Live PD: Raised on the Racetrack (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Raised on the Racetrack (Season 3) | A&E

– The license plate is two
King Adam nine occupy twice. So we received a
call from leaving the scene of an accident. This truck had
struck two vehicles. We got around behind it
and attempted to stop it. – Chestnut. – He’s trying to turn
east on Chestnut. We’ve got traffic. So he stopped. Traffic is cleared. He is eastbound Chestnut,
passing the Dollar General. High rate of speed turning into
the Dollar General parking lot. [police radio chatter] – Clear. He is through a yard,
back on the road. We have no traffic,
south on Hilton. [police radio chatter] – Clear. I’m trying to get
on the track radio. He turned east on Olive. He is all over the road,
struck multiple stop signs and through yards. – 48, I’m waiting. – He’s trying to
strike my vehicle. This was a dead end. He came back out. He turned south on Olive. I got it, 40. Let me go in front of you. [police radio chatter] – And we’re turning
south on Suburban. He’s up in a yard
at Suburban and– he’s off route. He’s crashed out. [inaudible] [tires screeching] [police radio chatter] – 316 [inaudible]. – The truck is
basically disabled. We’re down to a crawl at Mt. Vernon and– – [inaudible] Suburban. 607 and 631 are in the area. – [yelling] Show me your hands! – Show the hands! – Show me your hands! Turn and face away from me! Turn and face away from me. On the ground! I need you, eyes on him. You with me– take
custody of him. [interposing voices]
– Go! Go!
Go! Go!
[inaudible] – Stand up. Stay in the truck! Walk backwards. Martin, I got it. Walk backwards. Back, back, back– stop! Three steps to your left– your other left. Left, left– stop. Back, back, back– stop. Take him into custody. – Yeah.
Yeah. Passenger don’t reach! Keep your hands where
we can see them! – I can see her hands. Passenger, step
out of the vehicle. Turn and face away! Walk backwards. Back, back, back, back– stop. – The car’s clear. – Good. – Unlock your car. – What in the world? How many people are you going
to put their lives in risk? Coming straight at my
vehicle, coming straight at Deputy Weiss’s vehicle,
running through people’s yards? – I know I’m right. I wasn’t asking you. – That don’t look like it,
the way you’re hitting curves and other vehicles. You hit two vehicles
for no reason at all. That’s kind [inaudible]
raised on a race track. If you were raised
on a racetrack, boy, you better stay off it. You can’t drive. – Uh, took him into custody. He’s extremely intoxicated. The female passenger,
more than likely, she’s going to be released. Doesn’t sound like she had
anything to do with this. The vehicle did verify
and come back stolen. So he’s going to be arrested
for the first degree tampering on a stolen
vehicle, the resisting arrest, for eluding, DWI, and
then also driving while revoked or suspended.

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Raised on the Racetrack (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Why did this officer let the driver drive for so long causing damages to property and putting the public in danger. The officer could’ve blocked him from going any further multiple times.

  2. This cop drives like’s afraid of his car. Had multiple chances to pit the guy prior to the guy wrecking on his own.

  3. He could've pinned the truck when he ran into the house. Nope lets him back up and run around the block into a cul-de-sac, lets him pass again!. And then wants to take the lead when the other cop shows up. "I got em let me go ahead of you." Fail. This cop is more concerned about his patrol car getting damaged while residential property is being destroyed. Triple fail! Now he wants to lecture. Sad excuse for an officer. He needs to be trained better.

  4. Actually one of the shittiest cops ive ever seen in a chase, this dude was a danger to everyone and he let him just slowly drive by like 8 times

  5. Seems like the officer could have stopped him several times if he was willing to take a little scrape on his car and pin him in. But I guess it all worked out in the end

  6. The cops are morons. They could have stopped him before they destroyed all that property. The cops should have to pay for it all.

  7. Terrible driving by police officers, multiple spots he could have easily been stopped but the cops want to put on a show. Honestly if you let someone past you like that in a dead-end court you should be fired.

  8. If he woulda had better driving skills and she wasn’t their 100% he woulda had a better chance . Minus 300 pounds with that lady he woulda took off

  9. That cop jst want it credit telling other cops he got it n tryin to du everything its team work not only u buddy

  10. Nah fr the front end of that tiny truck kept him from driving stright, oh and the elephant he stole from the zoo also

  11. I see now why he could only hook right and couldn’t stop the truck… lol hope the judge makes him pay back all the innocent people who he damaged… and if he such a aweful driver, what does that make a group of cops who couldn’t stop or catch him!?

  12. That truck probably would have been more faster and more maneuverable if he didn't have Tons-Of-Fun up in the passenger seat throwing off his center of gravity

  13. He took so long to stop the truck. He let all that property damage happen. Could have easily preformed a PIT maneuver.

  14. Excellent commands from the police here! I hate it when they all yell at the same time and expect to be understood. These guys were commanding, one spoke at a time, but weren't hysterical. Awesome job, gentlemen!

  15. All those good folk who have nice green lawns, now they’ve got tire marks all over them. That should be a crime.

  16. As a Euthanaisiaist, I think this guy's worth to society doesn't even warrant him making it to the court room. I dont care what he was fleeing for or even if he was innocent. You don't get to put the public in such danger and retain all of your value as a person. Put him down so that others may eat.

  17. Why did the cop not block him in at that dead end, guy could have rounded the corner and gone straight into some kids bedroom…

  18. good god… no wonder why the truck was leaning so far on the right side and he kept having a right pull.. hes got a land whale up in that little truck.

  19. Are they gonna have to drive back and contact the owners of all the properties he damaged so he can pay for it all?

  20. This guy seems like he was crashing on purpose. He took wider then need turns and turns when they weren’t necessary.

  21. Why did they let him go on for so long and destroy so much property? I am normally on the PD's side, but he could have hit a person instead of a sign post or some little kid playing in their front yard! I saw a couple of chances there where the lead cop could have cut him off…

  22. Way to ruin like 5 peoples yards, like 5 signs, put many in danger and even a police officer, and all he says is I have raced on a race track what a waste of a human life

  23. The bottle of Jack Daniels is not a cause… You can't handle your car if there are extra 500 pounds in passenger side😂

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