Loading the Nagant M1895 revolver on horseback… Sort of.

Loading the Nagant M1895 revolver on horseback… Sort of.

hi this is Joel Persinger I’m the gun guy thank you very much for watching my videos I really really deeply appreciate it this video is on this little nig aunt model 1895 revolver these things are really cool they’re not worth a whole heck of a lot monetarily but they have some neat aspects to them now there’s a million-in-one videos on these things so if you look around youtube or in the Internet in general you’re probably going to learn more about them than you ever really wanted to know in the first place so that said I don’t want to repeat all of that because it will just bore you to tears the big question I had about these is how did they reload these on horseback I mean these things were used by the Russian army back of the day when officers were riding on horses these things are very difficult to load how do you load them on horseback so we did a little experiment to figure that out and I’m going to show you that in just a minute before we do let me thank some folks really fast I’m going to kind of get through it quickly here because I know I I go a little long-winded with this and i promise i’m up here here patreon people thank you very much for helping out here are some names and the usernames mace 4065 AI g I think that’s al g my apologies James be Dan Jay Jason are Kyle t jose f JH steve v trent em josh s Curtis H Thomas s Seth G William O Robert F Hines why david m richard m and lloyd our patreon folks thank you very much donation straight donations to our donation link on the website chase are dale see james h richard l jose r Gordon be Dean a guy d and ben b thank you very much each and every one of you for helping I really do appreciate it helps us keep the channel going with that in mind we’ve also duplicated the channel on vid me I had a number of people asking us to do that so the gun guy tv youtube channel is has been completely duplicated on vid me so if you’re upset with YouTube you’d like to watch it over there feel free there will be a link in this video’s description so that you can find that there’s also a place for you to find the donation thing if you’d like to do that or to check out patreon where you can help us out to keep the channel going thank you very much for that I appreciate it all right now back to this these little things are really tough to load their more so than like a single-action Colt because interestingly enough there is no ejector rod that’s already lined up with the very where the shoulders going to go or whether the chambers are going to go so with this pistol you have to pull out the ejector rod and then line it up you leaned it out a little bit and line it up so that it then hits the appropriate cylinder but it doesn’t line up easily you got to kind of wiggle it to figure it out so imagine doing that while you’re on horseback has got to be a real challenge and then you then you basically unload each round individually and then you load it again individually and then swing that back load it individually close loading gate and now you’re got your pistol loaded again I cannot imagine how an officer did that on horseback however I was willing to try I tried to get a horse but I couldn’t get one and I don’t know how to ride one anyway I did find one horse we tried to get that I know I could ride we tried to get this horse but the guy at the drugstore wouldn’t let me have it besides it didn’t have enough quarters anyway so instead we just pulled over a table here I’m sitting on the table i’m going to shoot a few shots and i’m going to see if i can reload this thing on horseback now I don’t have any range but we’ll pretend I’ve got them I put it on my tea whatever I got to do and we’re going to give it a try so here we go alright couple two or three shots so we’re going to see if we can reload it on horseback here we go and then we got the target over there as you can see already go oh I’m already listen whoa whoa big fella all right yeah I gotta go from the loading gate all right i got that open come on guys people shooting up here I maybe if I put the range of my teeth now we’ll pick up a rarity for food Riddler hit this thing out that’s good I don’t think this is royal big color I don’t think this is cross oh you know what the heck with that I’m getting like stabby sunny hockey huggy haha you can’t kill me you know the nice thing about these things whoa whoa hold up the nice thing about these things is they don’t require reloads I think that’s probably what they did when they ran out of ammo they probably grabbed another gun or they grab the sword and they did what they could do because I gotta tell you but a time you have to swing out you have to pull out the ejector rod swing it out to line it up just right try to get the thing lined up right to certain align the cylinders start pushing them out one at a time and then get them out of your pocket it’s not possible I mean I if it’s if somebody can do it I want to know who they are because I want to shake their I just don’t think it can be done and then we just tried it I mean you can shoot it pretty good they don’t kick Harley it’s hardly any recall on them they’re neat little guns but as far as reload them is concerned you need a new york reload here you got to carry two or three of these stupid things and when you’re done with this one throw it away grab the next one when you finally get the part where you out of guns get the hacky hacky stabby stabby tool out because that’s all you’re going to get so there you go there’s the nagant revolver from horseback or in this case okay from from table back i admit it i didn’t have a horse there you go from table back shoot anyway there’s the nig amp model 1895 a lot of fun to shoot if you happen to be able to grab ahold of one they are a joy and a lot of ways to mess around with not something I would want to use while on horseback other net I think you’re probably good please check us out on patreon and if you’d like to do that you can help us on patreon with a little as a dollar a month we have a lot of great premium content there for you including a podcast I do twice a month a lot of pictures and comments and things like that from just stuff that we’re doing and exclusive videos only for the folks on patreon there actually is a an outtake sore bloopers reel from the horseback thing on patreon specifically for patreon members so check that out of you in mind also check out our online store you can purchase things there it’s you’re basically purchasing it from Amazon doesn’t cost you any more money but if you’re buying gun stuff please buy it on our store that way we actually get a little commission from amazon if you do that your amazon prime and everything else will work you’ll find that a gun guide TV just click on the shop or store tab i don’t member the store shop one of the two but it’s gun guide TV forward slash op that’s our online store thank you again for watching have a wonderful week and please be safe

28 thoughts on “Loading the Nagant M1895 revolver on horseback… Sort of.

  1. I think they stopped to reload or they had two revolvers? But yes that's really difficult when on a moving horse back.

  2. The horseplay was unexpected (no pun intended), but heck I do and say more stupid and indecent stuff.

  3. I never got the 1895 Nagant, it replaced the S&W Number 3 in 44 Russian, a much more powerful, top break revolver, reloads quick, easy to shoot, and cheaper from what i understand.

    In my honest opinion, the Nagant is the worst weapon you can arm yourself with back in the day, it has less muzzle energy then 22 Magnum does, it takes a century to reload, has a entirely useless DA trigger, and the SA is just meh.

    I'd rather have a SAA then one of these back in the late 1800s.

  4. dude I know you're in California it's illegal to smoke it but you don't have to LOL great Channel brother

  5. Finally, an honest assessment. A lot of people don't understand the attitudes toward pistols at the time. The pistol, for the cavalryman, was secondary, to the lance or the saber. And officers were required to command, not to fight and a pistol is more of a pure self defense tool a when you are one many, seven shots with a slow reload isn't that big of a deal.

  6. Good job reloading that Nagant. Ive never seen anyone do it quite like that before. However, I'm sure if you had really had a horse you would have come up with the same result. Lol. Very entertaining

  7. This video absolutely removed the slightest, last-remaining micro-particle of interest I ever had in getting a Nagant M1895 revolver. Many thanks.

  8. The Nagant revolver is a fun little firearm, in part because of the Rube Goldberg way it operates. I can't imagine ever having to use one in a fight.

  9. That was entertaining. What about changing out the cylinder for a loaded one, a la Josey Wales and his Colt Walkers?

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