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We’re going to get fit. Oh What’s wrong my hair keeps getting in my eyes. I can’t see anything What are you try out for something good idea you carry on and I’ll catch you up order Ariane so don’t go time just kind of find something to tie my hair up with this is really exhaustive Nope, I can’t find anything really no nothing. Can you carry on Saige? I’ll catch you up I’ll go this is dyed gray It’s time to play whose turn is it today let it be me be me, baby I be Could be me me There is the dressing up room This is really exciting. So what are we playing today? What’s our fold? So now I’ve got a judges wig a clown’s talk and horse riding boots this copyright That’s more like it. I’ve got on a white hat and an apron so what are we playing today? That’s it. We’re going to be bakers could be a tasty adventure. So what do we need to know a pitcher works in a bakery and uses fresh ingredients to make delicious cakes biscuits stones and bread enough The four important ingredient for most cakes are eggs butter sugar and flour a Cake is cooked when it feels free to touch and the knife comes out clean, but watch out the cake might still be halted Wedding cakes often have a little model of the bride and groom on top So that’s what we need to remember. Do we need anything else This is a funny looking thing. I wonder what we’re going to need this for Well, I guess we’ll find out soon. We’ve got everything we need let’s go no time My hair is driving me crazy this tea toesies. The only thing I could find to keep it out of my eyes nice tattoo Thanks, guess what I’m playing today awake. Yeah, no big yummy. Thought yummy thought You’re gonna work in a lollypop factory. No, I’m going to be a baker. That is a yummy thought well I’m fine really don’t see yet Come on. Let’s play Baker’s oh We’re in a garden. I thought we were playing Baker’s no. God this Wall looks like there’s something special going on here today These stones are a bit loose. Oh careful the Stones are You okay my wedding cake the reception party afterwards Well, maybe I can help You could do Magic make a new cake impaired when I come to the magic paper. I can paint on the cake I’m cyd and I’m a baker really And you make cakes well, yes wedding cake sure why not with three levels Mmm. Hello with the decoration as many as you like My wedding day might not be ruined after all about So don’t forget three layers lower the decorations and did I say it must be ready by this afternoon Thanks, it here comes a guide here come cause I? The cakes will be rich by this afternoon’s reception This definitely be much time so I need to find a bakery let’s go let me use their kitchen bake a cake And then delivered a cake back here this afternoon before the party Where am I going to find a bakery uh hello there everything my daughter? The Bride white dress big cake should be around and you done lost her she went that way what you all right? well actually you are good to go everything must run like awkward today the wedding the dress the party and of course the cake if Anything were to go wrong. It would be too awful to think about Are you looking for something? Yes bakery actually a bakery well you won’t find one here. You need to head to Baker Street There’s a baker shop there. Well. I was happy to meet you. Enjoy the wedding. Oh, I will especially the cake. Thank you. Bye. Bye Right we better find a bakery and make that wedding cake straight away. Let’s go Aha this looks like the place breads cakes buns perfect. Oh I’m so sorry, we’re closed The by throat a bit of a disaster when he’s making a banana lies terrible what happened? What kristen a banana skin Nessa better doctors dear who thought the being a baker could be so dangerous hi? I’m ballet because if this came to nothing like yo nice a million clue. I’m kid. I’m a baker. Oh, oh yeah Such a coincidence Because this is a bike ride. Well, what is it you after tide spreads Banner actually? I’m after a kitchen because I need to do some baking you know can I stop you right there seeds? I’ve got an amazing idea You need to do some baking and we got a kitchen right here. Why don’t you throw your basting? Yeah, that’s a great idea molly. I’d love to oh you’re welcome The other thing is I could do with a little bit Hope you couldn’t help me could you I’d love so I love buy things things are looking up I found a key to the baking time someone tell me let’s go and bake a cake Right we want our hands. Let’s get started first. We need the ingredients sure thing wasn’t you need? I’ve got Brussels Sprouts smart sauce and curry Powder, I don’t think a curried tomato cake with sprouts is quite What the bride ordered yeah? No no problem of course so whatever you need? Mmm. I’m not shortly. I can’t remember the ingredients We need to bake a cake, and I can’t get started and let me have them. What are we going to do? What are they again? Oh? hold on I Remember do you? That’s it four four ingredients You need to make most cokes our eggs butter flour and sugar have you got those ingredients? I’ll shuffle on up in the pantry you wait there Hey, yes, Molly. Do you want the good news or the bad news bad news please Molly well? We don’t have any sugar A flower Haha, you said there was good news Molly What’s that? We’ve got lots of Ribbon and icing so I’m decorating the cake will be easy That’s great money, but we need a cake to decorate first and we’re running out can I stop you, right? They said I’ve got an idea How about I’ll go to the shop and buy everything we need that’s a Brilliant idea Molly So what was a game? We need porridge potatoes and chewy how about I go to the shop and you? Stay and get the things that we need together for decorating the cake. That’s a really good job decorating case Thanks, molly right. We better get started. Let’s go and get the things that we need right Something everything we need eggs butter sugar and a flower now if I can pay for these super quick We can get back to the bakery and bake the cake in time for the wedding reception. Oh And no there are you today? I’m very well. Thanks I’m in a bit of a hurry because I’ve got a baked a cake for a wedding reception this afternoon No, I was once a broth made at a wedding or you had to wear a pink dress and carried a flowers It was lovely if you like Weddin yes, yes, I do Anyway, like I say I’m in a bit of a hurry type you could oh, yeah Absolutely don’t be late for a wedding no do you there’s no eggs. They look all right to me Can’t be too careful with eggs. If they crack they could be on yes. Thanks, so if we could bring up the other things. Thanks Absolutely that’s my job. Well, it’s not my only job actually I much very interested butter mix butter sugar slower You know what this packet is very similar to my great-Aunt Roberta’s lounge room curtains Or is it a bedroom remember? I saw them in a bit of a hurry I did send around you’re talking to me all day. Yes. Yes, okay? Well Thank you. See oh Shoot look what everything we need let’s get this stuff back to the bakery and start baking Thanks guys. Hey right time we’ve washed our hands again, and we’re well on our way to making a wedding cake a Bit more flour please money no problem. Oh Yeah, I think there is a little bit of problems. That’s a bit too much Sorry, yeah, that’s all right. That’s okay I think we’ve got enough mixture here Now remember the Bride said she wanted three layers to her cake which means we’ll need three cake tins We’ll start with the top layer first Okay, so if we pour the mixture into the tin there please molly no problem Lovely so now we have to be very careful because ovens are hot Oh, yes age ovens are very up. You got to be very careful All we do is put the minister in the other tins and then wait I? See they’re ready let’s see. I’ll get the cooling rack Here at the top tier Hmm. What a malicious smell you think my date think so It’s hard to tell just by looking at it though um I can’t see the inside Mmm. How can we tell no problem let’s taste it? I don’t think the bride wants a cake with a bite mark there must be another way to find out Hold on. I remember you that’s it a cake is caught when it’s Springy to touch and the knife comes out clean let’s see Here’s a nice and springy. That’s a good sign now. We have to be very careful because it’s still hot in goes the knife And yes, it’s clean which means They’re ready right. I’ll go and get the others and when they’re cool. We can decorate them The cakes are cool and ready to go right on my favorite, babe. Look what money I just ate them first Okay there goes there a Slight problem sage the Cake is 1 k mmm Oh, yes, you’re right. How do I make sure that they’re all level? another very good question yes, but Hoppin I’ve got the answer we can use a spirit level yet It works every time we need a spirit level spirit level. What’s that? What is kind of a flat stick with a bubble in the middle of it? Hold on. I know what we can use to you I? Knew this would come in handy. That’s the Kana thing. I was talking about a brilliant Biker seed what let me restate the cakes Now we can test it da goes Perfect its own level. Thanks for your advice Molly. No problem now. We can ride it Beautiful just like a real wedding cake there is a real wedding cake. Oh. Yeah, of course absolutely Now as long as nothing else goes wrong. I should just about have enough time to get it to the ready reception. Oh Molly can I take one of these Ribbons in case one comes off along the way good idea? How you better get moving you can take the van oh? No, the vans not here. Maybe molly those were instant Molly Don’t you know what the van is. Oh yes? I just remembered the biker driver to the doctor Well, maybe I can get there if I walk I’ll have to walk very quickly though, okay. Can I stop you right there? Not really molly. I’m in a bit of a hurry. No look. There’s a taxi coming, please So there is well spotted Clever. Molly. Maybe I won’t be late after all taxi What a stroke of Luck I? Should make it just in time. Yeah, I knew again I’m evil. Oh Nice to see you again I told you I had another job didn’t I when the taxi driver See it Worries even see game when I vowed to go to the wedding reception at the big wall as soon as possible step on it I’ve always wanted to say that I’ll get you there in a Jiffy Or two shakes of a lamb’s tail, which will you prefer whichever is the quickest owned on time? All you fellows on this street you which have squad that just slows down a bit and take a look Look at that one. Oh No, Mrs.. Patterson used to live in that one. She had a very lucky dog you Well, we made it finally. I’m here now and so is the cake Young man is that the cake? You’re a bit late. I thought it was being delivered this morning. Never mind. It’s very nice so good. Yes, hurry up, please okay Doesn’t look like really Yes, it’s no good. Could I possibly have a kick with the most important thing This is dreadful our wedding is a complete disaster. I Can’t see anything missing I? don’t understand I Made sure I used all the right ingredients and that the cake was lovely and level. Oh could possibly be missing oh I remember do you yes, that’s it Wedding cake sometimes have a little model of a bride and groom on top We’re going to find one amazing Seat slot problem. You’ve got champagne Look resulted you saved their day money. Come on. Let’s go and show the bride her lovely wedding cake Sounds like a great party it is but it wouldn’t have been the same without your delicious wedding cake. Thanks big. Thank you Let me beg your cake for your big day Well, we did it, but we’ve never done it without remembering everything we needed to know before imported ingredients for most cakes are eggs butter sugar and flour a Cake is cooked when it feels Springy to the touch and the light comes out clean And wedding cakes often have a little model of the bride and groom on top Thanks for everything seeds no Plugin, but I think it’s time. We went home. Bye hi Hey said how would you big baking adventure Tasty Rebecca very tasty? I made a wedding cake what have you been doing? Well? I decided to stop exercising because my hair kept getting in my eyes Oh that reminds me This is some of the river that we use to decorate the cake with I thought you could use it to tie back your hair And keep it out of your eyes said you are a genius what we can do some more exercising leader Definitely, well playing bakers is great fun. What are you guys like? when there’s a waitress hMM personally I Depend to climb a big mountain when I’m playing, but climbeth Playing clowns is fun. I get two funny faces and when I play Rosie play around Hello, my furry friends Make sure you subscribe and don’t forget to click here or here to watch more of your favorite videos Right here on VK. Julia. Bye

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