Long Ke Wan: Hong Kong hike & beach

Long Ke Wan: Hong Kong hike & beach

Hi guys, we are going to Long Ke today in Sai Kung. We just took – how long was our taxi ride? – LIke 40? 20? 30 minutes Tanya: 30 Yeah, it was really long. But now we only have to hike 20 minutes. Yay! The beach! We are at Long Ke beach and I’m making Wing and Tanya come with me to take some photos. Because what else do you do at a beach? you can lay down, but yeah So that was the day spent at Long Ke Wan. We are now going to try and get a taxi out. I think we are going to order one on the phone. It’s crazy. So I hope you enjoyed the day with us. Would you ever come to Hong Kong and visit this remote place? let me know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Long Ke Wan: Hong Kong hike & beach

  1. Beach hikes are the best! I love how diverse HK can be. Before I moved there, I thought it's skyscrapers and concrete, but it's sooo beautiful!!

  2. Oh, I didn't know this side of Hongkong! I went there for the first and last time way back in 1994 and as a kid, i was mesmerzed with the skyscrapers. Didn't know there's more to Hongkong than the city life! I should probably go back and stay longer. Upload more HK vids 😀

  3. Wow what gorgeous views of the beach, looked like a great day all around! The paraglider shots were awesome!

  4. Hey Nam. I've long wanted to do this hike, but have read in most blogs that it's hard to get out of this place with the taxi queues. Is there any alternative to getting a taxi?

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