Living in Integrity with Ren Hurst Episode 1 Is horseback riding vegan?

Living in Integrity with Ren Hurst Episode 1 Is horseback riding vegan?

hi I’m stormy May producer of the documentary the path of the horse I’m here today to introduce you to my friend Ren Hirst we’ve been following a similar path of horsemanship for the past few years and I’m pleased humbled honored to say that she lives in full integrity with her message of not causing harm she does her best every day to create a better world I’d like you to help us by sharing this video talking about it with your friends commenting on it reading her book riding on the power of others supporting her Sanctuary foundation the new world Sanctuary and sharing kindness in this world to be humble to be kind it is a giving of peace in your mind to a stranger to a friend to give in such a way has no end we are we are we are we are P leader we are how we treat each other nothing we are how he treats hi I’m Rin this is the new world sanctuary foundation located in Southern Oregon we’re a vegan farm stay in horse sanctuary and have come here today to address the issue of horses and veganism and answer the question is horseback riding vegan a lot of people don’t make the connection between horses and being being and because they don’t really understand that v you know that veganism is more than a diet veganism is a philosophy and a lifestyle choice to not use non-human animals so when you’re thinking about horseback riding the quick answer to the question is no horseback riding is not vegan because it’s using the horse and I know a lot of people probably get in an uproar about that because they think of the magical friendship they have with their horses and how that involves climbing on their horses back well I used to be a horse trainer I’m very proficient in many of the gentlest methods that you’ve probably ever heard of and that path and my journey with exploring all of the methods that were available to have this so-called gentle method of relating to horses led me to becoming vegan and to starting the sanctuary where the horses live in total freedom and have actually truly become my friends finally this is honey she wants to be in the show to make you understand a little bit more about what is harmful about riding or what would make it non compliant with the vegan lifestyle there’s so many facets to that I probably can’t get into all of it in this one clip so we’ll probably just make a series we can address the science and the harm first of all and that it’s actually physically damaging to the horses to be ridden there is an enormous amount of evidence to prove that without beyond any shadow of a doubt and I encourage you to research it from limited blood supply to the tissues and muscles on the back to the obvious weight on an elongated spine to what equipment you use to ride if you’re placing a piece of metal in your horse’s mouth and you created a story about how that isn’t harming them really is a story and there’s just so much evidence to show the harm that actually goes into physically putting a human weight on the back of a horse especially for a prolonged period of time but we can get into all of details of that or you can just consider the basic fact that horses are conditioned to be risen they are trained they are taught to accept it this is not something that they come from a free place and say hey climb upon me and let’s go gallivanting around thank you honey so there’s there’s just so many ways that we can get into this topic but at the end of the day horseback riding is exploitation at best and I’ve documented my entire journey with horses including all the different avenues that I explored and learned and put them in this book riding on the power of others or people that understand what it’s like to come to these conclusions after truly being very much engaged with the depths of the industry I’ve trained hundreds of horses I’ve probably caused more harm to more horses than any of you watching this will ever even think about so it’s not coming from a place of judgment it’s coming from a place of truly experienced truth and I hope that anyone watching this video that is interested in exploring veganism or being vegan would have an open enough heart to explore this topic more fully and I’d highly recommend reading my story at least and then doing a ton of exploration on your own but you can order the book riding on the power of others on Kazan comm or through vegan publishers or you can request it anywhere books are sold depending on the input I received from this video I would be very open into continuing a series of videos like this to answer some of the more pressing questions in detail like what is the harm of riding horses and is it psychologically damaging and I have a lot of strong opinions but most of them are answered right here through my unique and very in-depth experiences so thank you for taking the time to watch this today and getting to meet a little bit of my herd and I look forward to bringing more to you on this topic to be handled to be kind it is a giving those piece in your mind to estranged it to a friend to give in such a way that has no and we are we are today is done we are peace we are how we treat each other nothing we are how a tree you

19 thoughts on “Living in Integrity with Ren Hurst Episode 1 Is horseback riding vegan?

  1. Thank you, Ren, for this video. I would like to see more of this serie. I once saw a documentary about how riding horses is more damaging than the enjoy of riding them, ever since I haven't ridden any horses. I LOVE horses, I have always have, and when I see one, something inside of me transforms and I enjoy and feel different. Again, than you for this video. Congratulations. I would like one day to come and visit you in Oregon.

  2. Yes, please do a series of videos about all that you have learned and experienced. From my experience and what I see going on with youtube now, if the word vegan is in your video title it will start to get more and more views, so it's worth it. There is a raising of consciousness happening now, especially through veganism and if you have information that can raise peoples consciousness even more, I think it is crucial that you give it in every way you can now. If you are one of the few that know these things, then It is important you get it out there, otherwise who will? And advertise your book in every video also so people can always learn more if they want.
    I believe we need to do everything we can to raise consciousness on the earth now, not only to stop the overdone extreme suffering we cause animals, but also for our own suffering and the future of the planet – our future.

  3. Although not a vegan, I've been a vegetarian for 40+ years. I was raised on the back of a horse, and have spent many happy hours in their company. Several years ago, I became uncomfortable with the idea of riding them, but I encountered such ridicule from others that I began to doubt my impulse to not ride. I can't tell you what it means to find others who feel the same way. Thanks for this.

  4. Wow! I watched Episode 2 first and then this one today. 😉 I've been having this philosophical dilemma within my own thinking for the past three years. As a child, I of course loved horses, pretended to be a horse and wanted nothing more than to ride horses. I didn't have horses again until after the age of 40 when I purchased my first horse. After a year of fighting a bizarre wound on this little guy's back, I came to the conclusion that I might never be able to ride him. I had to do a lot of deep thinking about how that made me feel and the responsibility I had to see this precious animal through whether he ever carried me or not. Sadly, I had to put him down. 🙁 While devastated I was determined to make my "horse dream" a reality and I bought a six month old filly. I trained her from the day I got her and developed some sort of bond. I believe very much in a physical reward system that includes food or a "paycheck" if you will for training, not just the release of pressure as a reward. As much as I believed I was training the "right way" I still had the nagging thoughts about what right did I have to impose my will on these creatures? I know darn well that if they could talk they would not say, "hey, let's go for a ride where you take me away from everything that makes me feel safe, ask me to go the direction you want, at the speed you want for as long as you want". No, I seriously doubt they would ask for that and who would blame them? I no longer believe I have the right to ask from that of my horses so I'm going through the process of how to progress with this new level of understanding. I've involved my girls in getting horses to ride and they are looking at me like I"m crazy and they are somewhat confused although they have some level of understanding about what I'm saying. I woke up a few days ago and saw your video and realized….I'm right on with my thinking. So, thank you for being bold enough to realize this yourself and put it out there for people to think about and digest. Even if you convert just one person, you've created a better world for horses and humans. I look forward to learning more about how to interact with my horses, keeping them fit and strengthening my relationship with them without imposing my will on them.

  5. Ren, we have a small channel that interviews authors. (I write fantasy incorporating messages about how we treat Gaia and animals, namely horses) I have interviewed Margrit Coates and we talked about this same thing. Would you be interested in coming on our small channel? Oh, I just one clicked your book.

  6. I'm so happy to have FINALLY found a group of "horsepeople" who understand what my gut has been telling me for years! I've loved horses since I was a child (lived in the city), but wasn't in the position to have one until I was 40 (that was quite a while ago). I depended on the friends I had made in our local horse community to "show me the ropes" when it came to the care and training of horses. Much of what I saw rubbed me the wrong way (I thought it cruel and unfair), but I was shamed into going along because, as they said, I "didn't know enough about horses to object to the standard, proven training methods." To make a long story short – I stuck with my gut, got rid of all bits, and eventually stopped riding altogether. To me, it was basically impossible to connect the way I wanted to with my horse while sitting on his back, staring at the back of his head. I also felt supporting the weight of a human body must be uncomfortable (to say the least) if not downright painful – though I had no outright "proof."

    Now I enjoy my two boys (Arabian geldings) completely from the ground. They're happy, I'm happy – it's all good. I've (willingly) lost contact with my old "horse community", mostly due to the constant criticism I received for my views. I don't miss them. 😉

    I've just put your book on my Amazon Wish List.

    Thank you.

  7. I am planning on ordering the book this week. Thank you so much for you presenting the unvarnished truth about horse exploitation and thank you for doing everything you do to help other innocent sentient individuals….regardless of the incidental fact that the other may not be of the human variety of species.

  8. In the middle of reading your book. Thank you SOO much!! I'm literally crying because I've felt so alone this past year as I've gone through some of the same revelations as you.

  9. One the is no perfect vegan and you are not. You dont have ride with a bit. Or saddle. As for you making this video is not being vegan and ownership is not vegan too. So there is no 100% vegan no ones perfect. Your remakes needs to be i did my best to be vegan. Has i know about ownership off horses that saved from slaughter. That horses are being slaughtered by the billions to make more for factory farming. Has you made this You dont say no to horseback riding for pleasure. And bad for the horse. Is it bad to own a dog? To here a coller and take for a walk. Or go jogging with. The same thing. Plus jesus himself talks about animals too. So jesus rode on donkey is a equine. In a perfect world to be vegan to many people houses buildings. So animals can roam freely. To be 100% vegan. The world has to be back when jesus was alive or the 1700s. No one will be vegan has to start with no meat hunting no dairy factory farming and slaughterhouse needs to close down before you can pick on horseback riding and owning horses. On a little bit off land people try to save animals from slaughter.

  10. I LOVE all you people and Ren, you are my favorite 🙂 I've learned a lot from your videos that I use with all animals.

  11. I’m sorry, but so many horses enjoy and love their job and though many trainers and riders have abusive methods the best trainers have horses that live strong happy lives working with their riders

  12. Couldn't agree more! I have 2 horse, no 'horse' training… and no interest in riding. My horses and I have the best relationship *:D

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