Lilly King and the Indiana Swim Team | Off the Blocks Ep1

Lilly King and the Indiana Swim Team | Off the Blocks Ep1

74 thoughts on “Lilly King and the Indiana Swim Team | Off the Blocks Ep1

  1. Cody Miller's vlogs are fantastic, it really shows the camaraderie on the IU pool deck. Do Texas next!! I've seen some things about their six square court on deck, it would be a really cool episode.

  2. When they say the top 2 go to world champs, do they mean the one in December? And if so what do the top 2 do in terms of summer meets?

  3. Please keep these coming! That was a super cool vid…
    From a swim nerd in Australia who follows USA Swimming like a passionate American😉 I want more
    Thanks guys
    Ps Big Gators fan… but the Indy guys Rock

  4. I feel tired but after watching this video it totally improves my mood. I wonder which song was played at 8:42. The song electrifiying.

  5. this was an amazing video. i am a competitive swimmer myself and i would love to see more of this content!

  6. Is no one going to mention amazing lily is. Also Ashley is so so cute omg and is so successful omg I love her.

  7. I am a newer high school swimmer going into. My freshman year ☺️, I’m doing my best I’m pushing my self press on world.

  8. My name is Robert Hill. You don't know me now, but you will within the next few years. I'm going to break 50m Freestyle world record. Look forward to meeting you all!

  9. I wear my crocs to school and they are full of jibbitz and there are no spaces left and i get laughed at so much but WHO CARES honestly I’m also planning on wearing them to graduation…🤣

  10. does anyone have any tips to get a really fast breaststroke? my times are fast at the moment but any tips would be appreciated x

  11. I can’t breaststroke for the life of my knees because every time I do a whip kick there’s a chance my knees will pop out of place from older injurys so I just do dolphin with breaststroke arms.

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