Live at the Necropolis: Lords of Synth | Adult Swim

Live at the Necropolis: Lords of Synth | Adult Swim

♪♪ Tonight, three unbridled masters
of the synthesizer will engage in a once-in-a-lifetime battle
of “fingoric” dexterity. This is “Live at the Necropolis:
the Lords of Synth.” I’m Edgar Tangram, joined,
of course, tonight by Zedd Centuari. Tonight promises to be
a rare musical treat and, dare I say, a high
water mark for our civilization. That’s right, Edgar. These three synth legends
have been known to score a film or two,
but tonight they’re about to score
something unprecedented — a comet —
-Halley’s, king of the comets, especially bright
in the sky tonight. It’s closer to Earth
than it’s ever been before. Whoever scores
the celestial dance of the comet most evocatively will be named
the Lord of Synth. The losers will be banned
from music for a period
of 100 years. Much is at stake
for our synth-testants. Let’s meet them now. Announcer:
God only goes by one name,
and so does Xangelix, a reclusive genius who’s
appeared in public only never. There is only one hope
for humanity… the synthesizer. Announcer: Morgio Zoroger,
a devil-may-care playboy who drinks a lot,
even for an Italian. Xangelix cannot touch me. He is, uh…a fool. Announcer: Zoroger’s album
“Xangelix Is a Fool!” has become an Italian disco staple, much to the chagrin
of Xangelix himself. Carla Wendos —
Once known as Carlton Wendos, this pioneer
of gender non-conformity is obsessed
with sonic trailblazing, perhapstooobsessed. For a brief time,
Wendos and Zoroger were lovers, but Carla’s
endless experimentation in her Mount Shasta octave spa
proved too thick a wedge, and their harmony gave way
to discord. But all three must set
their bygones aside to take
the Necropolis stage tonight. They should be taking the stage
any moment now. [ Cheers and applause ] And with
a stunning entrance from the back
of the Necropolis steps, Xangelix has arrived. [ Electronic tones play ] [ Horn blares ] [ Horn blares loudly ] Zoroger! Xangelix! [ Horn blares ] -Wendos!
-Xangelix! Wendos! Zoroger! And, with that,
summoning is complete. they have said all the
combinations of all the names. As they persist
to their synth stations, let’s get a mood for the floor
with our very own Ulf Jobim. Ulf? [ Breathing heavily ] Ulf? Thank you, Ed.
Thank you, Zedd. The crowd is in absolute awe
of the synth legends three. You can see Morgio Zoroger
himself getting quite friendly with East German gold medalist
Gerwalt Auersberg. Carla Wendos getting
her own cheer from the grandson
of the original Zorro, Zorro III — of course,
former President Gerald Ford. Captain Correlli
and Captain Correlli’s mandolin. A pulsating ball of pure energy. And, look —
Xangelix is bestowing a blessing on Panos the Wonder Child. It’s a magical scene
here on the Necropolis floor. Back to you in the booth. Thank you, Ulf. And they’ve now finished
the walk down the stairs. Gathering on the stage. Preparing
to score Halley’s Comet. [ Dramatic tones play ] And a stunning
first note. Xangelix’s tones are
syncing just beautifully
with the comet. It’s gonna be hard for the other
synthsters to catch up. Quite the drone. I’m surprised him moving
so dangerously in low-end territory. Well, he survived,
but just barely. [ Mid-tempo beat plays It sounds like Zoroger’s
off to an early lead grooving on his Zorg Poly
Protoson Clavitronulator. [ Mid-tempo
electronic music plays ] And Zoroger is matching
each of the comet’s flares with a musical flair
all his own. Carla Wendos wisely staying
out of the fray using some pretty nifty patchwork
to score this comet. [ Discordant tones play ] With patchwork that stealthy,
she may edge out the boys. Seems like the comet’s looking
a little larger and more bright and beautiful
than last time we checked. Well, as we said,
that .04 proximity makes the comet appear larger
and brighter. Now it’s back
to the Lords. [ Up-beat
electronic music plays ] Zoroger has just taken
some crystallized Eternal Plus, a powerful creative drug not
yet available to the masses. [ Electronic melody flourishes ] And it appears
to have taken effect. Take a look at how pink
his ear blood is. Terrific.
Just terrific. [ Sighs ] [ Dissonant humming ] Don’t look now, but Carla Wendos has executed
an absolutely killer tritone which has given Xangelix
a rather untimely boner. But he’s striking back. I believe he’s prepping
an augmented 18th, which is a piercing,
atonal screech that
only women can hear. [ Silence ] [ Screaming ] Horrible.
Just horrible. Sonic agony
for all females in attendance. Obviously, we here
in the booth are fine, but the women
at home would be well advised to cover their ears. [ Up-beat
electronic music resumes ] Let’s check in
with the comet cam. Wow.
It is alarmingly closer. Edgar, is it possible
that the sonic dissonance from the synths is somehow
luring the comet toward us? Well, energy works
in mysterious ways, Zedd. It’s not just
the heat of the competition they’re feeling down there,
but rather then intense heat of Halley herself. We’re certainly feeling it
here in the booth. [ Clears throat ]
This Ulf, on the floor. It seems President Ford has answered a call
on the infamous red phone. He’s being escorted away. Not a good sign.
Not a good sign. This just in — I’m getting
official confirmation from the
Renolsvetski Observatory that Halley’s Comet will be
impacting Earth in roughly 3 minutes
and 45 seconds. [ People screaming ] Let’s go ahead and fade up
the doomsday clock. And there goes
the presidential pod, presumably carrying Gerald Ford
to a secret ark. I can stop the destruction.
I have the power. [ Up-tempo
electronic music plays ] Seem to be getting
hotter and hotter. It’s very close. It must be
100 degrees in here. [ Up-tempo electronic music
continues ] [ Laughs ] Wendos: You were never
strong enough! Witness me! [ Discordant beeping ] Now Wendos is attempting
to musically thwart this cosmic invader
from the stars. You have failed, too! Aah! You will die. [ Deep electronic tones play ] Centauri: Our last hope,
then, is Xangelix. Sadly, none of them had
what it took to stop Halley’s Comet,
which, if you’re just tuning in, is careening
directly toward Earth. Sweet merciful Jesus, our greatest fear is
confirmed. -It is your fault, Zoroger!
-A quick note for the viewers — if you try to close your eyes,
it doesn’t quite work ’cause the light is
so bright. You see directly
through your eyelids. Zoroger: You’re drowning
out my synth! Xangelix: I have the best synth
in the world! Wendos: Ohh! It’s all about you,
Xangelix! Yes, it is! Tangram: Panos the Wonder Child,
an acute cosmos empath, is reeling
in an epileptic fit. [ Ringing, rumbling ] Canary in the coal mine —
It seems as if Earth is doomed. So… we’ll do
our station sign-off. Edgar,
it’s been a pleasure. Oh, wait, hold on. Ulf, what’s going
down there on the floor? It appears the musicians are
synth-Morse-coding a plan to each other. Let’s listen in. [ Rhythmic
electronic tones play ] Yes, those notes
clearly contain a plan. [ Dramatic
electronic music plays ] [ Rumbling, warbling ] [ Cheers and applause ] Let’s hit it. [ Funky electronic music plays ] Hmm, now,
what’s happened here? I believe
the Lords have unlocked a rejuvenatory octave, which has exploded the ball
of pure energy in the crowd and united
them all as one. This funky tune has resurrected
Panos, like the Christ. [ Cheers and applause ] It seems as though
the sheer coolness of the jam is cutting the powerful heat
emitting from Halley’s Comet. Even I can’t help but tap a toe
to this one, Zedd. I don’t blame you. [ Funky electronic music
continues ] [ Clears throat ] This is quite a sight. It seems as though
a Pegasus has been summoned. [ Pegasus neighing ] [ Mandolin plays ] And even Captain Correlli is
getting in on the magic. And here comes
the knockout punch. [ Scales play ] [ Electronic tones warbling,
humming ] [ Cheers and applause ] And they’ve done it.
Wow. Very nice. So, to recap, the synthsters
have achieved harmony both musically
and personally. As a result,
Halley’s Comet has been frozen in the sky
as Earth’s second moon. It appears
existence is saved. It looks like former president
Gerald Ford has returned holding three golden medals
he will bestow upon our synthesizers, crowning them all
the Lords of Synth. Surely, a stirring speech
forthcoming from this great order. Let’s listen in. [ Clears throat ]
Today, we owe our — Apologies to President
Ford, but our allotted
broadcast time is up. We have to wrap up
in 20 second. Just a quick reminder that this
public broadcasting station is paid for
by viewers like you. So be sure to purchase
the two VHS cassette of this recording, “Live at the Necropolis: Lords
of Synth — Humanity Saved,” for 47 dollars,
99 ce–

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