LINE 2019/2020 Sick Day Collection Skis – Make Every Day a Sick Day

you’re just dropping in 3 seconds 3 2 1
hi I’m Dylan singers I’m in a beautiful Squaw Valley California and I’m here to
talk about the line brand sick day your ski for having a sick day when it’s sick
out with your friends and then you get sick after because it was so sick all
day this one’s green and they make them in purple and yellow pink don’t remember
doesn’t matter they’re still sick what is the damn line say Tony over the
last several years we’ve been honing in the design of the sick days and it’s
become something that is absolutely a go-to trustworthy ski that I don’t have
to think about I just know how it’s going to react it’s very predictable
it’s really trustworthy and I’ve put myself into dangerous situations and
it’s something that I know is gonna back me up
I love ski on the ski resort I ski at my hometown of Fernie pretty much every
day of the winter and the sick day is my favorite ski for everything that I like
to do it skis fast well it skis playful well it’s a stable platform it’s like
it’s got a little bit of freestyle inspiration but it’s like it’s still
just at the core of hard-charging all-mountain ski the 88 waist is gonna
be really quick edge to edge nimble playful fun and gonna perform probably
the best on groomed and firmer conditions when you move up to a 94
you’ve got a bit more versatility in terms of softer snow flotation there
when we move up to a 104 I think for Western skiers that’s one of the most
versatile waist widths where you might have some powder might be on a groomer
might be in the bumps might do everything and then we’ve got the 114
when it’s truly a sick day and you’re looking for that extra floatation and
deeper snow well for me that what I really like
about the sick days it’s a lightweight playful freeride ski it charges hard
it’s light it’s easy it’s kind of the best of both worlds if there’s someone
that just likes skiing the whole mountain and having a sick time and your
friends like this ski does that it embodies it and yeah I can’t say enough
good things about the sick day it’s my favorite ski my sick days are basically
my best friend in my wife and my dog you find yourself out having a mundane time
and all your friends like what’s wrong and you’re like I just I don’t feel sick
anymore you need to go to the store and buy a pair of the sick days coming to
114 or 104 and then something else doesn’t really matter because they’re great they’re good for everything sick Mountain sick weather sick day sick days this is where I’m
gonna go skiing right now on so I’ll see you later

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