Let Your Horse Learn by Exploring

Let Your Horse Learn by Exploring

Now we’re back on the trail, Benny’s climbing
like a champ today, just really hoofing it, no pun intended. Geez, again it’s just a wonderful day, doing
great we’re on the Louise Poole trail, which is, prickles, which is a memorial trail, I
don’t really know the back story, oh good dogs, well that’s ok, see somebody called
them back, that’s nice, going this way buddy, not that way, there Louise Poole Memorial
Trail. Pretty good ride so far I’m sort of Benny
pick a little bit where he walks as long as we stay on the trail today every once in a
while I’ll correct him, but again when trail riding sometimes it’s ok to let your horse
figure things out, where they can step, where they can’t step, logs twigs, rocks old stumps
holes in the ground, you have to be a little careful around that keeping your eye on it,
but as they sort of discover their own thing it’s like raising kids sometimes you just
have to let them, I don’t know what we’re doing here, see now we’re going the wrong
way, anyways back to the fact that it’s like raising kids, if they’re going in the complete
wrong direction maybe help them out, we’re going to go back, see I have a camera in my
hands Benny knows that, he’s a smarty pants. Ok, turning around, continuing on.

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  1. I don’t know why but when I like videos if I want to watch again the like isn’t there, I don’t understand. I like all of your videos but I’ve told you that before.

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