Today on REBRICKULOUS we’re riding a LEGO skate park with Braille skateboarding Today on REBRICKULOUS we have some really awesome guests these guys are from the Braille Channel we got Aaron and Luke on their Channel they’re doing the coolest stuff with skateboards that you can imagine tell them a little bit more about what you guys are doing over there Braille is all about teaching people how to skateboard our mission is to get as many people into skateboarding as possible yes that includes you but we also ride any kind of skateboard you could possibly imagine we’ve done a Lego skateboard a glass skateboard anything that’s gonna break or look cool we’ve done that. That’s amazing Braille is all about teaching people how to skateboard Lego is all about teaching people how to build. The two teams will be facing off in three rounds each round is worth one point whoever gets the most points take some the goals and all the bragging rights. Are you guys ready to start skating? Okay My pop and drag, make sure you drag get over there okay so what you want to do is you want to get this big 1 by 16 no he doesn’t know how to build so much pressure okay. Yep and then do these tiles a little tile that one yep now another little tile right now you put those right in the middle now turn that over yep perfect can we replay your ollie? Up next is LEGO skate jam. This event is all about footwork and style both teams will be using the lego rail and the Lego ramp to make it look as smooth and buttery as possible I’m going to be rating them from 1 to 10 and the highest score wins. Let’s do it! Man down! Oh yes okay okay nice, nailed that. Aaron just landed a front disaster. Nose blunt, no way! You both got tens because that was insane! So for this last and final round winner takes all this is the Foampit Brick Toss, we’re gonna have the skaters they’re gonna skate down to the foam pit toss their bricks to the builders and then from there if the builders have to build as quickly as possible to get that last and final point. What team do you think will win? Let me know in the comments down below. To make this little ramp here we’ll have a one by twos. No don’t know no one can break it then put it down get some stability oh wait not gonna hold it yeah that’s the starter, In and off! I think I was a record breaker it’s kind of slow to me. Hey Aaron, do you think you can top that? I know I can top that. Ready, go! I see you Aaron Oh Let’s skate, let’s skate son! This is how you skaaaate I got this No sweat oh no sweat at all, oh you go there. Ah Dimitry sabotage. I don’t know if sitting down and rolling was the fastest way. Safest way. It’s true okay Okay so Dimitry and Like actually won that round and I know I said all or nothing but we’re just so happy that Braille came out today so this medal is for the both of you. 3, 2, 1, Go! Hey click here to watch more REBRICKULOUS or right here to watch some more Braille what

87 thoughts on “LEGO SKATE RAMP CHALLENGE w/ Braille Skateboarding – REBRICKULOUS

  1. you guys are really cool but I miss the old videos version the old videos was so funny and awesome and please make a scary video please I love you guys 😚❤❤❤💗💗💗💕💕💕

  2. Super weird. I've watched Braille for a long time, but I just watched a bunch of the lego/rebrickulous videos for the first time last night, and then the very next day they have a collab!

  3. How tf did this randomly occur at the Edge in MA that's hilarious I noticed right away and it still has me laughing I wonder who was working that day lol

  4. Soooooo Christiana is looking pretty swole! No jar is left unopened at Lego with her around. Keep it up! Nice and 1:59

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