvious winner is gonna be. The professional dancer,
but also, I dunno, it’s worth a shot. – Me and Jordan have a shot. – Yeah I think we have a
chance, so we’re a team! Ready, ready? Five, six, seven, eight. (laughing) – What was that? – Your turn, your turn! – Okay, that’s way cooler! We got our main dish,
everyone’s got it here Say hello!
– Hi! – This is gonna be so good. We really are spending like
24 hours with each other today so this is our lunch for the day. This is the main course of lunch. – Ready guys?
– No! – Rykel lean in, come here. – [Jordan’s Mom] One, two, three! – I ate the tiniest bite! – That’s so good. – I love it! – I can’t even talk.
– I love it. – Yay!
– High-five. – Yay.
– Rykel, high-five. (laughing) – Yay, lunch is a complete success! So good. – This is the toilet.
– We’re in the bathroom. – We’re in the bathroom! No we literally, okay, so we
are actually spending the real 24 hours glued at the
hips because we’re all in the bathroom together. Showing that it is the real 24 hours. So, we finished lunch. Yes. We went back to Rykel’s
room, we’re picking out her outfit for her. She’s gonna wear a romper,
it’s gonna be so cute. And I switched my outfit
too, to this outfit. – Yeah we all switched outfits. – Because it’s gonna be so
much more comfy this way. And yeah, we’re gonna be
outside so I didn’t wanna be in the same clothes, in
jeans and everything ’cause it’s very hot outside, so I
choose flowy pants instead. We’re outside now and Katie joined us! Yay!
– Hi! – She took a little nap
because she’s feeling sick but she’s back at it again! We’re gonna do a building
challenge, we have all these LEGO bricks and I’m so excited. It’s gonna be fun! Okay, here’s my two truths and a lie, and I bet you guys won’t even
guess what they’re about! So this one, is my hamster from, (laughing) from when I lived in Florida. – [Katie] That looks
exactly like a hamster. – We got a hamster from a Christmas party, it was a White Elephant gift. – I thought it was a dog.
– Observe it’s beauty. No, it’s a hamster! This one is, I took skateboarding
lessons for three years. And my last one is my
school made me do a project where I had to grow a garden. Which one is the lie? – Oh my gosh, um– – That’s what I was gonna
say, this is gonna be hard for you guys to guess ’cause
they’re all really specific. – I feel like it’s gonna be
a small detail that’s a lie. – The garden one, I dunno. – Or skateboarding? – Yeah, skateboarding. – What do you say? – Uh. Garden.
– I was gonna say garden. – The lie was skateboarding! (clapping) – I feel like I would
have saw a skateboard on your Instagram or something. – Yeah. – Thank you so much to LEGO for bringing the LEGO Heart Squad together so we could all meet each other. We love each other and we’re
super happy that we got to get to know each other. – It was so much fun, also
thank you for helping us explore a bunch of new
passions and interests, it was so fun! – And thank you for
helping us face our fears and try new things! – Yes, I had so much
fun, and love supporting and loving you guys, and
thank you for doing the same. – And I had a blast vlogging
this whole entire experience to empower and encourage
other girls to explore their new passions. I just went horseback riding
today, I can’t believe it, and I would do it again ’cause I had just, such a blast with you guys! The #HeartSquad – #HeartSquad!
– Woo! – Okay so the 24 hours is pretty much up, we spent the entire day
together and it was so much fun except for Katie had to
stay back for a little bit of the day, but she met
up with us at the end and it was so much fun. We’re just gonna go head
off to dinner together and then spend the rest of
the night just partying, like a little sleepover,
it’s gonna be a blast. So make sure you check out
all the LEGO Heart Squad members’ channels, the link
will be in the description box down below, go subscribe
to them, they’re amazing. And also thank you to LEGO for
helping us meet up in person and for bringing us to Palm
Springs, it’s been a blast! – [Everyone] Thank you LEGO! Bye! (shouting)
(upbeat music)

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