Live PD: Weirdest Stop Ever, Bro (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Weirdest Stop Ever, Bro (Season 3) | A&E

– So one of our trainees
just did a traffic stop here around the corner. It’s on a motorcycle. We’re gonna swing by over there. Assist them, and find
out what they got. – What is this? It’s a Harley? – Yeah, Harley, custom. Yep. I got promoted at work, so
I had to buy me a new toy. – Where you work? – I’m a landfill operator,
heavy equipment operator. I drive bulldozer, scrapers,
excavators, big money. Yeah. I’m doing real good. – That’s good, man. Good to hear. – Happy wife, happy life. – Are you on
probation or parole? – No.
– OK. – Straight. – I’m a Cowboy fan, baby. Woo!
– All right. – How about them Cowboys? – Wait here. We’ll be right back. – We did a traffic
stop for the music. When he drove by us earlier– – He got airbags on his bike. He’s in a good mood. That’s actually pretty cool. – Woo! How many bikes can do that, huh? – Man, look at this. – It is. – So just be careful
driving, man. This is Salinas.
– Yeah. But I mean– I’m enjoying the sunshine,
man, the Cali sunshine. I’m not even 5 foot tall. Check it out. You’ll never seen a
guy smaller than me drive a boss bike like this. You’ll never see it. Cause look at it.
Look at it. I’m already on my tippy
toes already as it is. Look. Put it on the ground, bam. Put the front down,
I’m ready to go. – All right. – As long as I keep the
music down, I guess, I’ll be all right, and avoid– avoid– avoid the
good fellas in blue. – There you go, buddy.
– All right, guys. – All right, have a good night.
– Have a good one. – All right.
Drive safe. – All right.
I will. – He ended up getting a
ticket for a CBC violation, but he’s in a good mood. He says he he’s happy
the Cowboys won. It’s always good to see a good
ending to a contact like that.

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  1. I liked him until "cowboy fan". Lost respect. But the ticket, yeah… sounds like they just needed money for the city. The guy was respectful, just having a good time. Pretty sure when he said "Yeah, I work doing this, good money", that's when they saw dollar signs.

  2. Another words piggie your gonna stick your boogery nose where it dont belong.. Typical pig guess Dunkin Donuts ran out of the jelly filled

  3. we can't get those here in my city lol they have to have a sound meter!!!these cops will end up shooting someone!!!losers ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

  4. Cops are supposed to stop crimes and keep peace. Most traffic laws are barely constitutional including having music too loud wtf kinda ticket is that

  5. He bought that bike because he makes big money.
    Translation: Lives in a small house with 10 other people, spent every penny he had on the bike.

  6. I donโ€™t follow football much, but I know the Dallas Cowboys well enough to know he wasnโ€™t happy for long after this

  7. people are getting pulled over for too loud of music? do you not hear the ignorant people that have their bass up at the highest it can go in their cars where their bolts are rattling loose

  8. Wow, these comments are full of hate towards the cops. It was illegal for him to have his music to loud. It was a distraction. You don't have to agree with him getting a ticket, but it wasn't because they were out to get him.

  9. Bruh really. They really gave this dude a ticket just for loud music. He was so polite and didnโ€™t give them a hard time. This is why peolle hate cops

  10. I was convinced the dog was going to walk up to the guy on the bike and do a drug deal in front of the cops


  12. I also got a ticket for loud music.
    1. Is this your car?
    2. Where do you work?
    3. Is this vehicle registered in your name?
    4. Where did you buy this vehicle?
    5. Can I see your driver license?
    6. This is your car, right?
    I experience this every day!
    Cops cannot believe I can afford a nice expensive SUV.

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