LIVE English Lesson – 1st OCT 2017 – Learning English – grammar – childhood – abbreviations

LIVE English Lesson – 1st OCT 2017 – Learning English  – grammar – childhood – abbreviations

autumn is approaching time to roll down
your sleeves the first evening chill arrives with the falling of the leaves
red and gold become to us the colour of change and decay for as the seasons
are concerned this has always been the way these changes have and always will
decide how things must be autumn’s fall and the winter’s chill will choose the
fates of you and me You know the world of English is a fun and
exciting place to be I’m so glad you could join me for another lesson hmm are we on are we on are we streaming
live to the world I think so hi everybody how are you today are you okay
I hope so are you happy I hope so welcome everyone it is Sunday
once again these weeks really do but go by very quickly don’t you think and of
course it is a brand new month let’s start off by saying a big hello to
October October has arrived I always get very excited when a new month arrives
because it means that mr. Steve will change his underwear and here is
September’s underwear this is actually mr. Steve’s
underwear from September can you see it look at that it’s disgusting look look
at all of the holes so these are mr. Steve’s pants for September so thank
goodness he’s actually changed his underwear so that’s one of the reasons
one of the reasons why I get very excited when a new month arrives so here
we go it’s mr. Duncan that’s me and I teach English on YouTube
I am YouTube’s best kept secret it’s true virtually no one knows who I am on
YouTube anymore thanks to the wonderful algorithms can I say a big thank you to
youtube and the algorithms for for managing to keep me a complete secret on
YouTube so thank you very much for that I I’m so happy that that is actually
happening so here we go it is Sunday the 1st of October a brand-new month and of
course this month is very special for me because I will be celebrating another
anniversary another year on YouTube it will be can you believe it it will be 11
years since I started teaching English on YouTube so at the
end of this month on the 31st of October 2017 I will celebrate my 11th year it’s
true I’m not joking I have been here on YouTube teaching English for nearly 11
years some of you have been asking about the neighbors because I have some new
neighbors now living next door we are getting along very well we’ve only had
one fight so far we had a little bit of a fight the other night because
something trivial so were there we were on the grass punching and kicking it was
all over very quickly but we’ve only had one fight so far so there we go
my new neighbors are settling in very well I was just joking by the way that
was the joke there will be lots of jokes today on the show because that’s the
kind of show it is you see lots of people are here on the live chat we
can’t forget the live chatters because you are the reason why I am here today
yes that’s the reason why I do this I don’t do this for me I do this for you
so here we go the live chat is up in running shiron is here hello shoo-in
thank you for joining me also Julie hadeel Andrew Patricia
Patricia is watching in France hello to you and hello to Patricia and everyone
watching in gay Paris and of course France Abril hello to a
brill Kien is here wow so many people already
on the live chat a tiller is here hello a tiller nice to see you here hi mr.
Duncan how are you I’m great today although this morning I was in a bit of
a hurry very disorganized today chaos here today
I will talk a little bit more about that later on but let’s just say here it’s
been a little bit chaotic so I might reveal a little bit more about that
later on we’ll see what happens had deal hello howdy ill thanks for
joining me I’m Ann Tom Mohammed s ER I hope you are
well I am very well thank you very much for asking Olga is here hello Olga how
are you today I hope you are feeling well some news today from Saudi Arabia
apparently women are going to be allowed to drive cars on the road so that’s
something I’m sure it’ll be okay thank you very
much for your lovely emails I received some lovely emails last week concerning
my little contest to draw a picture of mr. Steve and myself thank you very much
to Eugene who sent this amazing picture of mr. Steve there he is on the right
and also me on the left thank you very much Eugene and I do
apologize for not having time last week to show your picture that is an amazing
drawing thank you so much and also we had a drawing sent in I think this comes
from Russia I love this picture so much I don’t know why would carve skaia
red coffe skaia thank you very much for this this drawing that you sent last
week and I think you’ve captured mr. Steve very well there you’ve really
captured the character of mr. Steve and also myself as well so thanks a lot for
that last week I mentioned that the house at the moment is being attacked
attacked by insects would you like to have a look at the insect in question
there are thousands and thousands of these flying around at the moment it is
a lady bird and there is one that I filmed in the house this week a little
lady bird walking up the window and there it is beautiful creature and of
course they can’t fly isn’t that lovely a little lady bird amazing creatures
it’s not very often that you get to see a lady bird close-up so even I am
fascinated by this piece of video footage oh look he’s having a little
clean can you see the Lady Bird it’s cleaning its antennas how lovely and of
course you must know by now that I am absolutely crazy about
animals I love animals so much so there it was this week one of many many lady
birds that are attacking my house at the moment
quite a few we had a drama this week by the way a big drama last Sunday in fact
it was last Sunday after last week’s live stream all of the water supply in
this area went off it was cut off so all of the water in the area in which I live
was actually cut off it stopped so there was a slight emergency in this area in
fact it was so so serious there were large lorries driving around full of
water and they were actually pumping water into the pipes to make sure that
we all had water and and in some cases they were actually giving water out in
certain parts of the area in which I live it was amazing it was like I was
expecting helicopters to fly over dropping things attached to parachutes
bottles of water attached to parachutes dropping into the garden it was it was
treated very seriously I must say but a big thank you to seven Trent water for
making sure that we all had water last weekend because the water was cut off
apparently tomorrow we have what remains of Hurricane Maria tomorrow so Hurricane
Maria is now just a small storm but tomorrow apparently here in the UK we
are going to get Hurricane Maria or should I say what is left of Hurricane
Maria so it shouldn’t be too serious talking of outside later on we are going
into the garden because during the week mr. Steve and myself we have been very
be busy outside very busy indeed we were doing some big chores because of course
autumn is here can you see can you see all of the leaves can you see that
autumn has arrived so we were outside doing some very
important garden chores before the weather gets too bad so that’s what
we’ve been doing this week and you will have a chance later on to see what that
is all about also coming up later on we have some clips some video clips from
one of my English lessons and of course there are lots of English lessons on my
youtube channel can you see there all of my lessons are in the playlists under
this video so you can find them all underneath the video also later on I’ve
received a message from someone asking mr. Duncan what does mr. Steve do as his
job well today at 3 o’clock we are going to find out exactly what mr. Steve does
as his main job a little bit later on yes mr. Steve will be here at 3 o’clock
today so don’t forget mr. Steve will be right here on YouTube he will be giving
us one flash word and also he will be here at 3 o’clock live as live can be
today we are talking about childhood memories and I’m hoping that you will
get involved as well so I would love to hear from you if you have any childhood
memories any memories from your childhood perhaps a nice moment that you
treasure also later on we will find out what Duncan that’s me and Steve looked
like as children so you will find out what we look like
as children a but later on because we have some
photographs of ourselves taken when we were little so we will be sharing some
moments from our childhood mr. Steve will be telling us all about his
upbringing now maybe this is something I haven’t mentioned before but mr. Steve
is quite posh you may have noticed from his accent because quite a few people
have said Mr Duncan we like mr. Steve’s accent it’s very posh and yes I think
it’s true that mr. Steve is very posh maybe even Pasha than me I know it seems
impossible but I think mr. Steve might be very very
posh indeed so autumn is here shall we have a look at a clip from one of my
autumn lessons I have actually made two or three lessons talking about autumn
but also I’ve made a big lesson where I talk all about the season of autumn so
let’s have a look at an excerpt from one of my lessons and this is just a small
excerpt from this particular lesson where I talk all about the season that
we are in now autumn so what makes autumn so special well
just like spring autumn is a period of transition you could say that it is the
opposite of spring in the sense of it being the time when plants and trees and
even many wild animals prepare for the onset or arrival of winter it is the
season when almost everything in nature whines down the leaves on the trees turn
gold and fall to the ground flowers will wither away after shedding their seeds
animals will begin to store food in their nests and burrows the days will
become shorter and the nighttime temperature will begin to drop yeah it’s live it’s Sunday and here we
are once again all together on the live stream every Sunday don’t forget I am
here every single Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time and of course don’t forget all of
my English lessons are available you can watch them all as many times as you want
including the live stream you are watching now so if you want to watch
this later if you don’t have time to watch all of
this don’t worry because you can watch it later on and of course when we replay
the live stream there are subtitles as well that is later on but at the moment
we are definitely live it is now 23 minutes past two o’clock I love autumn
do you like autumn now not everyone has autumn in their country because some
countries are very hot and they just have tropical weather all year and their
seasons are defined by how wet or how dry it is but here we have four seasons
spring summer which has just come to an end and now we are entering the season
of autumn I must admit I love autumn very much it is a very atmospheric and
also I think meaningful so its atmospheric and also meaningful it is a
very interesting season all of the leaves on the trees die off certain
trees do not lose their leaves of course there are evergreens which don’t lose
their leaves but many of the trees do they lose their leaves you can see here
behind me look look look at all the leaves these leaves are fresh from my
garden and I’ve just realised in a couple of days this is going to be a
terrible mess for me to clean up so I’m not sure if that’s a good idea you can
find the full version the full 20 minute version of my
English lesson all about autumn if you want to watch it
the link is underneath this livestream live chat is very busy today Wow thank
you very much for joining me Aurora Aurora uber says I’m watching your
playlist videos they are wonderful thank you very much for that Nellie is here
hello Nellie Nellie says you are the best person for learning English from
thank you very much for that Simona is here hi Simona also elk
hello elk have we spoken before I’m not sure elk is watching in Germany it might
also be elke so if I pronounce your name wrong I do apologize mr. Duncan and
everyone hello from Xena wow thanks for joining me today Xena
pizza pizza truck and also Anna apparently Anna is watching in the UK is
that true where are you watching at the moment you are in the UK I see later on
today we are going to have some live chat with mr. Steve mr. Steve will be
over there in the corner of the studio and today we will find out what mr.
Steve’s job actually is what does mr. Steve do during the week when we are not
doing the live stream what does mr. Steve really do in life we’ll find out
later on and of course we’re talking about childhood memories today what
childhood memories do you have do you have any lovely memories from your
childhood we will be talking about that later
plus some photographs as well some photographs of mr. Steve and also myself
when we were young when we were just children in the field at the moment at
the back of my house can you see the Bulls the Bulls
are still there although having said that there are not many left because
last week a few of them were taken away I have some terrible news to tell you
that there are now just three Bulls left in the field so this is something I
filmed this morning I’ve actually filmed this this morning what what are those
two Bulls doing there what’s that bull doing to the other bull what’s he doing
what what’s he what what what are you trying to do there something very very
interesting very intriguing going on there leave him alone
it’s not interested I think I think that bull seems very interested in the other
bull I’m not sure why so now there are only three Bulls left there were eight
but now there are only three oh dear can you guess where they’ve gone do you
know where the Bulls have gone not very nice at all
den tran van is here it is raining cats and dogs here in Ho Chi Minh City Reta
Maria Gomez is here hello Rita a big hello to you good
morning mr. Duncan my house is very chaotic I’m moving to another
neighborhood oh my goodness you have my sympathy there it is very difficult it
is one of the most stressful things in life apparently moving to another house
so you have to pack all of your things and then you have to move to another
house I did it in 2013 when I moved here I had to pack everything away and move
it’s very stressful so I know I know how you feel Rita I really do
Mao Ching Chan says hi everyone hello Mao
Edgar Cheung here Oh Edgar hello Edgar I believe you
are watching at the moment in Manchester alright alright alright calm down all
right I’m not sure if that’s a Manchester accent Ernesto
hello from Barry in the south of Italy oh I’m pretty sure the weather is nice
at the moment there Australia at the moment is having a heatwave it’s very
hot at the moment in Australia a couple of days ago it was over 45 degrees in
Australia that is very hot I have to say it’s not 45 degrees here today it’s very
cool here in the UK Rene Reni Nguyen says I love your
lessons mr. Duncan thank you very much for that it’s been so chaotic here this
morning would you like to see just how chaotic it’s been here this morning
now normally every week we have flash words and normally we film these before
we go on air or before we start the stream but this morning we were in such
a rush in fact let me just show you let me just show you how chaotic it was here
this morning oh my goodness there’s only 10 minutes before today’s livestream
starts and I still don’t have any flash words
where’s mr. Steve we have to record the flash words where is he mr. Steve where
are you mr. Steve mr. Steve oh he’s in the bathroom mr. Steve we need we need
the flash words today’s today’s flash words but we we have to have at least
one flash word weeks ago no no I think they will notice can you just do one oh just one flash flash word here it is shoddy the word shoddy is both an
English adjective and noun that means badly made or done if something has been
made with poor workmanship or without care then we can say that the thing is
shoddy those Tories might be cheaper than the others but they look so shoddy
I complain to the shop about their shoddy service shoddy can also mean
lacking moral principles you displayed a shoddy attitude in your business
practices if something is badly made or done or if a person behaves without
morals or integrity then we can say that the thing is shoddy or have been done
shoddily as a noun the word shoddy means fabric or yarn that is of inferior
quality the origin of shoddy is unknown shoddy Thank You mr. Steve Anna I must
admit I think your presentation was a little bit shoddy as well I need to
clean my teeth now on in about an hour and 10 minutes
so off you go and start the show mr. Duncan
of course mr. Steve will be with us live at 3 o’clock so that happened this
morning can you see just how chaotic it was here chaos was everywhere in the
house so there was mr. Steve so that is the one and only flash word today
unfortunately I’m very sorry about that but as you could see there as you could
see in that clip mr. Steve was very busy cleaning his teeth we have the mystery
idioms now last week we didn’t have the mystery idioms I received quite a few
complaints saying err err mr. Duncan the mystery idioms we like trying to
solve the mystery idioms where are they you better have some next week or we’ll
come round and smash your face in that’s not very nice is it so today we
have some mystery idioms would you like to see the mystery idioms now okay here
they come here is the first mystery idiom so mystery idiom number one all
you have to do is say what you see say what you see mystery idiom number one
just say what you see this is a well-known expression in English
something we use quite often but what is the mystery idiom so there is the first
one would you like to see the other one here is mystery idiom number two oh and
there is the second one I’m I’m not quite sure what’s going on there that is
one of my more unusual mystery idioms I’m not sure what is actually happening
there but do you know if you think you know please let me know on the live chat
thanks a lot for joining me October has arrived yes
October is here and as I mentioned earlier it is my 11th year on YouTube on
the 31st of October 2006 I uploaded my first ever video and I’ve been here ever
since I know it seems amazing it seems unbelievable but I’m still here doing
the same thing I was doing 11 years ago analytic brain is here hello analytic
brain hi mr. Duncan how are you I’m from Hungary I I like the childhood
photograph of you on the thumbnail for today’s livestream yes today’s
livestream has a little picture of me we know as little and we will be seeing
much more of that later on let’s have a look at one of my lessons now there are
many lessons on my YouTube channel including ask mr. Duncan and this is a
special series of lessons where I answer your questions sorry I’m going to have to go now some
friends have just arrived sorry about that
bye bye bye okay bye bye hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are
you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so
well the chilly days and freezing nights are finally here and already it really
does feel like winter here in England so now I’m wearing my extra layers of
clothing including my extra long underwear yes Here I am once again with
another selection of your questions and comments so without any more
shivering and before I turn a pretty shade of blue and freeze to death let’s
have our first question for today can we change a present continuous sentence
into a passive voice this question was sent in by javi Arif soon in Pakistan
where in stating something we usually have a choice of how to express it we
can put the emphasis or importance on the person for example he has canceled
the meeting this is a present perfect active sentence we usually
News has or have in this type of sentence for one person we use has and
for two or more people we use have he has marry has the group have they have
if we say the meeting has been cancelled then we are giving importance to the
event this is a present perfect passive sentence we use has been or have been it
has been they have been present perfect continuous expresses an action that is
ongoing it is happening now the emphasis is on you even as I speak the building
is burning the passive voice expresses the building and what is happening to it
the emphasis or importance is on the object the building is still being
destroyed by the fire even as I speak the problem with passive speech is that
it can make the sentence too formal it becomes too complex the active sense
speeds the sentence up active speech is more common in present perfect
continuous because you can express more by saying less your nice emails I have
received a nice email from khatai Lee and Mamadou who live in Mali which is in
West Africa thank you for your kind words and I’m more than happy to welcome
you to my ever-growing global classroom there’s plenty of room for everyone I
have also received a nice message from Julian who lives in France Julian is
learning English in preparation for a trip East taking with his girlfriend
Margot to New York in March next year I’m happy to hear that my lessons are
helping you and I wish you both a great time in the Big Apple and a special
bonjour to you both as well I have also received a nice email from
Slovakia sinski in Poland who studies English by using the internet and
watching the television needless to say this is the reason why I teach here on
the internet it is a great way of giving as many people as possible the chance to
study English wherever they happen to be in the world a big hello to you Slovak
and everyone watching in Poland it’s that time again ladies and gentlemen Kings princesses
princes and queens it’s the moment everyone has been
waiting for a gulp a sigh I poked in the eye this week’s word has only four letters
and appears towards the end of a dictionary the word is Zeile this noun
relates to having an enthusiastic nature or to be enthusiastic about something to
be devoted to a subject or cause to display a passion for something he has a
zeal for art mr. Duncan has a zeal for teaching synonyms include dedication
devotion enthusiasm fervor keenness and passion the opposite of zeal is apathy some freezing idioms there are many idioms and expressions
connected with the cold and the low temperatures cold-shoulder to ignore or
snub someone you give them the cold shoulder out in the cold to leave
someone out of a group activity or to be left out you are not wanted you have
been left out in a cold freeze frozen when the level of something remains
unchanged it stays at the same level petrol prices
have been frozen to put something on ice to postpone something or delay it
plans for the new supermarket have been put on ice chill a slang word meaning to
relax and take it easy you rest for a while you chill out how do we express
habits and actions using past tense this question comes from Katrina who lives in
the Ukrainian city of Edessa when we talk about the things we have
done in the past there are certain words we must use to show that this is so
using past tense may seem confusing but we’ve practiced it is quite easy to mass
that if we are talking about something we did in the past but no longer do now
then we say used to I used to travel by bursts I used to belong to a rock band I
used to trust you we are clearly showing that something we did in the past is no
longer done we can show that something was done in the past for a certain
period of time in this case we can use did I did Yoga for a few months last
year I did some voluntary work last summer
we used the word went when talking about past movements or travel I went to
Turkey for my holiday I went to visit my friends in Scotland other words include
always and half I always stay with my family at Christmas I have always taken
care of myself I have always been keen on nature in these sentences we are
showing that the habit is still continuing right up until now hmm just before I go back indoors to
chip the ice off my knees I would like to send a big special hello to all of my
new friends on Facebook since the last ask mr. Duncan I have had over 500
people join me on my page so hello to all of you thank you also for the many
kind messages concerning the 4th anniversary of my teaching English here
on YouTube I have to say that I would never have made it this far were it not
for all of you and your kind words of encouragement and support so thank you
for watching me teaching you during these past four years and I promise to
continue doing this for as long as you want me to that is all from me for today
look out for my next full lesson coming your way very soon which will be lesson
60 Wow I look forward to seeing you all again very soon this is mr. Duncan in a
very chilly England saying thank you for watching me answering you and of course
tutor for now going right back in time there – such a long time ago way back to
2010 did I look fat there I think I look a bit fat in that video I know from time
to time I did put a little bit of weight on and then I went thin again but I look
very fat in that video and can I just say I remember when I made that
particular edition of ask mr. Duncan I had to go outside and carry everything
out outside the place where I was filming and it took me ages such a long
time to set that up so there it was an ask mr. Duncan lesson from 2000 and
in 15 minutes we have mr. Steve coming into the studio the big question of
course what does mr. Steve do as his main job he will be revealing it to us
today he will show us exactly what he does during the week when he’s not he
alive also a little bit later on we’re going out in the garden and we are also
talking about autumn today I’ve had some responses to the mystery idioms here
they are again for those who missed them well done we’ve had quite a few people
sending their answers some of them are correct and some of them are not correct
Eliseo my gang maria zina and Olga have all made guesses for today’s mystery
idioms and there is the second one but what is it what are the mystery idioms
today what exactly are they do you know what they are there is the second one
and there is the first one went again we’ve had a few answers some of the
answers are not correct and some of them are I will of course reveal the answers
later on just for you here’s an interesting word now this is a word that
apparently a lot of people are looking up on the Oxford University Press
Dictionary the Oxford Dictionary of the English language
the online version lots of people are looking at this word now for those who
follow the news you will know that Donald Trump used this word a couple of
weeks ago and many people are trying to find out what the word means so for
those who don’t know what this means first of all it is pronounced dotard
dotard and a dotard is an old person an old confused worn out person so a person
who Matt might be old in the mind or might be
very confused or just elderly can be described as a dotard if I’m not
mistaken I believe this is from Shakespeare I think Shakespeare actually
coined this particular phrase talking of phrases and words we are going to look
at abbreviations today with mr. Steve so when mr. Steve joins us at 3 o’clock we
are going to take a look at abbreviations there are many different
types of abbreviation we are going to look at two types of abbreviations what
else we’ll be doing today oh we are talking all about autumn would you like
to have a look at another clip from my autumn lesson this is a full length
lesson all about autumn so what you are seeing today are just short excerpts but
you can watch the whole lesson underneath this video the link is right
underneath the video so what is autumn do you like autumn have you ever
experienced it everyone has their own favorite season
for me I have to pick summer as my favorite closely followed by spring
autumn and winter I would love to live in a place that has long hot summers a
sunny climate really does cheer the soul but then I would find myself missing the
unique sensation of walking out on a snowy winters day so living in England
gives me the chance to experience both with spring and autumn added as a
pleasant bonus do you have many seasons in your country which one is your
favorite so have you ever experienced autumn maybe you don’t have autumn where
you are some countries are tropical they are hot they have no autumn season they
just have hot and wet hot and dry and that’s it but here in the UK we have
four beautiful seasons I think my favourite season must be autumn I also
like winter I think winter is a very interesting season as well although
having said that the winters here are not the same as they used to be I
remember in my childhood this is something we’re going to talk about
today by the way childhood memories I remember
that winter was always cold and there was always lots and lots of snow but
nowadays we hardly get any snow it hardly ever snows during the winter in
fact last winter we didn’t really have any snow very strange
so I remember winter as being a very cold very snowy and and it was lovely
when you could stay in the house and be warm and then you would go
outside after the snow has fallen and you would play in the snow
very very nice so I like autumn but which particular season do you like have
you ever experienced autumn a lot of people haven’t
thanks to Jamelia Jamelia has made guesses for today’s mystery idioms here
they are once again for those who aren’t sure mystery idioms just say what you
see and there is the second one I think this one I think the first one is very
easy I think this is very easy actually and here’s the second one
mystery idioms but what are they if you think you know just let me know
I’ve just had a message come through from let’s see oh I think it’s from Mika
owed mr. Duncan I have many wonderful memories of my childhood many wonderful
memories of my childhood and also I have many scary memories as well such as an
accident when I was hit by a car or when I lost my way on the way from a friend’s
house when you’re a child now this is something I definitely remember when
you’re very young everything seems so big so huge
I remember my garden at home now the garden at the back of my house where I
was raised wasn’t very large it isn’t a very big
garden but I always remember as a child thinking that the garden was huge
it seems so vast and and large I don’t know what it is when you are very small
when you were tiny I think it must be the scale because you’re small and
everything around you is big so everything always seemed larger when you
are small so imagine walking around the streets when you’re a child everything
seems so strange and you can get lost very
easily so thank you Meeker for that one of today’s questions we’re looking at
your childhood memories do you have any memories from your childhood a nice
moment that you treasure if you treasure something it means you keep it safe in
your memory something that you enjoyed or maybe a memory that you liked very
much you can say that you treasure it so treasure can actually be used as a
verb so to treasure something is to have it in a safe place something that you
look back on with fondness you treasure something you keep something safe you
treasure it Den Tran a van mr. Duncan I love Vietnam and I love everybody well I
like your attitude that is a very good attitude to have I think so semi a boss
Kurt says today in Turkey we have a rainy day but my favorite season is
winter because it is so cozy to stay near the fireplace I agree I think so
and drink some hot coffee whilst watching the TV Thank You semi semi boss
Kurt for your message all the way from Turkey I have been to Turkey I’ve been
to Turkey twice and there is actually a video lesson on my youtube channel with
me in Turkey it’s true long the doing is here hello long Nigerian Eliana says I
love autumn very much and I love it so much that I’m traveling next October to
the UK Eliana is that true are you really
coming here to the UK my goodness you will have to look me up maybe we can
have a cup of tea together an English cup of tea that sounds like
fun our new Jacque says my country has four seasons I like autumn too I think
autumn is a very magical time of year I think so
so I agree with what you say we were out in the garden during the week we will
take a look it’s something that we did earlier this week mr. Steve and myself
we were very busy in the garden this week and you will have mr. Steve here in
just under four minutes four minutes to go before mr. Steve arrives Olga is here
thanks Olga for saying hello again the winner is here hello the winner what is
your what is your actual name though because I do notice on the live chat
lots of people use nicknames so sometimes I’m very interested to know
what your real name is so don’t be shy give it a try or else you’ll make mr.
don’t could cry hmm mr. Steve is just around the corner he
will be revealing his job today what mr. Steve does during the week when we are
not on the livestream apparently I can’t believe this is this true
apparently Olga says it is snowing today in the place where I live
Olga you are having snow it already I’m a little bit jealous to be honest
because we don’t really get snow anymore here in the UK it’s not fair really Rosa
is here Oh mr. Duncan I would like to visit Island because my friend and her
husband lived there Rosa Island is a very beautiful place very scenic and the
people there are very friendly indeed zakura a beard
Zachary’s here we have force seasons in Afghanistan thank you very
much for that and a big hello to Afghanistan Eliana I love autumn so much
I think I’ve read this already Eliana where will you be staying though
where are you going to visit are you going to visit London I think so I think
Eliana will be going to London because lots of people do visit London but I do
hope that you get a chance to to explore other parts of the UK as well because
the UK is a wonderful place we will be talking to mr. Steve about childhood
memories but do you have any memories from your childhood we will be sharing
some nice memories and some not so nice memories so mr. Steve will be here very
soon and we will be talking all about abbreviations as well
do you know abbreviations abbreviations when we abbreviate something it means we
make it shorter so if you make something short you abbreviate it you make it you
make it shorter so you can say it faster we normally abbreviate things to save
time hi from Iraq I like winter yes winter is a nice season but
unfortunately we don’t get snow anymore here I think it might have something to
do with global warming and not sure but I think it might have something to do
with it alvaro says hello mr. Duncan I am watching you in Peru hi a big hello
to Peru please say hello to Peru I just did so mr. Steve is on standby lots of
people love listening to mr. Steve they say mr. Steve is very posh someone said
earlier I can’t remember who but someone said mr. Steve mr. Steve sounds like the
Queen it does sound a bit like a queen doesn’t
it I mean the Queen yes I think you’re right there so here he comes mr. Steve
is on the way it is now three o’clock boys and girls so for all those out
there for all those watching at the moment for all of the thousands and
thousands of mr. Steve fans your wait is over hmm can you see what it says there on
the screen it says live English and that is what it is it is live English on a
Sunday afternoon it’s mr. Duncan that’s me and also
joining me right now in the the the corner the dark corner of the studio
hidden away from public view it’s mr. Steve oh my goodness you look
very stern there mr. Steve what are you doing mr. Steve Oh mr. Steve please what mr. Steve what
what was what was that what was that huh what are you doing oh hang on I can’t
hear you well that’s better oh but what are you doing mr. Steve is
now what we were doing today what were we going to do is reveal your true job
and and and actually we’ve just done it and there it is mr. Steve is a
professional grinder that’s what I do that’s what he does all week
so when he’s not doing live streams he is actually out and about in shropshire
grinding things in fact he has his own website don’t you do I do you I’m sure
you do you tell me that last week I do have a website that is correct yes where
you talk about your grinding mm well there’s lots of things that need
grinding in your studio there’s sort of rough edges over everything are you
going to grind something now no because it’s dangerous to do that in your studio
hello everyone by the way if there are any children watching do not try what
mr. Steve just did do not play with power tools do not do anything like that
unless you are supervised by an adult okay unless there is an adult
supervising you you can just go crazy and do what you want but unless there’s
an adult there I had my goggles on and I also had my ear defenders can we have
another look mr. Steve can we have a look at your goggles down here so these
are mr. Steve’s goggle eyed goggles out there my goggles goggles to keep me safe
so that nothing flies into my eyes they do suit you thank you they really suit
you so those are called goggles do you know you can also call glasses or
spectacles as goggles informally so we can use goggles to mean just normal
glasses but those are protective goggles protective goggles they protect your
eyes from dust and particles yes and what
else what what’s the yellow thing these are to protect my ears against loud
noises and I use these a lot ear defenders you don’t have to shout okay
here – or ear protectors I use them when I’m using anything that creates a lot of
noise such as that grinder such as the lawnmower or the strimmer or the hedge
cutter because if you don’t and you do this for many years your ears will
deteriorate and you’ll be partially deaf when you say your ears deteriorate do
you mean the ears actually it’s just just just fall off there they know your
hearing will deteriorate your hearing will deteriorate or is deteriorate you
see I thought you meant the ears themselves on the outside I thought you
said they just they just fall off or something so so if you use a power tool
something very noisy for a long time it can affect your earrings just like if
you are playing lots of loud music through headphones they reckon that lots
of young people now will be getting deaf by a very early age because they’re
using lots of headphones with noisy music it’s all cumulative it’s like
going in the Sun if you go in the Sun many times over lots of years your skin
will get older and older and it’s the same with it’s the same with loud noises
you get ghost death straightaway happens over many years so I always wear these
and I’d love to wear them while you’re talking that’s what I like to really put
them on but you so you can’t hear me is that what you’re saying are you telling
me that you don’t like the sound of my voice because can I just say now you are
not the first person to say that you’re not the first person and I’m sure you’re
not that you’re not the last either so here we go what are we doing today mr.
Steve what what what what are we doing well it’s your show I’m not quite sure I
just come along for the ride so I think which I do you mentioned childhood
memories we are talking about childhood memories we’ve had one or two
not many so if you have a childhood memory of your own but we are going to
talk about our childhood memories also we are going to embarrass each other by
showing pictures of us when we were children would you like to see a picture
of mr. Steve so so first of all I am going to embarrass mr. Steve so here is
the first picture this is mr. Steve I think in this photograph you must be
about five or maybe six I think you are about six years old so here is mr. Steve
yes oh my goodness I love that picture isn’t that just blue and you look so
happy there I love I love the look on your face you look very smug is that
when I was a boy scout you are a boy scout they’re a boy scout yes Dib Dib
Dib and I can see that your knees are very dirty that’s because I’ve been on
my knees because you have to do lots of things when you’re a boy scout on your
knees traveling around on your knees yes doing well if you know gardening things
like that ok the jobs that you have to do you have to get all these badges
don’t you were you a boy scout mr. Duncan I was a boy scout I didn’t do it
for very long and I will tell you why I will tell you why I stopped being a boy
scout because they used to take us swimming on Saturday so every Saturday
they would take us swimming and I hated swimming I hate water I can’t swim to
this very day I can’t even swim at all so they took me swimming every Saturday
and that’s the reason why I stopped being a Boy Scout I stopped doing it
because I hated swimming I hated it so much so I actually quit the Boy Scouts I
stopped it I stopped going because I didn’t like the swimming did you sink
like a stone when you went in the water mr. Duncan I was very good at drowning
so there is one thing that I did master there is one thing that I was very good
at when I was a child I was very good at drowning I can just imagine now the
the sports teacher having to drag you out of the pool and and and pump your
your lungs to get all that water out of your lungs and then you had to be
revived I can add you see the scene now yes that there may have been some
pumping taking place right so was that a happy childhood memory or not very happy
childhood it’s sort of an it in the in between
really right okay well sure we got off to a good start who
the childhood memories by drowning in a pool okay that okay okay they mr. Steve
if you think you can do better than me first of all let’s have a look at one of
me because we’ve had a we’ve had a picture of mr. Steve when he was little
so this is mr. Steve as a boy scout so now we are going to have a look at me so
this is me and I was aged around about five or six as well so this picture is
taken it around about the same age as mr. Steve’s Boy Scout picture and there
I am oh it’s me looking all lovely and cute just like now what do you think mr.
Steve do you like that photograph of me you look like a girl very angelic it
looks like you’re about to do a ballet pose or something yes that was taken
during one of the many Christmas family reunions that we had we always had
little reunions at Christmas where all the family would get together and there
I am you may notice two things about me there
two things can you guess what they are mr. Steve what are the two things that
have changed well mentally you haven’t changed movies thank you very much yes
you’re still a child mentally physically you’ve well you had more hair in that
picture I can see that okay but what else has changed you’re taller you put
on more weight you’ve lost hair and put on weight okay then that’s what I’m
saying is something very obvious that’s different
very obviously I can’t see it from have you got glasses on no ah that was before
I started wearing glasses so this picture was taken before I started
wearing glasses I didn’t start wearing glasses until I
was about seven seven years old so I started wearing glasses when I was seven
and that brings me to one of my childhood memories in school now between
you and me I must admit I didn’t like school very much I wasn’t a big fan of
school I hated it so much I was I was a very timid child can you believe it no
because in front of this camera you look very outgoing I was very shy very timid
when I was very very young very little I was shy introverted I was I was an
introvert as a child I wouldn’t say anything in class I was very shy you
wouldn’t say as the expression goes you wouldn’t say boo to a goose
I wouldn’t say boo to a goose I was so shy and and one of the things that
happened during my early school days was I started to lose my eyesight I I
realized that I couldn’t see the blackboard so what happened over a
period of time I couldn’t see the board so when the teacher was writing things
on the blackboard I couldn’t see what she was writing or what he was writing
and so over time my education actually suffered because of it this is true
because I was so scared I was too afraid to tell anyone that I couldn’t see the
blackboard anymore I was really really afraid genuinely scared to tell anyone
and this happened over a period of months many many months and the teachers
became very concerned and they wondered why my education was was slipping why I
seemed to be doing so badly in class and the reason was because I couldn’t see
the blackboard so one day I told one of the teachers that I couldn’t see the
blackboard so they gave me some help in
fact what they did what they did they put me right in front of the blackboard
so my desk was right in front of the blackboard so the blackboard was was
right in front of me so I was sitting looking at the blackboard like that that
must have been very embarrassing in front of the rest of the class it was I
had to sit in front of everyone in the classroom really embarrassing it was a
bit like being at the cinema when you’re on the front seat so when you have the
front row in the cinema you can’t see the screen properly because you’re so
close so you have to look up in a strange angle it’s amazing isn’t it
these days you’d be able to sue your teachers wouldn’t you I think so if you
were treated like that and that kind of degrading way I would say it was quite
degrading for you to have to sit in class like that it wasn’t fun all the
other children but they I expect they were laughing at you weren’t they I
think one or two of the other classmates they were they were making fun yes I
think he must have looked very strange so mr. Steve let’s remind ourselves of
mr. Steve when he was little there he is mr. Steve has a Boy Scout so can you
give us one of your childhood memories now mr. Steve one of my a nice childhood
memory yes please well I would say I had actually a very nice childhood I haven’t
really got many bad memories so dad used to like driving a lot driving in cars he
as his job for a living he had to drive in his car a lot so even on holiday he
would still want to keep driving and we I grew up in the 70s the nineteen
seventies and it was a fashionable then if you lived in the UK to go abroad on
holiday to Europe but to drive there so you would put out like a GB sticker
that’s GB for Great Britain on the back of your car you’d stick that on and then
drive to the south coast to Calais a – were to report Smith or somewhere like
that Dover on the south coast and then you would drive onto a ferry which in
our case was quite often a hovercraft because hovercrafts were quite
fashionable modes of trans fats level at a time you know what Steve I don’t I
don’t remember the hovercraft ever being fashionable yes it was that it was
because if you are just hopping across the English Channel which is about it
about 30 miles it’s not very far from the English coast across to the French
coasts so Dover to Calais is a popular route to take on holiday ferries and the
hovercraft they used to be lots of programs about it was very exciting to
go on a hovercraft I’ve become a spaceship hovering craft is like a is it
looks a bit like a car but it floats on a big cushion of air let go because of
those across the water very exciting I don’t think they use them so much now
but so we used to go across in the ferry would drive all the way through France
we’d stop at various towns on along the way sample the French cuisine and then
we drove all the way to Spain on this particular occasion and that was a
lovely holiday and Astarte Astarte is the name of the town we drove I can
still remember that now and we had a lovely holiday we all got sunburned of
course as you do because we without really have sunblock in those days are we still on that is the question
YouTube is now telling me that we are off line but everybody is I don’t know
what’s going on here YouTube is now telling me that we are not broadcasting
any longer but my everything else is saying that we are Oh are we still on
because I’m getting the red sign that’s saying that we are not on so are we on
can someone please say that we are still on broadcasting live I think we’re back
now yes like we’re back that was nothing to do with us we seem to have a little
bit of a technical problem there mr. Steve for some reason I don’t know what
happened there a YouTube problem not to you let me just explain my screen went
red which means that the connection is lost but it would appear that people
were still watching oh so I don’t know it’s very strange but now it now it’s
gone green again so that means we’re OK I do apologize for that mr. Steve it’s
it’s almost as if YouTube got bored of your story it’s almost like YouTube
we’re saying mr. Steve we don’t want to hear this is YouTube we don’t want to
hear about your story we’re back again okay so the short version is we drove
all the way to the south coast of Spain in a car that’s the quick version if we
hit a big bump on the way and the car was a brand new car and we hit a big
bump in the road because the roads in Spain weren’t very good at the time and
we nearly wrecked the car okay that’s brilliant mmm that’s a good
memory a good memory a sort of because of course I I think as I mentioned
earlier I think maybe you are a little bit Pacha than me because we didn’t
really go very far in holidays we never went abroad because we couldn’t afford
it but of course you could be being posh and everything living living in the
Cotswolds as you did and what you used to do is to let everybody know you’d
been on holiday abroad in in those days back in the 1970s is that you have
because by law you had to put a big sticker on the back of your cars
that when you were driving in another country people knew which country you
were from but when you came back you would leave it on for several weeks so
that everyone would know that you’d been on holiday abroad and it was like a it
was like a a one-upmanship thing you know tell the neighbors look we’ve
driven abroad that’s what we did in those days you keep using phrases that
people might understand one upmanship one upmanship one upmanship yes oh that
means that you’re in a way you’re competing with your with your neighbors
for example and you do one thing better than them so if they hadn’t been on
holiday abroad in a car and driven across the channel sailed across the
channel you could say yes we’ve done that and you’re secretly sort of getting
one over on them you’re better you you you’re trying to be better than your
neighbours or all your friends it’s a bit snooty it’s not a very nice thing to
do really because we were snooty posh okay but I think one upmanship is like
is like you you want to do something better than someone else so you want to
you want to do the so if one person goes on holiday for a week you want to go on
holiday for two weeks because then you beat the thing that they did yeah one
upmanship is almost like competing you were always trying to compete or you are
always trying to to beat the other person yes so if your neighbor gets a a
new car that’s one upmanship in a way it’s a bit
childish apologist once again because YouTube it wasn’t me
YouTube had some strange little problem they cut us off waiting during mr.
Steve’s story and then we suddenly came back again so I do apologise for that it
wasn’t me it was YouTube I don’t know why I think YouTube is trying to
sabotage me to be honest that they don’t like me very much anymore YouTube
because I’m not sexy I think that’s the reason why they’re only likes sexy
people now on YouTube and because I’m not very sexy they’re just ignoring me
so I think that’s the reason why yes but you’ve got me now yes that well that’s
the reason why I brought you in mr. Steve you are here you want you you
would be brought in to bring some sexiness to the
live stream Wow there you go that’s why you’re here okay another one of my
childhood memories let’s have another look at actually we’ve got some more
pictures here we’ve got another one of mr. Steve as a child we’ll have a look
at that in a minute okay here’s another one of me so this is a
picture of me taken after I started wearing glasses here it is oh my
goodness so this is really me when I was a kid a bit older I think I was about
maybe 12 maybe 13 13 maybe 14 maybe about 14 years old in this picture and
as you can see I’m now wearing glasses so there is a picture taken of me and
another pic another memory that I have mr. Steve is winner I started school
when I first went to junior school on the first day we all had to go into this
big hall for assembly right and I always remember one of my friends
I remember his name Stewart no not to do it it was Ross Ross Thomason was his
name and he grabbed my shorts while I was standing up and what he was trying
to do is to get me to sit down you can probably imagine what happened
after that so he grabbed my shorts to pull me down to sit but unfortunately I
stayed standing and my shorts came down I’m not joking this really happened on
the first day of junior school nice shorts mice wearing underwear I was so
relieved we weren’t that poor I know we were poor but we weren’t that poor I did
have underwear when I was a child fortunately so pulled the trousers down
my shorts were pulled right down in front of the whole school
you’re not going to recover from that one quickly no I remember that forever
no one is recovering from the so you will notice that most of my
childhood memories are not very good not very happy
so please mr. Steve give us a happy one now Oh a happy memory while talking of
being posh I suppose we were a bit posh compared to a lot of a lot of our
neighbors because that had a good job so we used to play our garden we had quite
a big garden yes and at the bottom of that garden we put a tennis court oh can
you believe it you had a tennis court at the back tennis court you had a tennis
court yes and a miniature little putting green
what well that’s in green it means nothing putting it’s gold you know when
people are playing golf and they they hit the ball onto the onto the green
where the whole rule is they they put I just put the ball into the hole so it’s
like it’s like golf but but in your back garden that’s right you’re not doing
that they’re really long shots you know 200 yards shots you’re doing that that
just when it gets onto that nice smooth green that’s when you’re just putting it
so your garden wasn’t that big it wasn’t that big no but it so easy to do that
and we used to play another very posh game called croquet croquet croquet I
thought only the Queen of England played croquet on the Lord was it Queen
Victoria I think Queen Victoria and I want to say
so Walter Reilly was it so Sir Walter Raleigh he actually introduced yes I
think he introduced croquet – country am i right
I’m not sure about that but you know if people don’t know what croquet is you
have a long clubs clubs with great big sort of mallet like ends on them well
I’m drawing a picture I was drawing a picture there we go it’s quite good at
art so he should be able to do that and you have hoops in the ground and a ball
about that size and you have to put the the club I don’t what you could whether
you call it a club through your legs and push these balls through the hoops
and very it’s quite a posh game I don’t think you’d play it these days it’s
normally played by girls really let’s face it
so hoops balls and like a mallet I think you call it a mallet there we go I have
my drawing this is my representation of croquet probably better than my
explanation there it is so you can see you hit the ball and then the ball goes
underneath that hoop it goes you you hit it and then the ball goes underneath so
that is called croquet yes rote and it’s played by posh people like
like like mr. Steve on a nice summer day and then you would have some soft drinks
with ice in you would sit and relax then you go and but it’s not very competitive
it’s not like a very competitive sport what’s a soft drink
Nitori is that is that lightly so what’s a hard drink that would be whisky vodka
a soft drink would be orange squash oh I see so a soft drink is non-alcoholic yes
not a soft drink I would ever think you would describe as non-alcoholic could be
fizzy fizzy pop sometimes called orange juice something like that and you would
serve it in jugs with ice in it and you’d sit down and drink some of that no
oh we’re having a lovely time let’s go and play croquet and then you would then
you would spend half an hour just banging these balls around through the
hoops it’s all all good fun but yes traditionally played by people who come
from posh background doesn’t the next thing you’ll be telling me is that you
have piano lessons oh yes I had piano lessons and my sister used to have
ballet lessons and horse riding of course the thing is my dad worked quite
late so when my sister had this is a bad memory actually I’ve got a bad bad
memory now my sister used to have ballet lessons once a week but because it was
sort of at five o’clock and my dad wasn’t home my mum used to take my
sister but I had to go with with both of them because otherwise I’d have been
home on my own which of course isn’t a good
idea so I used to Edward all the boys at school used to see me going into where
my sister was having a ballet lessons and assumed I was having ballet lessons
as well so you can imagine the ribbing the jokes I used to get at school
because they were convinced I was having ballet lessons
so your classmates used to pick on you because they thought you have ballet
lesson because it’s nothing wrong with there’s nothing wrong with having ballet
lessons if you’re a boy or girl now there isn’t but there isn’t but of
course you will have the Mickey taken out of you because what the Mickey jokes
people will will make lots of jokes and laugh at you and things like that though
that’s just what boys do they will make fun of you they will make fun of you so
if if one person makes fun of another one they pick on them by making jokes
against them yeah you can say they take the mickey out of them that’s I would
love to know where that comes from by the way I’d love to know where that came
from yes I don’t know we have to look that
one up okay well that’s very nice now another thing we’re talking about today
besides our childhood memories is also abbreviations now when we talk about
greevey ations we talk about words that have been
shortened or maybe we have shortened a sentence so we make it easier to say and
also quicker so normally abbreviations are used to
save time would you say that’s true that’s right they used a lot these days
aren’t they they are and there is a particular type of abbreviation in fact
there are two that we are going to look at today okay
we have initial abbreviation do you know what a what initial abbreviation is mr.
Steve is that way you just use the first letter of the word is that correct
it is indeed yes okay we’re gonna cut in there I thought you was going to
elaborate there with something else but yes initial abbreviation means that you
take the first letter of the words in whatever it is
you are abbreviating sometimes you don’t use all of the words but quite often you
will use them so first of all we have initial abbreviation abbreviations are
very useful in grammar we also have abbreviations in words we will sometimes
shorten sentences and we call that contraction so a contraction is when you
shorten a sentence to make it easier and quicker to say such as don’t so do not
becomes don’t so that is a contraction initial abbreviation takes as I said the
first letters of the work we’re going to have a look at some now we’re going to
say have you got any examples mr. Duncan I have we have some examples of initial
abbreviations I want you to guess what they are so we’re going to go through
these quite quickly this could be embarrassing so here we go
here is the first initial abbreviation and feel free to join in everyone if you
want to join in feel free don’t google it I think there is a serious problem by
the way this afternoon with the live stream there is a little bit of a
problem with the connection but it isn’t my fault it is
YouTube YouTube once again trying to destroy my live streams I don’t know why
they hate me here we go here is the first the first initial abbreviation I
think this is a very good one for us there’s the first one I can’t see it
v.i.p the IPV IP ah that’s you mr. Duncan a
very important person oh that’s very kind of you but of course YouTube
doesn’t think that I’m very important they don’t like me whatsoever
but yes you are right VIP mean a very important person VIP or as they
say in Hollywood is as they say in Hollywood for some of the famous film
stars very impotent person that’s a different thing altogether that’s a
different thing altogether here’s the second one I hope you’re
enjoying this please I’m right along at home if you are playing along at home
please let me know what you think it is hung Nguyen says how what are the
differences between I have little hope and I have a little hope
little hope is no hope if you have a little hope it means you have some so
little is normally a very small amount or all or almost nothing and a little
means you have some so you have little hope of finding your dog that means you
have virtually no hope but if you say you have a little hope it means there is
some hope I hope that helps you so here we go another abbreviation mr. Steve
okay I’m ready with my pen because I need to write this down M P mm I’ll
write M P yes should know what that is at least in the UK its Member of
Parliament Member of Parliament yes quite often we
call a person who sits in Parliament the government here in the UK for example
yes we will call them an MP m P which is an abbreviation of member of
Parliament’s you are right yes Member of Parliament
these are easy mr. Duncan well maybe for you maybe for you they’re easy because
you have a slight advantage you see because you’ve been teaching sorry
talking English I’ve been teaching English and you you’ve been talking in
English so we both have an advantage here is another one d n d DN d DN
DND I sometimes put this on my studio door to keep mr. Steve away
well that’s yes oh do not disturb there it is yes D and D means do not disturb
you find this a lot of work because there’s a lot of Technology work these
days and you find that a lot of that technology is often abbreviated and at
work you tend to find this is people talk in these kind of almost talking
about they’re just totally letters all the time and you wonder what they’re
talking about is jargon jargon unless you’re in on what the jargon is and what
all these abbreviations are you can get a bit lost
so jargon when we say jargon we mean technical speak or words that are
specific for one thing jargon so you can say computer jargon so computer jargon
is something that only people who know a lot about computers will understand here
comes another one now right how are we doing for time twenty about twenty two
maybe twenty three minutes to go here is another one mr. Duncan this is
just for you because we know you like cars I’m not sure if you like this
particular car right B M W oh yes BMW a German car good quality sporty that I
think it stands for Bavarian motor works I heard that you don’t like BMWs mr.
Steve is that true no I do I do I’ve got a certain image but they’re good cars
you can’t you can’t not BMWs and they are very sporty of course that’s their
image good handling ok mr. Steve is is turning it to Jeremy Clarkson this
afternoon so BMW yes is it is it Bavarian motor works yes it is BMW
Bavarian motor works glad I got that one right that is the initial the
initialization of BMW Bavarian motor works okay one
more very across being a region in Germany bavette oh really
Bavaria well I’m not sure exactly but it refers to the very abjure is a region in
Germany I think you’ll find it is that’s anybody in in Germany watching would
maybe outer correctors or give us the correct explanation of that mr. Steve
wants to know where Bavaria is it definitely in Germany but I’m not sure
whether it’s referred to as Bavaria now whether it was referred to Bavaria
many years ago so that would be interesting to know Tomic says Bayern
bayern not bayern it is Bavarian motor works Bavarian motor mania here’s
another one mr. Steve now this is this is an interesting one especially if
you’re talking about technology as you were just l-e-d so that is an
abbreviation LED LEDs lots of talk about LEDs this these days LED televisions LED
headlights that’s on cars on cars I’ve got cars and again there it’s light
emitting diode light emitting diode emit what does emit mean gives off give off
yes if you give off something normally light or sound we can say you are
emitting so there it is yes LED stands for light emitting diode there it is
diode being a small electronic device yes and you put electricity through it
it gives off light many cars now have LEDs on their headlights they do they
used to be expensive used to have ordinary a sort of halogen bulbs or
tungsten bulbs then you went on on to LED bulbs now which are well they’re not
bulbs as such they’re actually they’re it’s a separate thing altogether so
they’re very bright they used to be very expensive
but now Zen on that was what I was thinking of xenon bulbs they were very
bright bulbs on car headlights but now you’ve got LEDs which are even brighter
and I think the last a very long time okay well you would know about it
because you are a bit of an expert on course besides being a grinder so mr.
Steve knows a lot about grinding but he also knows a lot about cars as well
elke Noah says in German it’s a Bey rich Berek Berek mater enough okay ah right
okay so that’s what BMW actually is in German so it’s just what we call it in
the UK so we simplify it you see right I see thank you very much elke for that
thank you here comes another one this is one that
we will recognize b b c BBC BBC yes this is known throughout the world as an
impartial broadcasting organisation it’s the British Broadcasting Corporation I’m
not sure about impartial but but uh some people think that I should be on the BBC
I think I would be very good on the BBC hello this is the BBC Radio 4 and now it
is time for the shipping forecast did you like that it’s okay
what is Pasha’s you of course you know I would be incredibly posh on the baby’s
here of course these days you have regional accents now we don’t speak
proper English all the time on the BBC you can come on with any old accent now
with that yeah right yeah right yeah coffee BB goob yeah yup cool flips Selly
Oak yokel from spork Hill this is this is a radio for mixture of accent fair
but did you like that was Birmingham accent that was leave my accents alone
that is Liverpool there as well I think so BBC what does BBC stand for mr. Steve
British Broadcasting corporation the British Broadcasting
Corporation is the BBC let’s have a look shall we
ding British Broadcasting Corporation is the BBC yes a place where I would love
to work but they don’t want me because I’m not posh enough
I think mr. Steve mr. Steve would get onto the BBC I think so
so another one there’s more there’s more but we have about let me just see how
many we have we have about three three more and then we will say goodbye we
will look at a couple of more pictures we’ve got two more pictures of mr. Steve
when it was little oh well actually there’s one of me and there’s one of mr.
Steve so that still to come so here we go another one this might not be from
you but I won’t use it anyway go ahead see I a the CIA oh yes CIA
NRS is American this is the Central Intelligence Agency CIA was that your
Birmingham accent that was my attempt at a southern American accent Central
Intelligence Agency touch you threw it out there you certainly did I know I
know I’m throwing it away here you go then yes famous intelligence
organization so in America what is it then tell us again what it is it’s the
Central American Central Intelligence Agency I’ve said it three times already
yes but I wants it again I wants it in your normal voice and in an American
accent central intelligence agency and the British central intelligence agency
now Welsh let’s move on shall we don’t you do a Welsh accent
I thought you were an actor not just quickly like that how about I’ve got one
for you which is related to this what about KGB okay gee behaved
g/b yes well I haven’t got that one KGB so what does the KGB stand for now
sounds it sounds like something very old-fashioned and dated it sounds like
we’re going back to the to the 1950s in the 1960s during the Cold War so the K G
B I haven’t got that one by the way I don’t have it here so K G B what does
that stand for what does it stand for what I want in Russia watching we want
to know we know it’s the the the Russian intelligence agency equivalent to the
CIA good America how do you pronounce it it when Russia stand for what does it
mean okay g/b ooh interesting i hope someone answers that because i i’m now
scratching my head wondering as well both in england we’ve got the mi5 mi5
what does that stand for again no idea we don’t know I don’t think anyone does
anyone know what mi files are you just going to keep mentioning things that we
don’t know the answer to yes I just thought I would completely the talking
about intelligence agencies around the world and they’re all obviously
abbreviated so Galina says Galina says KGB but we want to know what KGB stands
for so we have the initials KGB yes but what does it mean what does it stand for
he’s either one why don’t we found Vladimir Vladimir Putin and ask him he
might be able to tell us what we have to do first is ask Donald Trump yeah there
we go FBI this is linked to the last one ah
f.b.eye all right well this is a American again Federal Bureau of
Investigation or investigation the Federal Bureau of Investigation so what
is the difference between FBI and CIA is there a difference I’m not sure I think
I think FBI is more to do is sort of what happens just in America itself it’s
more like an extension of the police force I think
whereas I think CIA is more to do with spying and looking all around the world
I think I think I might be correct in that Simona has actually told us what
KGB stands for right I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to read this because it
is in Russian call me Ted Gus door Vannoy Bissell has not nice D
well we learn here that pronounced correctly come it tipped ghost or VAD
Vinny oi Bissell best soap but what does that
mean it has must be I haven’t finished yet please let me finish
it’s very long there are lots and lots of letters in
this we haven’t got much time mr. Duncan Simona thank you very much for that I
hope I pronounced that right er I’m probably going to get into big trouble
now because of that big big trouble I don’t know about YouTube cutting me off
either I think maybe maybe the KGB will be cutting me off
it sounds very painful here we go so FBI we’ve had that one and finally we have
one more and then we’re going to look at something different
e u our EU EU well that’s very topical in this part of
the world at the moment European Union European Union I want to see European
Union yes European Union the thing that we will be leaving very soon
the UK is leaving the e u– leaving we are saying goodbye that’s what’s
happening at the moment i think it might take forever for us to actually leave
but it is happening albeit very slowly let’s not get into that so let’s let’s
have a look at a different type of abbreviation we also have something
called an acronym acronym do you know what an acronym
mr. Steve that is that I’m trying to describe it that would be the letters of
something you want to describe but it forms a word of its own yes that’s quite
accurate yes so an acronym is the abbreviation but the BRE abbreviation
actually creates a new word and I will give you some examples right now so what
we just described then those didn’t describe words no they are initials so
that’s why you say the initial words so they don’t form word but an acronym is
an abbreviation that actually forms an a word itself yes so you take the initials
but the initials actually spell a word and we are going to have a look at one
right now here we go OPEC OPEC OPEC is that a word it is it’s
what it is it is it is it is the thing we were just talking about it sounds
like something that sounds up what we were just doing before so this is
actually an acronym right okay then it’s something to do with Europe no I don’t
know I can’t think what OPEC stands for it’s the oil-producing countries isn’t
it that’s it you are near very good yes OPEC it is an acronym organization of
the Petroleum Exporting Countries that’s a big one right so that’s that’s why
instead of instead of that they say that OPEC it’s much easier to say so there is
a good example of an acronym much better much easier to say another one here’s
one you might know mr. Steve NASA NASA NASA NASA I’m writing it down that’s
that’s obviously the Space Agency in America but I can’t think what the end
in the a stands for North American Space Agency something like that some people
actually think that’s what necessary is is interesting a lot of people think
that it is North America space-age it isn’t is it
nautical America sometimes with nautical aviation something like that it’s more
yes I’m on the right track you were on the right track you are you’re clear for
takeoff three two one ah right okay so it’s
actually connected to to the maybe the Air Force and you know in America I
don’t I give you the answer because we’re running out of time quickly
National the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is more nessa
stands for national aeronautics so everything to do with flying flying
around or flying into space I’m glad you gave it that demonstration what flying
is like yes I just like nobody knows what flying you I just like waving my
hands around mr. Steve that within the near bow we’re off to Mars apparently in
2020 I would never lose this way to Mars next week haven’t you heard that you can
actually get an uber now uber have started doing taxes to Mars did you know
that so so forget about Elon Musk you don’t need him you just just call an
uber you just go to your phone and say hello uber can I have a taxi to Mars it
will take about 68 years but you will get there finally here is the one that
most people know I think you saw this earlier I accidentally held it up by the
way so most people have seen this already today
here it is laser Oh Laser laser is the most famous acronym so most people know
all about this acronym but what does it stand for
I only know the first I can never remember the whole thing it’s that it
starts off light amplification yeah but I don’t know the rest of it okay Laser
laser anybody know what laser stands for so that is it it is a very well known
acronym and of course laser is like a laser beam in case you didn’t know what
laser or a laser gun like in Star Wars so there it is laser the answer is light
amplification by stimulated emission of radiation that is what the acronym laser
stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation so
there are two the law and that is the final one there is one more that some
people think that this is an acronym I’m going to show you it now but it isn’t
Brix it some people think that brexit is an acronym but it isn’t no brexit is
actually what we call blend word so you blend you take two words and you mix
them together so Brix it the thing that we are doing at the moment
very slowly actually is British exit so you take part of one word and you join
it to another word so British exit is brexit there we go we are going out in
the garden now would you like to hang around for a few moments mr. Steve yes
certainly yeah now going outside we did a big job in the garden this week didn’t
we we went outside and we did a big job I was exhausted afterwards I was really
tired I don’t know about you but whenever I do a big job I always feel
very exhausted just like I was at the end of last week’s show so this is
something we were doing during the week we’re gonna have a look and then mr.
Steve and myself will come back and we will say goodbye so this is something we
were doing earlier in the week oh hello mr. Steve hello there mr.
Duncan and hello everyone watching out there in YouTube land we are out in the
garden it’s a beautiful evening it’s a little bit chilly but we are out here
for a special reason because we are going to cut down the dung Kilis the big
dunk ulis that is growing at the moment in the garden so what are we going to do
mr. steve well the full name of the plant is a car dunk ulis and of course
we bought this particular plant because it’s got a mention of your name in it so
car dunk ulis sounds like Duncan which is of course your first name I actually
spotted this plant in the shop I said to mr. Steve I said look mr. Steve this
plant is called car dunk ulis and my name is Duncan so I
couldn’t resist I said to mr. Steve I said let’s buy one and then we can have
a dunk ulis growing in the garden yes mr. Duncan you wanted to have a
plant in the garden that sounded like it was named after you
what an ego of course I couldn’t resist buying it because it’s called car dunk
ulis and my name is Duncan mr. steve is busy pulling up the sticks that have
been holding up the dunk ulis for so long come on mr. Steve give it a good
pull there it goes you’re very good at this you can see mr. Steve is thinking about
it will he be able to carry out this huge task because of course this is a
very big plant look at the size of it so what do you think mr. Steve do you think
you’ll be able to do it yes this plant needs chopping down because it’s dies
off in the winter and therefore if we leave it out it won’t look very nice
because you can see the one behind is already dying off this is what you call
a perennial plant which means that it dies off during the winter months and
comes back again in the spring so this plant will kind of regenerate itself yes
so this plant here will die off so we will cut it away and then next year a
new plant will reappear as if by magic it’s grown this height in one growing
season and the new baby plants are already present at the base that’s
incredible can you see this particular thing here mr. Steve it is called a
capitulum or as it’s more commonly known a flower head careful mr. Steve we wouldn’t want that
big plant to fall on your head so mr. Steve will now put all of the
bits of the dunk ulis into the wheelie bin I must admit this is turning out to
be a very busy evening job done and there it is already you can
see next year’s car dunk Ulis growing and a year from now we’ll be cutting
this one down I hope you enjoyed that we were very busy in the garden during the
week incredibly busy preparing for the cold months because the cold months are
on the way aren’t they mr. Steve they are yes
time to wrap up warm put your woolly hat on in your scarf and put the heating on
light the fire oh I’m looking forward to that there’s nothing nicer I was I was
actually talking about this earlier because because our winters here in the
UK aren’t is cold or as horrible as they used to be we used to get lots of snow
when we were young we used to have lovely winters where we could go out and
play in the snow but these days we don’t get any doing I don’t think we’ve had
snow for about four years that’s incredible
I know so hopefully this winter we will have a lot of snow and then we can do a
live stream outside in the snow that would be amazing that would be like a
dream come true if we could do that we can have a
snowball fight live on air okay I’ve got a leaf on my hat wait there see autumn
autumn is here you see that’s the reason why there are leaves falling everywhere
it’s almost time for us to go can you believe how fast it’s gone today before
we go here’s another picture of mr. Steve now this is one that I know that
you are very fond of you you are very fond of this picture so here it is this
is mr. Steve with his little dog what was your dog’s name my dog’s name
was a Toby Oh Toby and I was probably about 15 there I would say 15 or 16 I
think really 15 you look maybe younger you look much younger there I was said
you yes I would have said you about 12 maybe 12 I think I was a bit older than
that okay then you weren’t that mature were you I was a late developer as it
were so there is and that is that your big big garden you were telling us about
that’s part of it yeah so where’s the tennis court it was in front of me on if
you look at that picture it would be in front of me so that’s that’s part of
your big garden but we had all the big stars coming to play on our tennis court
Billie Jean King that bit the big stars are you sure the big stars from the
1970s I’m joking I think you’re lying definitely do you want to see one last
picture and this is this is a picture of me with my mum and this isn’t I think
this is the most embarrassing photograph that I have of me do you want to see now
a lot of people don’t believe just how thin how skinny I was when I was little
when I was young so here is a photograph I must have been around 15 15 years old
when this was taken so here I am with my mum prepare for
something very unusual so this is me with my mother so there I am on the left
and look how thin I am look how skinny I was I was so thin Hey I it looks as if I
I haven’t been eating for many weeks but I used to eat all the time in fact I
used to eat so much food I used to eat chocolate I used to go to the shops and
I used to go home with loads of chocolate I used to go into my bedroom
in eat tons and tons of chocolate and there I am so I was about 15 maybe even
getting on for 16 when that was taken but look there’s my lovely mum my mummy
and this was taken in I think around about 1983
maybe 1982 way back in the 1980s so I was very thin back then you were indeed
I was it’s time for us to go can you believe how fast everything is gone
today it’s gone really really quickly what do you think do you think today’s
lesson do you think today’s livestream has gone quickly I do I think it’s gone
by very fast today I would agree so I will go first and
then I will let you wrap up the show okay mr. Steve I will let you go I will
see you next week have a super week bye-bye
thank you very much and see you next week mr. catch you later bye he’s gone
mr. Steve has gone and it’s almost time for me to say goodbye as well thanks a
lot for your company we have been talking all about autumn today because
autumn is one of my favorite seasons it’s one of my most favorite seasons of
all the seasons that exist it is definitely my most favorite so there is
a lesson on my youtube channel where I talk all about autumn and here is
another clip this particular excerpt comes right at the very end it’s time
for me to go I hope you have a great week thanks for your company before I go
of course we have the answers to the mystery idioms the first one lots of
people got this right shoot yourself in the foot to shoot yourself in the foot
the meaning to accidentally make a situation worse for yourself
you bring a problem on yourself through stupidity you shoot yourself in the foot
and the second one many people got this right as well push or pushing up the
daisies pushing up the daisies meaning the meaning is an idiom that means to be
dead and bear it we can describe a dead
person as pushing up the daisies so there they are today’s mystery idioms
have been solved I will see you next Sunday two o’clock UK time and of course
until then I hope you have a great time stay safe I will see you next week it
will be the 8th of October next week is there any significance no of course not
but I will see you then this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thanks for watching me talking to you live thanks also to mr.
Steve for joining us today as well see you next week and of course you know
what’s coming next ta ta for now 😎 autumn serves as a
reminder to us all that everything has a pattern, a beginning and an end
the seasons come and go even in places where those changes are very subtle but
exist they do even in our lives there are seasons a time to grow a time to
blossom a time to live and a time to die these changes have and
always will decide how things must be autumn’s fall and winter’s chill will
choose the fates of you and me.

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