1. it seems so simple with your videos :(((
    how can i learn alone ? i already know how to roll, but i want to learn tricks yk
    help meeee

  2. idol is so good you skate can you give me a skateboard because i like skating. because of poor life there is no value. I only watch on computer then log in to YT to subscribe to pls help me

  3. www.liveandenjoymovement.com Love your content always #fashreduntilyouredead #rebelliousskateboards #letsmakeskateboardingbiggerthanpolitics #lmsbtp #humanawarenesscommunity #liveandenjoy

  4. Pretendsupply.co is a great skate store and website in the uk , also ships worldwide and has great selections of skate stuff and clothing , make sure to check it out

  5. Hey, how are you going luis?
    Man, i can`t explain how much i appreciate you`re lifestyle and erased bro, i really enjoy you`re videos, I`m from Brazil, can you pls say 'Salve Brasil' in you`re next video?(it`s like 'hello everybody from Brazil') thnx bro
    p.s:Sorry about the typos, I`m still learning english.

  6. Are the erased clothes all Gildan? Cuz I just copped a shirt off grailed and it feels like Gildan. still a dope shirt but for 30 dollars:(

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