Mahesh Telugu Full Movie | Sundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade | Sri Balaji Video

Mahesh Telugu Full Movie | Sundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade | Sri Balaji Video

Hey.. – What? Show me. Yuck! – Little.. Go away! – Nobody is watching. Please! – Okay! See it.. Hey, Shiva! What is this? Get up! You have exam today.
Get up I say! Hey! Get up! Time is 8 o’clock. Is it? Sorry, father. I studied all night and therefore
I couldn’t wake up. – Oh.. Sorry, son. Sorry. Hey! Hey! Yes, father. Don’t you have sense
to knock the door before.. ..entering the room of a young boy? Hey, should I take your
permission to enter my house? Have you lost it? Hey, what is this on vest?
-Father, do your work? Did you lost it? Is it this? What is happening here? Is this what you did all night? Is this what a student does? Go! Go and take bath! There should be some disciple.
– Nuisance in the morning! Oh god! See how the youth
is getting spoiled! Go fast! By the way, what he might have seen? I never saw this anytime before! I am unable to control! I know you will do some
stupid thing like this. One can trust a young boy like me
but never trust an old man like you. I will watch it..
– Dear! Should I come upstairs? Mother, you don’t come!
It will be create big problem. What exam is it today?
– English, father. Oh! Is it that the
reason why you watched.. ..english movie last
night for reference? Will you stay calm for sometime? I don’t feel like
laughing at this joke. It is indeed a film for youth
like us. – Hey! Watch carefully. Are you talking about youth? Hey, watch in front and
also behind while driving. Father, I saw the front. If I see the back too.. My god! You hit me after watching the back! Hey, rascal! Why do you watch
the girl’s back and ride the bike.. ..instead of watching the road?
Where are you coming from? What will happen now? Hey, Shiva! Sorry, father. I am getting
late for exam. You manage it. Who will give the money? You or him? Why do you call him?
Take out money! – Hey, Shiva! Take out the money!
– Have you started the day? Where did you get hair cut? Come in the evening.
I will see you! – Now I will see you! Hey, what is this sum? It
is bigger than madam Sundari’s wig. So this will come in exam. What are you saying?
– It will definitely come. So we should tear it for sure. Have you seen it? – Vasant! My god! Danger guy has come.
What to do now? Shakespeare, Sunder, Titanic.. Vasant, I am calling you.
– Hi, Shiva. What a nice thing? Yuck! Tell me your number.
– Will you give prize in lucky draw? My number is next to you. I
don’t understand which room is mine. You will know it when
you check your hall ticket. Hey, wonderful thinking! I should keep this
chit inside the pant. Hey, it has my father’s photo. Does your father still has arrears? Oh! It has my mother’s photo too.
– Where is it? Hey, we can write pharm oil,
phenol and other oils. We cannot write exams. – Why? This is the xerox of
you family’s ration card. Your father looks like a cheat. What to do now? You couldn’t even find
a small paper for identification. What will you remember
and write in exam? Sir! He gave a nick name
to all the lecturers of all college. What are the names? Sir, he gave you too a name.
– Nonsense! Sir, your name is Chalapathyrao..
It is.. It is.. Tell me!
– Leave it. It doesn’t look good. Tell me!
– Okay! He is calling you bald! What is this? – Sir, I promise
that I didn’t give these names. Forgive me this time and
give the hall ticker. Please, sir. I will not give you hall ticket
again at any cost. What will you do? Sir, his cell phone
too is abusing you. Sir! Sir!
Sir! – It is okay. It is okay. I will give the hall ticket. – Sir.. Sir, give the hall ticket.
Else he will bite you. – You wait. I said I will give it. – Sir! Sir! – He will get Nandu
award for sure on this acting. God! What I didn’t study
shouldn’t come in exam. All the chits I am carrying
should be there for exam. Biscuit whisky..
Chocolate rum.. Everything.. My devotee!
– Why did you come in front of me.. ..when I opened my
eyes after praying to god? Hey, why did you bring
calculator for this exam? Will someone bring accelerator
instead of calculator for math exam? Turn around! – Maths exam? I forgot it is maths exam today. Shiva, sign it. Madam, my refil is missing. Anyone got extra pen? – Yes, madam. Shiva, enough of watching her.
First sign it. Nice figure. I never saw her before. Maths paper? 00-sx.. I don’t understand anything. Why, god? Why? It is better to say packup. Madam! – Yes. Paper? – My goodness! With pleasure! I am very tired! Superb Shiva! Hey, military! – Tell me!
Today’s exam is fun! What is it? I thought he will be in bathroom.
Why is he here? Hey, enough of acting.
Exam is over. Sleeping? Buddy, the girl who gave pen in
exam.. Which class is she studying? Oh! The one who gave the pen!
Sandhya. She is final year computer science.
– Final year computer science? Even my best friend
too never said about her. Will you remember if I tell you? By the way, how did I miss her? Ask her. Ask her! Hey, you took my pen in
the exam hall. Can you give it? I kept it somewhere..
– Sandhya.. Wait. We are late. Come. Okay. I will collect
the pen tomorrow. – Sorry. Did you fight with Vasant?
– He is a fool. Stingy guy! Buddy, she is your girl
friend Priya with her, right? Yes. – Then why did she
leave without talking to you. We both had a fight? – What happened? She called me in the morning. I took her call and talked to her.
She scolded me. – Is this a problem? She always has a balance
of 50 paise in her phone. She is stingy.
She always gives missed call. Today I want thinking something
and therefore I took her call. Her outgoing got cut. And since then Priya
and my incoming got cut. Stupid! Oh! Mother, I am hungry. Have you come? Did you leave father
with the auto driver and left? Mother, it is nothing. Silly matter. Bring food, mother. I am hungry. Silly matter?
– Don’t know what your language is. Hello! Hello! I am suffering leg pain. You came and turned the
TV on and started watching movie. Will you not even ask what happened? Okay. What happened? Are you a son?
You left me with some auto driver. How can you do this? Mother, he is irritating
me even while eating. Utter nonsense! Will he get
the bandage on mouth instead of leg? Bandage on mouth too? Cut his food. You have found fault with
me whenever I tried to control him. Now see he became careless. Even wife too gives
dialogues if I give a gap. Priya baby,
you fought with me for 50 paise. Now see I have recharged
your number with 500 rupees. Really? Wow! – Stingy! We are going to movie
together on this happy occasion. Which movie?
– ‘Aa ammayi to araganta’ cinema. Go away!
– You will say like that only. Didn’t you watch ‘Lopalaki
raa gadestha’ movie continuously? She will hear it and says
she too will come. – Okay. Okay. What style is this? Doggie style? It looks exactly like dog’s..
– Yuck! Go away! Can’t you walk without rotating
the book. Book is very important. Shut up! – Hery, military.
What is this crowd? Buddy, date has been announced
for Bangalore Industrial visit! Hey! Superb! Wow! That’s what I
have been waiting for all these days! Stop it!
Are there better industries.. ..anywhere than our place?
I will not come. Hey, who is asking you?
I have got my Priya. Hey, girls from all
classes are coming. Is your class too coming?
Then I too will come. I will bear the tour expenses. Don’t think more. Come. Brother-in-law,
take care of your sister. Cheers! – Phone call.. Hello. – Darling.. Where are you? – I am close to you. Darling, today we shouldn’t sleep.
Today is our first night. We should be active.
Okay? – Okay, you come fast. Okay, dear. Hey, keep the phone aside and drink. Hey, that loudmouth
fellow has called. Talk to him.. – Hello. Vasant, where are you? Tickets
are with you. I am here with girls.. Sir! – I mean for how
long should I wait with madam. Sir, tickets are with me.
Shiva and I are nearby. Shiva? He is a strange guy.
What is the need for him? Okay, come fast. Come! Come! Come! Let us go fast!
– What else then? Should we crawl? My god! Don’t know where they are.
Did you drink beer? I want to pee. Come. Run fast! Vasant, come fast!
– Rascals! Run fast! Run fast, rascals! – Come fast! Come fast! – Come fast! – Excuse me. Sir! – Run fast!
– Hey, at least throw the tickets! Sir, I am coming.
– Sir! Sir! Please give me your hand. Sir! – Hey! – Come fast! Sir! Get into the next compartment! Come inside! Madam, someone pushed
that loudmouthed fellow! Where did you go all this time? Sir! – You have come late.. Do you want to make me late?
– Sir, don’t take tension. Shiva was suffering stomach
pain so we went to the wine shop.. ..and bought tonic. – What? Did you buy tonic in wine shop? Yes, madam.
I know you will ask like this. That’s why I brought
the bottle with me. Hey! Why are you
shouting by coming drunk? Oh! Sir, did you find it out? Did you come drunk?
Rascals! Yuck! Get lost! Remove the hand from madam’s waist.
– Priya! Wait! – Brother-in-law.. He came drunk today too. Drunkard! Hey, Priya. I went to medical shop. What is it? Why did he come to me? Pretending to ignore me? Okay.. What else? Why didn’t
you tell me that you are coming? I mean you don’t know
that you are coming. I swear on your father, I don’t know. I forgot to bring ipod in hurry. I
will not get sleep if I don’t listen. Why do you feel sad for it?
Ask someone and they will give it. Why is he jogging
in sitting position? One moment. Hey, give your ipod. Give it. – What? Hey.. Are you dancing on this song?
Are you trying to impress her? Buddy, she is the one. Her father is a big factionist.
Be careful. Don’t cross limits. What does your father do?
– He is a businessman. Take it. With this excuse,
I will settle here whole night. My favorite song. Is this your favorite song?
It seems she is more mass than me. Hey! What are you doing here? Sir, I went to hold the rod. Rod is not only there!
Go to my place and sleep. Sir, I cannot sleep
without listening to songs. Yes, you don’t get sleep
without listening to songs. And that guy doesn’t get
sleep without dirnking milk. I am your manager who has
come to arrange everything to you! Go and sleep! Why did he come? – Good night. Good night. I am too saying good night. Get up. Sir, be careful while sleeping.
Be careful with your head. – Go away! Cover yourself and sleep. He
came to say he will listen to songs. Some other guy will come
and say he will click photos. Did you understand? Oh,
I am getting tempted. Where is madam? This is last warning for you. If you go with him and drink
again then I will not talk to you. Okay, darling.
Why do you talk about that dog now? Do you know how
beautiful you look today? You look like Samantha from
‘Aa maya chesavo’ in this angle. Really? No, I was kidding. Didn’t you
see Samantha at all. – Crap! Stop it! Do you know what
this heart is saying? It is saying Priya Priya. It says turn off the light! Yuck! You always think
of such things! Go away! Don’t pretend. Open your mouth. How big is your mouth! You are a princess and I am a price.
We both have become one in the train. They seem to be newly married
couple from Kerala. – Sir! Sir, it would have been cool and
wonderful if you had booked AC berth. True but you booked it here.
-Yes, it is true. You! You! You! Bhaskar!
– Sir, it is my father’s name. Fruits, flowers,
milk and everything is there. Where are the sweets?
– They will come, sir. We will start after
sweets are brought. Shut up! Did you come
to IB tour or honeymoon tour? Why are you behaving like
a married couple? Go to your berth! Sir! – My fruits.. Don’t touch them!
– Turn off the light and sleep. They are getting high
and also tempted me! Mallaiah! I have come! Who? Your dad?
Okay, take bath and get ready fast. We should leave in half
an hour for industrial tour. Sir, it will take half
an hour for us to leave.. My goodness! What did he
eat last night? Rascal! Rascal! Okay! Don’t spoil the reception.
Go to bathroom! Rascal! Madam, get down fast. – Yes, sir. Students, stay disciplined
in this industrial tour. He is clicking our photos. Stupid fellow! He didn’t even open
the lens. How will he click photos? Listen, now we are going
to a software company. I thought it is Araku Valley. Who is it? If you want
to make progress in life.. ..then you should do every work
by putting lot of efforts. – Sir.. My god! Priya, you be careful.
– What is it? – Move.. Sir.. Sorry, madam.
I didn’t sleep last night. This seems to be a pillow so.. Have you seen the romance?
– You click them fast! – Yes. That’s why I slept. Sir, students are watching.
– Okay. Okay. Should I sleep later when
students are not watching? Go away, sir! Sir.. Wipe it. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. How are the photos? Shiva, wearing this black glasses,
I feel like.. Madam, you alone look energetic
amongst us. – Don’t walk by my side. Old is gold! Is it here too? Excuse me! Your sweet name.. – Yes. Madatha Khaja! You know it
will not work. Why do you act smart? Where is the men’s toilet? That side. – Oh thank you. Hey, I too came for asking the same.
– Okay, come. Very good. Sir, that is ladies toilet. Come
this side. – That’s why I am going. Madam, What is he talking? He is talking for long
like villain from english movies. Did you understand anything? I didn’t understand anything.
– I too.. I am feeling bored in
the name of Industrial visit. Where are you going? Did you ask me before starting?
Shut up! Tell me now.
You are going to the shop, right? Useless people like you go to shop. Handsome guys like me go to raping..
I mean dating. Oh Priya Priya! Hey, remove the hand!
– My Priya Priya! I will touch at the right place. Bye! Vasant, listen to me. Stop. If he leaves then I
should go alone to the bar. I should leave him. Hello.. – Hello. Listen to me carefully. Some untoward incident is going to
take place in room number 12 – Is it? You can stop it if
you go there immediately. Hello! Come. Will you act smart with me? I am coming. You are finished. Nice mood.. Priya darling! Sorry, sir. I didn’t know it
is madam’s room. That’s why I came. All the best.
Enjoy a lot. – Hey, stop! Sir, it will not look
good if they are three. Hey, you came to do something wrong.
Why do you suspect us? Sir, what are you doing? – Hey, he is
getting it wrong. I know everything. Do you know everything? Hey, do you have sense? Will you watch the room
of honeymoon couple secretly? Come, we will go to other room.
– Leave the hand! You too leave it! If I leave you like this
then seem to make us witness. If I see you both together then
it will be your last day of college. Sir! Sir, it is the dream of four years. We are planning it since six months.
– Yes, sir. Hey, What can you do now when you
couldn’t do anything for four years? What is there to do, sir? Get out! – Don’t take tension! You don’t worry.
– Why is he shouting like a mad dog? Buddy, is it finished so quickly? Oh! Is this your work? What did I do? Okay, come. – Where? I mean you are in tension.
To make you cool. Come. Let us go.
– He will make me commit. Sorry, buddy. She lost. Buddy, it is a dog. Why is the dog lying there.. – Dog.. We have seen lot of girls till now. She is better than all. But you are leaving them
all and running behind Priya. You leave her.
– I am too thinking of it. She tells me to sit, stand and..
– Is it? Buddy, she treats me like a dog. – Yes. Buddy, you are not just
a friend to me. You are god. Control your loose motions, dear. It is midnight.
Where did these rascals go? Why didn’t they come yet?
– Where are they? Did Vasant tell you something? – No. Here we come dancing! – Vasant! Why are you wearing knicker?
Where is your pant? You are correct, sir. We got late for searching his pant. What is that you did due
to which you had to lose your pant? I kept the tour money in the pant. I was searching for
it but pant was not found. Did you lose the tour money? – Yes. Who is the madam wearing nightie? Has
she kept the money in her nightie? She is our madam. Leave it.
– They came drunk. – See her.. Go to your room.
We will have meeting in the morning. Hold meeting with us in the
morning and with them at night. Hey, don’t talk rubbish!
Go to your room. – Wait. Come, I will see them.
– Why do you look away? Come, I will drop you on the way. Are you going in Benz car? They are talking rubbish because they
are drunk. What is wrong with you? Do I need a Benz car to drop her.
I am not so rich. Hey, wake me up at 5 o’clock.
I will go and bring milk. Hey, Vasant. I told you so many times yesterday.. ..but you still went
with him and came drunk. Don’t ever show your face to me. Hey, you shouldn’t say that.
I should say it. – Yuck! Go away! Do you think you are a beauty!
I should beat myself.. ..with my footwear for listening
to your words. – Beat with footwear. Why are you putting your hand on me? Do you know how it feels if I put.
– Hey, rascal! Buddy, how much money do you have?
Take them out. Take them out! – We have only coins. Give them! Coins are more for her. “King and the beggar in street..” Hey, who clapped on my song? Will you talk so rudely? Henceforth
there is nothing between us. Go away! – Hey, give my pant and go. Have you seen how she wore
it though it is tight to her? What about you?
Are you a laundry woman? She took my pant.
– Leave her! She is my girl! – Okay. Buddy, what you are doing is wrong. Priya is scolding you
because she loves you. Sandhya too is here. Ever did she ask me why I
am drinking and spoiling my health? Leave it.
It all comes with true love. You come. Come. – Hey! Are you drunk?
Why are you preaching me? You will understand
it in the morning. Hey, laundry.. take these coins..
collect them. – Come! Take these coins..
collect them. – Yuck! Go! – Priya, you there.. Stomach pain! Yes, buddy.
You seem to be struggling. Yes. Where are you going?
I should call Priya. Your girl friend? You have cut her last night.
– What are you saying? Buddy, don’t you remember anything. You sinner! You broke our love
of four years in four days. Hey, this is unfair. What did I do? What did you do?
While coming in train we were like.. ..Chaitanya and Samatha
from ‘Aa maya chesavo’. Now you gave it the
climax of tamil movie. Jinxed fellow!
I don’t want your friendship. Hey, I am going to see my gril. Are you going to
see your girl? You! Priya! Priya! Don’t kill me! Don’t make me alone. Everything happened because of him!
Idiot! – Listen! Listen! I committed a mistake. Shiva, don’t you know what mistake
you are committing after drinking? Poor girl Priya! She wept all night. I said no.
He drank heavily by himself. These days youngsters
don’t listen to anyone. Why do you spoil your
health by drinking like this? Oh! Why do you show
affection like this on me? I felt like telling you.
It is upto you now. I mean.. Listen.. Sandhya.. Sandhya! Tell me.. My plan has worked out..
– Hey, didn’t you leave yet? Sir, I am ready since long.
Vasant is not ready. Sir, he is not afraid of you at all. Hey, shorty! Sir is calling you! Acting? Come to the college,
I will see you. “My life has changed completely..” Hey, that fellow has said
everything to the principle. What to do now?
– But you said it will work it. Why are you asking me now? Buddy, don’t say like that. Think of something and
give a good idea. Please. Hey, do you have the tour’s story? That one? Buddy, he is caught! “Shorty fellow! Now you are caught!” You have done the right thing.
– I will see him now. Go! Go! Forget this college from now. Good idea! – He is caught! Hey, where did you go? It is nothing. It is a small matter.
It is settled now. Sandhya too is searching for you. Didn’t you go to the class?
– Did Priya ask for me? Oh! Who is it? He is the biggest goon of the
college. – Buddy, he seem to hear us. Let us go. – Who is he? He looks like villain from
the movie ‘ Rana’. – Keep quiet. Come. He might kill us.
– Shut your mouth. Should I call him or not? Hello. Hello, are you sleeping? Hello, tell me. If you are sleeping then leave it.
Good night. Hey, she disconnected it. Will you pretend to be asleep? I will call her.. I know it is you. Hello, why did you
disconnect the phone? Hey, you said you are sleeping. I lost my sleep. You tell me. Why are you not seen
in college these days? I am bit busy. Yes, I am too very busy. Hey, why are you waiting
at this department in the morning? And moreover you are
wearing a clean shirt. It is nothing.. Sandhya said white and blue
are matching, so wear them and come. Oh! Has it come so far? Why are your eyes red?
Did you drink more last night? No! No! You are wonderful.
Don’t think like kids. Sandhya and I talked till morning.
That’s why I am bit tired. Are you talking happily over
the phone after ruining my love? Very good, buddy.
You reached the target. Priya! Baby doll! Yuck! Go away! What is it with girls? They talk all night over the phone.. ..and next morning they
pretend as if they know nothing. You must have drank cheap
alcohol and dreamt of talking to her. Is she chasing you? But my Sandhya is very good. She
is not a cheat like your girl friend. Crap! Your love becoming
success is crap! Priya! Buddy, for how long
did Sandhya talk to you? She talked till 5
o’clock in the morning. I think she talked
to him too till 5 o’clock. He too came wearing
blue and white like you. Buddy, I think Sandhya had
conference call last night. – Hey! Don’t shout at me. Shout there. Why are they talking
like deep lovers? Buddy, he seemed
to be taller than you. Hey, he is coming
in style with gang. Don’t spare him.
I will take care of the rest. He seems to be wearing a wig. Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! – Stop! Hey. what’s up, dude? Hey, why do you call us nude
when we are dressed up completely? Bullshit! What does it mean? – Bullshit! Hey, why are you moving close with
Sandhya? Are you trying to get her? What the hell, stupid! Buddy! He is abusing you!
Who are you abusing? – Who? Why are you beating me? – Thrash him! Don’t touch his hair.
– Buddy, don’t leave him. Thrash him! Thrash him! – Hey! Tell him to come! – Beat! Beat! Hey, he is professor. You should tell this before.
Why do you frame me everytime? Stop! – If you are a man then run
slowly. Our Shiva is unable to run. If I see you again with Sandhya..
– He will thrash you.. Hey, you beat me.
I will screw your life! – Get lost! I will not spare you both!
– Go away! I will not spare! If you are a man then go away! Buddy! Buddy,
you gave lot of tension. Hey, I should take the tension.
Who are you? I am feeling the tension
for not helping you. I should cool my body. Come. Had Priya been there
then would have made it cool. Buddy. we shouldn’t have spared him. Hey, I got very angry. Today is Tuesday. My granny
is devotee of Lord Anjaneya. That’s why I spared him.
Else I would have killed him. But you are very brilliant. How did you say it correctly
that he called me stupid duck? Hey, that is the meaning. Altogether he called you stupid duck.
What did he say to you? He said you are a duck stupid. Did you understand it?
Are you stupid duck? Are you a stupid duck? Buddy, I have a
doubt since many days. FULLY is fully. – Yes. Then why do they
called SULLY was sully. Yes.. Hey, very nice english boy.
Miss will be very happy. I know. James Bond. Okay. When will you tell
your love matter to Sandhya? Enough. Stop it. She just started calling me.
How can I say it love so early? Your girl has lot of competition
in the college. See to it. What should I do now? First do it. Throw the net. On her? – Hey, call her. Stupid.. – Call? I am stupid. Will you ruin my love? Now watch.. Hello.. – Hello.. Hey, Shiva. Why did you
beat him in the college today? Why is he talking more with you? Hey, forget about his behaviour
with me, why do you bother? What did you say? Hey! So why did you talk
for whole night with me? You came to the class
and searched for me. Morover you told me to
wear white and blue dress. What is the link between it? What is the link?
Hey, I am asking you straightforward. Shiva.. – Sandhya, with whom are you
talking without coming to eat food? Father, it is.. – Give me the phone. Who is it? Your tailor father?
Ask him and give reply. I love you. What is she saying? She has cut the call. Hell with it! Who is that rascal who is talking
rubbish by calling at this hour? What happened, father?
What did he say? Why do you feel so bad? Aren’t there other better
girls than her in the college? Priya.. – Hey, she is my girl. Crap! I said Priya is coming. Why is she getting out of car? Who is he coming in style
like Navdeep from Arya 2? Okay, bye. Take care. – Bye. Hi! – Hi! Who is he in the car? He seems to clean toilets
by travelling in cars. Why is she ignoring? I will ask her. – You wait. I got rid of his nuisance
for few days. Now see. He will come behind like a dog.
– Excuse me. – Let us see. Hey, Vasant is coming.
– Hey, leave it. Let us go. He is calling you. – I am asking you. Maybe he will ask money for drinking. Ask what he wants. What do you want? Hey, who called you. I will
beat you with a stone. Go away! I already told you that
this dog will not change. Go away! Bulldog! What is it, Vasant? Yesterday out stupid friend called
you up and said I love you, right? If you didn’t like him then say it.
But why do you.. ..disconnect the phone. He is a waste
fellow. I know you didn’t like him. If you didn’t him
then open your mouth.. ..and directly say
you don’t like him. But why do you look away,
cut the phone.. Hey, are you the
beauty of this college? Vasant, mind your words. Hey! I didn’t say all this. Shiva is saying this
repeatedly in the college. What do you want now? Okay, you don’t love him, right? You don’t love him. Tell him. No! Enough! What I thought has happened. What happened? “God has given one street.
Now love is left for you..” “What will happen to you, Shiva?
What will happen anytime? I love you, Shiva. I love you, Shiva. He hit six! I will see how he will play. We will know his style. You sit. See how stylish shot he hit.
I love this guy. Hey! Catch the ball! Hey! Throw here! Throw here! Come! Run! Run! Run fast! – Throw here! Tell me. – Priya is mad of cricket. You should bring our love back. What do you want me to do? Buddy, you throw the ball slowly so
that I can hit it. And then you see. Watch it. – You.. My girl too is there.
Play as you can. Okay. Forget it.
You bowl underarm as usual. I will play defence
and manage it. Priya.. You look like a tandoori chicken leg.
Do you need love? Come on, bowl. Hey, Priya! Are you surprised? Hey! Good shot, Vasant! My guy is bringing
shame with his play. I will hit six! Bowl! Bowl!
This is common in cricket. Now see. – Bowl! Next ball too will be six. Hello, boss. Can you throw the ball? Ball please! You are dead! Come on! Come on! Bowl! Oh god! Egg is broken! I think this is the last
shot my guy has hit in his life. Military! Please rub it for me! Is it Alladdin’s magical lamp to rub? Why do girls give missed calls? Stingy people! Hey, it is late night.
Switch off the phone and sleep. Okay, mother. What is this big message? Tomorrow.. bf? What is it? Is she calling to watch or.. Whatever it is,
it should give me fun. I should get ready.. Hey, stop! Buddy, why did you come here? I came to my uncle’s house. Bike broke down. Drop me at my house. Not possible.
I have an important work. Important work? What is more important
to you than dropping me? Drop me! Listen to me! – Don’t take me light. Why did he come to give me trouble? Only men are seen around. What are you thinking?
Do you want to buy medicines? Not medicine. Don’t tell anybody. Buddy, I want a condom packet. What will you alone do with condom? I will wear it on
finger and play music. You! Hey, these days girls are
buying them like ice-creams. Why do you feel shy? Why didn’t you tell me before? Buddy, buy it for me. Don’t worry. You came to my area.
I will buy it for you. Thanks, buddy. He is feeling nervous to buy it. What will he do if I buy it for him? Hi, brother. Gastric problem!
Are all your sounds lost? It is okay, brother.
Everything is fine. What do you want?
– It is.. My friend wants a.. What? My friend wants condom.. Condom? Why do you ask it slowly? Give one condom packet to brother! Finally I got it. Sandhya! Hi! You came on right time. What are you watching? Come inside. You look gorgeous in sari! You never saw me in sari before. That’s why this surprise. You seem to be prepared very well. Hey, you first sit. I will
go and bring water. – Okay. Okay. Have it. Okay, shall we come
to the main matter? You message of last night.. Why are you in hurry? I woke up early and
readied everything for you. Come. Let us go to dining hall?
– Dining room? Yes. It will be comfortable
on dining table. Okay. You must have planned it new. Okay, come. – These days girls.. Sit and eat. Hey, how is it after eating.. Yes, I told you to come for the same. What did you say? What about
the message you sent last night? Which message? – Family going out..
Morning come for bf! Yes, nobody is at home. That’s why I told you
to come for breakfast. Does bf stands for breakfast? Yes. Okay, first you eat. I cooked everything for you. Idli, vada.. Hey, Did I wake up at 6 o’clock
to come and eat idly and vada? Please think of it. Hey, I know very well
that you will ask like this. That’s why I made puris too for you. Eat this too. I don’t understand whether
you are doing it deliberately or not. How is it, Shiva? Nice. Nice. What happened to him? Everything is ruined! Students from Andhra!
Don’t do all these! I warn you as an elder person. How is the bf, Shiva? Why did you come closer? I mean.. Sandhya.. Hey, go and sit there, Shiva. Hello.. – Hello. Breakfast in the
morning was really good. How about dinner tomorrow night? It was a mistake to call you home. Hey, first girls should
change this dialogue. Why did you take me to bedroom
by saying no? – Shiva.. Yuck! Sandhya! Please don’t cut the call! My god! Bujji! Here is the chit! Are you trying to frame me? Stupid girl! Even I too lost it! Sandhya! Love you! Buddy, I have passed. Yes! I took the correct chits. Thank you my sweet lord! Move aside! Thanks, lord! Everyone is feeling sad
for failing in one subject. You have backlogs of 10 subjects. You are feeling proud as
if you achieved something great. Had I passed exams then
I should be going to job.. Or I should go for higer studies. And then my love too
will fail like yours. So what.. Sandhya talked to me
every night before exam. If I failed in 10 then she
must have failed in at least four. I will not love any girl next year. Buddy, how do you get such ideas? First you go to Sandhya.. ..and find out her result. Go! Go! Go! Govinda! His love is Govinda! What happened? First you say! I failed in all. You? What are you saying?
I stood first in college. That’s why I received
scholarship to study in US. So will you go to US? Yes, that is my life time ambition. Just two years. You too complete your
arrears and come to US. To US? Are you making fun? I don’t know how many years
it will take to clear these backlogs. Hey, it is possible if you try. Sandhya, it is not that..
First you listen.. – Okay.. Friends have come. I will go. Sandhya, congrats! – Thank you! I too have passed.
– Thank you so much. Come on. Let us go. Okay. – Okay. Once.. Sandhya,
where were you all these days? I was busy with visa processing. Visa? What about me if you go alone? You clear all your
backlogs and you too come. By the way, come to airport tomorrow. How can you say that
you are leaving suddenly? I don’t know anything.
You come. Morning flight. 7 am. Sandhya.. Sandhya.. Where is he? He always does stupid things. Don’t know if he does
them knowingly or unknowingly. I don’t understand! What about me?
Should I go to US or not? It has become a problem. Come on, Shiva. Answer the call. Shiva, please pick up. Crap! Everything is ruined! Are you sleeping? Shiva! Get up! Stupid! Sandhya! Didn’t you go to US? What have you done?
How will I go to US? Do you know the problem
that I am facing? Sorry, Sandhya.
Talk so that I understand. I was up till 5 o’clock. You have cast a spell. Okay, leave it. How did
you become so fat in just a week? Have you seen it? You got a tummy. What? – Okay, leave all that. Give money for boozing at night.
I don’t have any money with me. What happened? What is this? I am pregnant. Pregnant? What are you saying? We used condom, right? Where did you it?
– Did I forget that too? But nobody knows about it. I will beat you with footwear! What have you done? Have I sent you to
college for this? Tell me. Father, it is not that.. Do you know what will happen
if your mother knows this matter? I heard everything. Wonderful! He is caught today! Why is he leaving silently like that? He is finished! Don’t cry, dear. – What happened? Go stuck? It will happen in your family.
He is my son. You cannot do it properly till now. Are you talking? Hey, what are you talking? Should I write your
name on wall and show? Hey, had you written something
on paper instead on wall.. ..then you would
have passed the exams. Aunt, why are you leaving so early?
– Yes, dear. We will reach temple
on right time if we start now. Sandhya, stop useless meeting
with this fool and go to office. No, uncle.
Today my cousin is coming from US. That’s why I applied for leave. Is it? Very goof. Very good. Hey, stop playing with your son. Study sincerely and clear
the remaining subjects. Okay, father. Father..
– Yes, son. – You are going now.. When will you return? How sad my son is feeling? Raja, bear for ten days.
I will return. No need. You come any time. Have you seen him?
– Dear, you don’t trust him. You only take care of the son. We will return soon.
– Okay, I will take care. He seems to be sleepy.
First put him to sleep. Okay? Dear, don’t be naughty.
Listen to your mother. Bye. – Don’t cry. Put that here. What happened, dear? Hello, son-in-law! How are you? I saw you on marriage. I am fine. How are you? Why didn’t you bring
your wife and children? Son-in-law, I am unmarried. Hey, paternal uncle has come.
Say hello. Paternal uncle?
I am boy’s maternal uncle. Why are you changing relationships? Sorry. Say hi to uncle Sandy. Sandy? My name is Randy. Hey, say hello to uncle Randy. Okay? – Hello. Son-in-law, what is the boy’s name? Gajini. – Gajini? What is this awkward name? Say Rahul. Brother, he calls him like that only. I brought these for the boy to play. But it is correct for
you to play with them. You seem be silent guru. How are you? – I am fine.
– How is your work in US? It is very good. How are uncle, aunt and everyone? All are fine. I will bring mother
when I come next time, okay? Put it in this. Okay, who is the girl
standing near the kid? She takes care of the kid. Why is son-in-law talking strangely? Brother, he talks like this only. Okay, what is his
qualification and job? Brother, why do you ask all that? He didn’t clear his arrears yet. How can he do job?
– What are you saying, dear? He is careless in everything. Weak memory! There is no seriousness in life. Brother, see how he is playing. Oh! Waste canididate? – My dear.. Doesn’t his parents
say anything to him? They told him many times. He is not changing at all. They went to Kashi
and Rameshwaram for him. Not just Kashi and Rameshwaram.. They should go to heaven directly. You come with me. Hey! Catch it! Catch it! What is your sister saying? She is talking great of you. Okay, I am going. Okay, leave. Will you not ask me
to stay and eat food.. least for the sake of formality? Hey, uncle Brandy is going.
Say bye to him. Brandy? Forget brandy and whisky! My name is Randy!
– Brother, he is pulling you. Will you make fun for everything? Hey, Gajini!
I mean Rahul.. uncle brandy.. Oh! Uncle Randy is leaving. Bye. Bye. Brother! Brother!
– What kind of family is this? First I should go
and take two rounds. Shiva, can’t you remember one name? Why do you bring shame to me? Well.. Who gave him the name Randy? His name is Ratnavelu.
We call him Randy in short. So will you call him Muddi
if his name was Mukuldev? You will not change. Okay. Okay. Go!
– You don’t have any sense at all. Come, dear. We will play. It seems the pan is hot. Do you want dosa or not? I am hungry. Then go and sit there. What are you thinking? It is nothing.. Shiva, should I ask something? – Yes. What interests you more? If you ask suddenly..
What kind of interest? Anything in school life.. In school life.. You always give such excuses..
– Mother, my stomach is paining. if you are studying in LKG.
– I will go to the loo. Are you suffering stomach
pain after seeing the school bus? Come! Hey, I didn’t like going to school.
So how will I like something from it? Okay. Did you love
any girl during teens? Girl.. I love you. Yesterday you told me sister.
And you are telling me today. Get lost! Hey, why do you ask them now? What do you like the most? I like you and Gajini. Where is it? Okay.. Find me.. Clap your hands.. Gajini.. – Father and son.. Did you start in the morning? What happened, son? Clap your hands. Find me! You got it! Shall we play hide
and seek with mother? Come. Come, dear. Shiva! Did you both go
to play early morning? Hello, Sandhya here.. You? Why did you call me? I told you in the
night not to call me. I took the call because.. was an unknown number. What did you tell me? You said I will not
find anyone if I leave you. You said you will hold my legs. Listen to me!
I found a bigger fool than you.. ..and he is my husband. I got a good father to your son too. So don’t ever call me, Mahesh. Good bye! Son-in-law! Son-in-law! You are framed! Who is Mahesh? You cheated me. Will you call me a fool? There is nothing wrong
in doing anything to you. I should kill you! Shiva, don’t think like mad. She took advantage of
your love and carelessness.. ..and made you the father
of some other person. Use your brilliance
and find out who Mahesh is. Prove that you are not a fool. Yes, I will find out who Mahesh is. Hello, is it Mahesh? Hey, hundreds of people
come here with different names! Which Mahesh do you want? Which area is it? This is PCO at Secunderabad
railway station. Put the phone down! Fool! – Why is he talking like this? I am going to office.
Boy is downstairs. Take care. My first plan has flopped. Who is Mahesh? She came to me after
third month of confirmation. Where she must have met him before? She studied with me in the college. Where has she met him? Yes, I will find out who Mahesh is. Excuse me.
Who is the librarian here? – Yes. You? – Sir, you? Why did you given entry again? What are you doing here, sir? I got this promotion because of you. You changed me to library
assistant from master. What did I do, sir? How innocently you are talking!
Think once. Go away! Go away! From now onwards
you should forget this college. Come! We have sent you to Bangalore hoping
that you will learn new things. But you did all stupid things.. ..and now you are standing
in front of me like innocent. Sir, what happened was.. Don’t say anything. TC for you both is ready. Bring your parents and
take your TC’s and leave. We will take TC but.. You take this, sir. – What is this? EVV’s fun! How are they, sir?
– I can’t believe this. Sir, how will it be if
watchmen are made lecturers? Everyone is talking
about it in college. It is none of your business. You both go to class.
I will see to it. See it very well, sir. I said I will see to it!
– See and enjoy it very well, sir. Bye, sir. He played with our lives. Principle called you
inside to give you promotion. Go, sir. – Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Madam.. Follow me. Come! Come! Come! Don’t feel shy and come. Principle
is our man. – I am coming, sir. Madam, you should close
the door and come inside. Principle sir is
very disciplined person. You are rocking! Rocking? What is this? Pose is superb! Superb! What is this vulgarity? Sir, madam and I are there! Me? – Why do you ask me? Sir! It must have happened
when bus was moving fast. Madam! – What is all this, sir? Ever did this happen
anytime between us? No, sir. – Did I hug
you anytime before? – Oh! Or did you hug me? You are doing the
same thing here too! Don’t you have shame? – Sir! From today you are library incharge. Sorry, sir. I am feeling
sad for this happened because of me. Forget the problems of those days.
Now tell me why you came. Sir, I want the addresses of students
with name Mahesh from my batch. Why do you want that? Sir, it is very important matter. It is a personal matter. I am here not to solve
your personal problem. First leave from here. Okay, sir.
I will talk to Sundari madam. Wait! Don’t make
me lose this job too! Wait for five minutes. Nonsense! Everyone is threatening me! This is the list
with names of Mahesh. Thanks, sir. – Go! Go! Sir.. sorry, sir. You don’t come to see me here.
Leave from here. If I get suspended by him
again then I will get watchman post. It is better to retire than it. Where is your son Mahesh? Who are you?
Why are you asking for my son? Are we going to spare
him if he elopes with the.. ..lone daughter of our boss? Where is your dog? Speak out! I don’t know therefore
I said I don’t know. You are telling me to tell you!
What else should I tell you? Don’t tell new things. Just tell us where
your son hid the girl. Instead of asking me about it.. Ask my son’s friends.. ..who are with him all the time. Hey! He will not tell the
truth if we ask him like this. Hey, see who has come. It is some boy. Hey, it must be his friend. Tell
him to come inside. – Okay, brother. Is Mahesh there? Come! Come!
Come! This is the house. Come. Why are so many people present here? Is it something special?
– Why is he looking with surprise? Who are you? Uncle, I am Mahesh’s friend. I never saw you with my son. Uncle, why did you say like that? Do you know Mahesh and
I are very close friends? We eat in one plate,
sleep on one bed.. ..and we take bath in one bathroom. He doesn’t do anything
without my knowledge.. ..and I don’t do anything
without his knowledge. Are you suspecting our friendship? Tell these men where the girl is. Which girl? Did I say I am Mahesh’s friend?
I am Dinesh’s friend. I knew that I came
to the wrong address. Sorry. Bye.
– Why is he leaving like that? Hey! Wait! Go back! Go back! – Sir! – Go! Sir.. Promise, sir.
I don’t know who Mahesh is. Why are you standing like a rock?
Ever did you see me with your son? I have seen! I have seen! Sir, I promise that I don’t
know where the girl is. Leave me. Sir.. Sir.. Sir.. Tell the truth! Hey! Where did you hide the girl? Sir, I don’t know who the girl is. I have only one son, sir. I don’t know who his father is. Why is he confusing us? Brother,
he is talking using code word. Why will I do that? Who is Mahesh? Is it him? His father is a big factionist! Be careful! He will finish you. This is what happens
when lucks hit back at us. I am facing it now. I am asking where is she.. – Sir.. Will you tell crap stories?
Where is the girl? Why do you give me warning, sir?
I am scared. Mother.. Mother.. – Greetings, brother. Okay, brother. Your time is good and
therefore you are saved. Girl has returned home. Come, guys. I hope you will send our son home. We will break his hands
and legs and then send him. You came at the right
time and saved us. It is my bad luck that
I came to your house. Untie me! You! Slowly.. Be careful! Come.. See how he is going. See.. Shiva, did you come
late in the night? Where did you go? Hey! What happened? What are these injuries?
– Remove the hand. Shiva! Did you fell somewhere
after drinking in the night? Did someone beat you? Shiva! Shiva, I am asking you.
Tell me. – Hey! Will you remain silent for sometime? Okay. Come, let us go to hospital. No need. I will manage. You go. – Shiva,
I am getting late for the office. Will you come or not? – Hey, go! She is acting well! – Hell with him! Bear it! Yes, sir. You are injured badly. Did you wife beat you?
– Be careful.. Hey.. Shut up and do the work.
– What? Should I shut up? Do you think I am your wife? Is it paining? These injuries are nothing to you. Devil! God! Girls have become violent. Yes, doctor.
I will take care. – Oh! Is it him! He is no less than ill-fate! Excuse me! Your paper fell down. Why did you call me?
– Thank you, madam. He will see me.. – Hey, Vasant! Buddy.. – What are you doing here? It has been long time since
I met you. – Friend.. friend.. Who is she? Your sister? Hey, she is my wife. Wife? What happened to Priya? Did you start it? Shut your mouth? Okay, who are you? My name is..
– He is my friend. Sampoornesh Babu. He used to come wearing
colorful pants and with lipstick. Don’t make fun. My name is Shiva. I am his college classmate. Didn’t he tell about me anytime?
– Shiva? Shiva.. Hey, sinner! You destroyed my life!
Will you ever prosper? I am bringing him to
hospital daily because of you. You made him useless guy! You have grown up like a donkey!
You will never get married! Even if you get married,
you will not have children. You will fall under lorry and die.
– You wait! Not everybody keeps quiet like me.
– You will never prosper. You will get destroyed! You will get destroyed! – You come! Don’t take our name and past history. Why is your wife abusing like that? Priya is better than her. – Buddy.. What happened to Priya?
– Did you forget? Where are you looking? Oh, flashback? Bowl! Bowl! See how I will hit! My god! One of my nerves got
cut with that shot that day. Priya got upset with
it and my love too got cut. Sorry, friend. Okay, leave it.
There is no use of saying sorry now. You are a true friend.
– Hey, leave me. My life got clean
bowled because of you. My life fell down that life.
It still didn’t stand up. I am saying sorry. Are you saying sorry after doing
everything? – Buddy, it is not that.. I am facing a bigger
problem than yours. – Vasant! Why are you still talking to him? Hey, I will meet you
later and hear your story. If I don’t go when my wife calls me.. ..then she will finish
my remaining life too. Come to the regular
place where we meet up. Evening 7 o’clock.
– Okay, we will meet. Hope you don’t forget. Will you not come when I call you?
– Dear, I am coming. It still looks like ghost bungalow. Hey, our bar hasn’t changed.
It still smells stinky. I thought of asking
you in the morning. How did you receive these injuries? Hey! Did you finish
four rounds so quickly? Sinner! Hey, is that alcohol? No! I stopped drinking tap water. If my wife Sneha’s finds out.. ..then she will beat me with a stick.
Go! Go! I don’t want. Okay, how is Sandhya? Boy or girl? Before marrige you talked from
public booth by inserting a coin. Hey, what did I say due to
which you got angry and drinking raw? Buddy, I got cheated!
– What? You went to washroom? I got cheated! – Why do you
cry like a serial artist for it? I loved her in college
and married her. But she went out with
different guys. – Is it? She fooled me very smartly
and made me the father of her child. I am not the father to my son.
– Really? What should I do now? I have to do something. Everyone useless
person is beating me. Wait.. wait.. You thought something but it
turned out something else altogether. What is this?
Your life is more worse than mine. That’s why I already told you she is
from high class and doesn’t suit you. You uttered dialogues
like Power stat.. ..and said yours is love
and you have got feelings. How did you get cheated like this? Friend, whatever you said is correct. This is my fate! She thinks I am a fool. Bloody! First I will
find out who Mahesh is. I will see her then. Hey, do you have sense? He said no to her and left her. He gave a gift before leaving. Will you find him and make them one? I don’t know all that. Somehow you should find out Mahesh.
– Who? Me? Bad luck left me long back
but now it came back in your form. Shiva! Shiva! Get up! Hey, let us have
a song if you get up. Buddy! Listen to this! How will I receive man of the match.. ..when I didn’t go to play the match? My heart has become noodles. I got fed up of girls and I am
not getting high even after boozing What did she do to me?
What did she do to me? What did she do to me?
What did she do to me? Buddy, don’t believe in girls! Come, buddy. Go inside.. Go inside.. Hey, ride carefully..
– Sit carefully. Be careful! – Hey.. – Stop here. Did the bike too consume alcohol? Booze has not effect.
– Why is the gate open? Did Mahesh come home in my absence?
Hey, knock the door. – Hello.. Hide yourself. You will get scared
if you see my wife in close up. I will hide here. You hide there. You? Why did you come at this hour?
– Not me.. Vasant.. Where is that thin fellow? Hey, why did you come in group
when I told you to open the door? Did you drink?
What is this new habit? Drinking is my family tradition. Are you talking with
courage because you are drunk? Hey, whom are you saying drunk?
Buddy, are we drunk? I am fine.
I will recite one poem. Listen. Old man will bend his back!
Your father is bent since childhood. Poem.. Poem.. Poem.. Didn’t you lose your arrogance
though you lost the fuse? Hey! Who lost the fuse?
Fuse is lost inside the bulb. Current is the same inside the body. Put your two fingers inside my nose.
Current inside my body will come out. Come! – Yuck!
It is free current. Come. Put your hand on me. Touch me.
– Are you coming inside or not? Will you come or not? How will I go inside when
you keep the old cupboard in front? Keep it aside. Hey, you will run into the cupboard. Be careful.
– What is the need for him? Leave it, I will go. – Hey! Where are you going? Hey, he is my commander. Have you seen my strength?
Are you telling him to go? Him? – You come, I will see. Put your left leg inside.. – Look, if
he enters inside then I will go out. Hey! Tall if they are noodles
and bun if they are round.. Abba is father and
Amma is mother. Come! Go! Go out!
– Leave my hand! Leave it! Dog! Dog? Buddy, she called me dog?
– Vasant.. How is it?
– Wait, I will show you what I am? Shut up your stupid mouth! She left.. No! Dear, why did you become thin? Hey! What are you
doing in my bedroom? You have brought me.
– Did I bring you? My god! Hey, how come I am sleeping
next to you with a torn short. Hey! I hail from
a respectable family. What did you do to me? Sinner! Where is my wife? I didn’t do anything. Last night under the
influence of alcohol.. abused her and threw her out. That’s why I stopped drinking. Hey, first you have cut here.. And then you cut my love.. And now you cut my wife. Yuck! Hey, don’t feel bad. Where will
she go? Maybe to her parent’s house. She will return by evening. First we will go
and search for Mahesh. Search Mahesh and Mantra?
First I will go and search my wife. Hey, you made me a
heroine that wears skirts. I don’t want your friendship. I am gone! I am gone!
– Come, let us search Mahesh. Please, buddy. You are my hope. I think this is the house. Hello! Boss! Nobody is there.. Oh! Dog! Who are you, sir? My name is Shiva? Is Mahesh there? Sir is not in a mood
to meet anyone today. We both studied together in college. It is an important matter.
Will you ask him and see? Okay, wait. Sir is calling you inside. Go. Dog.. – It will not do anything go. Sir is taking bath in swimming pool.
Go there. Mahesh! Mahesh! Why did he come here? I will screw your life! I will not spare you both!
Screw your life! Is it the one? Hey, Shiva! What a surprise man? Its been a long time!
Come! Come! Come! Hi, buddy! How are you? – Hi. I am fine. – Come, let us sit. What’s up, man? I saw you in the college.
How are you? One important matter. – What is it? Look, Mahesh. Did you hold
grudge against me for beating you.. the college
and thereby tried to.. Hey, come on, Shiva!
I had forgotten it long back. After father’s death
I stopped my college. I started looking after the business. So didn’t you come to
college in the last semester? I said I have quit in the middle. What is it? Why is he asking so much?
– So it is not him. I heard you and Sandhya got married. You are very lucky. Nice girl.. Thanks.. It is not him. Not at all..
– You too are very smart. Come, Shiva.
Let’s have a drink. – No, it is okay. Dieting? No! Nothing like that. Your arms are more tight than before.
Are you going to gym? No, they are normal. Are they so tight normally? – What? Will you drink wine?
Your cheeks will become red. No.. I will leave.. Hey, I am observing you since
you came. Why are you looking dull? Come on, cheers man.
– No, I am bit late. Hey, your thighs are very fit.
Tight jeans? Yes.. – Shall we remove? Why? – Why? You naughty.. to swim.. Swimming? – Remove! Are you that type?
– Just five minutes. We are alone. Nobody is here.
– Leave me. I will kill you. Shiva, escape from here.
Good that you wore tight pant. No! Beautiful piece! I missed it. Brother, don’t spare him. He threw me out of the house. You are a useless guy! I gave you my daughter’s
hand in marriage and also a house. Will you tell my sister
to leave the house? My dear brother-in-law. Didn’t I
tell your sister to come inside now? I will beat with footwear. Lift the call and talk. Brother-in-law,
office manager abuses very badly. If you bring me down then
I will go aside and hear the abuses. Go away! – Oh, he will not spare me. Hello.. Buddy, I am Shiva. There is a big problem here.
Where are you? Buddy, I am trapped
between three fools. Hey, first you come. I am busy in the house. I am outside your house. I will come. No! No! You keep the phone down.
I will come. I will come. Yes! Okay, sir.
Always there for you, sir. You don’t coming, sir!
I solve it, sir! Okay, sir! Yes, sir! Brother-in-law, my manager
is telling to come immediately. Otherwise he said he will sack me.
Should I go? If my sister complains
of problem again.. ..then I will tear
you into two pieces. Am I a cloth to be torn?
– What are you saying? Brother-in-law,
do you too have dialogues? It is nothing, brother-in-law.
I am saying.. ..I will take good
care of your sister. What do you say, sister? He will..
Come here! – I am coming! Sister.. Hey! Hey! – Sorry! My wife! You.. Yuck! Go away! Go away! Go away! Go away
stubborn wife! – Look at the face. My god! – What happened? Three fight masters are chasing me.
Ride fast! Go! Go! Go! Whenever I am going alone,
I am facing some problem. You too come with me. You went alone when you went to see
matinee show with Sandhya’s house. Did you take me? So should I come for this? Go away! Okay, buddy. I will talk to sister. Who? Is it sister Juile?
– No. Your wife. Hey, you can even
talk to devil than her. Why is everyone harassing me? Go! Hey.. – What? This is the address. Who is he?
He looks like chimpanzee with dress. See what I will do to him. Banian sir!
– Who are you? What do you want? Sir, is this Mahesh’s house? One minute.
Hey, you leave. – Okay, sir. Who? Mahesh? It has been
three years since he vacated. Sir, he must be hiding somewhere.
See and tell us. Listen! Call that boy!
He has changed the DVD. – Hello! Hello, little boy! Little boy! Sir, it is.. He is coming immediately
after calling. Good little boy! Hey, who are you abusing?
Talk with respect! Buddy, why did he beat like that? Sir! I heard you and therefore
called him like that. You are little boy. Run! Run!
– Yes! Run! He seems to kill us! I will kill you! Little boy! I will kill you if I see you again! Hey, it looks like
Chandramukhi’s building. Hey, let us go. I am afraid. Hey, shut up and come. It looks like a ghost building.
My wife is better than it. Come. You will not die.
– Don’t beat me. God save me! What is that?
– Dubai’s sacred chanting! We will die if anybody hears it. God! Save us! Hey! Pink light! Why are they devils here?
– Stay calm. Did you recognize him? I don’t see any person there.
– See properly. Who is he? He looks like a person
who left the barber shop midway. See properly. I will pick up tomorrow baby! Okay, bye. – See you. Bye. – Take care. Guy from our college who
comes in car and cleans toilet.. Is he Mahesh? He is beating drums like this..
So what about Sandhya.. Bang! Bang!
– Stop you stupid imagination! Beat! Hey, it seems he
still cleans toilets. Hey, what’s up, bro? Hey, who is wearing bra? Bra! You mean bra? That’s great humour! Thanks, drummer! – You keep quiet. Boss, what is the relationship
between you and Sandhya. Sandhya? Sandhya! Buddy.. If he is beating drums
with mouth like this.. Sir, will you come
and play marriage music? Have a beer, boys! Take the cup and beer! You too have it, man! Sir, today is full moon day.
I will not drink. – Take little. What the hell!
Will you not drink when I offer you? What do you want? Tell your relationship with Sandhya.
We will leave. Sandhya! Don’t talk about Sandhya! She used me as driver for two years
and left me by calling me brother. Why, boss? Didn’t your licence work? Hey! She married a fool! Sir, he is that fool. – Hey! Why do you fix me? Are you that fool?
– He looks like mad! Are you happy?
What the hell! – Sir! Sir! No way! – Stop! Stop! Sir, you are not cheated. She cheated him too and
went out with some other person. Is it? All girls are same. You too.. ..go and find someone. Play the music! Dance! Shiva.. Shiva.. What happened to him? Did we leave early morning? Don’t know how many problems
we have to face today? I am having butterflies in stomach. This is the house. Hey, there is nobody seen around. I think Mahesh will
be found in this house. Hey, let us go inside and see. Do you think dogs are there?
It is better you walk in front. Sir! Is anybody there? Hello! Hey! Don’t run! Stop! Catch him! Stop! Stop I say! Stop! – Catch him! Where will he run? Hey! – Run! I caught him! – Don’t leave him! Why do you catch me? Catch him! Where are you?
– Beat him until he tells the truth! You will die in my hands
if you don’t tell the truth. Why are you running away like this?
– Rascal! – Leave me! Leave me! – Who are you? Hey, get up! – Stop! What are you doing in Mahesh’s house? Hey, I am Mahesh.
You used to call me as military. Why are they beating you? It is because of you! What did I do? Why do you ask like that? Again flashback? My friend wants.. – What? My friend wants a condom.. Condom? Why do you
ask slowly like that? Give one condom to brother!
– Why do you shout? Condom word is heard frequently.
Is it for you? Oh! Did he hear it? Father.. – What are you buying, son? My friend wants it for practical so.. Condom for practical, right? Yes, dad.
– There is lot of fat inside you. Where is your friend? Where did he go, dad? Why do you ask me? I really came to buy
it for my friend. – Friend? Is Shakeela your friend? Come home! What are you doing when I
send you study? – Don’t scold him. What do you want me
to do without scolding? Give me another son like him.. Medical shop will
develop a lot. – Oh! Brother.. You come urgently. – Okay. Father, I didn’t buy it for myself. Hey! Hey! Hey! I saw it myself
when you were buying it in the shop. Is it a lie? Father, believe me.
– What should I believe you? Hey, believe me! – Hey, no! Why did you give birth to such boy? Hey, he is our son.
Why will he do like that? He must have done.
He must have definitely done it. That’s why he bought it. Are you supporting him? I am still
suspecting you for marrying you. In the meantime this ill-fated
boy creatd another problem., Did we give birth to a girl? Even
if she goes out with different boys.. ..we can get her married
after finding a fool. But we gave birth to a boy.
I am getting furious from inside. If he comes home with tears
in future then who will marry him. Who will marry him? Brother, why did you tell
me to come urgently? – See there. Why is he sitting like
Meena from the movie ‘Chanti’? Sister!- Brother! My son will get married before
morning. Where is my daughter-in-law? She is here.
– I am here, father-in-law. See my daughter-in-law. She is the goddess of our house. She came with the sacred
thread in her hand. No, father. Please. Will you buy condom?
– I want to pursue higher studies. Father, I don’t want marriage now.
– What more do you want to study? You should think of
this before buying that. Tie the thread.. – No, father. Dear.. – No, father. Please.. What is happening here? – Marriage. Will you not match horoscopes? I married you after
matching the horoscopes. We fell on streets. What should I tell
my brother’s daughter? You told your brother
that you cannot live with me.. ..but finally settled down. Come, brother.
– Tie the thread. – No, father. Will you not marry her?
– I will beg you. I want to study more.
– Take the sacred thread! No, father. -Tie it. – Mother.. Buy them now! – Brother.. Dear.. – You go out! What is this nonsense?
– Your daughter got married. My life has been ruined. Shiva, this happened because of you. Such a big flashback! Did you understand now?
All this happened because of you. Flashback is okay. Why are
they beating in front and back now? My father told her the entire matter. Whenever she gets doubt,
she starts beating by saying.. ..for which girl I was buying condom. Sorry. – Go away! Sorry.. It is not his mistake. He purchased the condom for me. I beat you many times
without knowing the truth. It is okay, father. Since I believed all these,
your mother eloped with the milkman. Father! What are you doing? Didn’t you spare
anyone from the city? It is not that.. Everyone’s curse is
making you run like this. Promise! I didn’t do it
deliberately. – Let it be. Go away! Brother, where is this address? Will your wear nightie at this age?
Go and call your mother. Go front, straight and take left.. Front and straight are one. Fine of two fruits
for giving wrong address. Give one condom! – What? Condom? Tell your father to come- Go away! See how fast they have become. Hey, my son asked condom for playing.
What did you tell him? Did you tell our son to
bring his father? – You wait. Give reply. What will others think if
they hear it? – What is the nuisance? Gopal’s wife?
– Will you not spare anyone? Leave it to me.
Two guys have come searching for you. They look like police informers. What? Informers? I am searching for those
rascals all these years. Let them come. I will kill them! This is the area, right? Hey, will you shut up for some time? My god! Hey, they look like streets
from Ramgopal Verma movie. Do you think he will be here?
– Why do you fear like a girl? Come. Hey, the informers
for whom we are searching.. ..for long time have come to us. They shouldn’t return alive. Brother, you just say yes,
I will kill them. Don’t shout. First find
the plan for which they have come. We will attack after that. Hey, it is him. Cowdog Mahesh? What is wrong with him? Hey, I am sure he is not the
person for whom we are searching. Hey, wait. Hey, do you think Sandhya
had affair with him? Forget Sandhya, no girl in
India will have any affair with him. No, buddy. Once Sandhya told
me she likes black and manly men. Maybe.. – Is he black and manly? He looks like a wastage.
Why do you compare with him? Stop stupid discussion.
Anway we have come here. We will see and go. House should be around.
Let us go and see. Hey, I think this is the house. Boss.. – Sir! Is there anybody? – Dog sir! Did he become small after shaving?
– Who do you want? Is Mahesh inside? – Who are you? Police, right? Say yes. – Yes, tell him
we are police. – Call Mahesh. Hey, why do you whistle when
I am telling you to call Mahesh? What did you do?
He fell down and moving like that. We should ask it separately.
They fell down after two beatings. Did you make plan for them?
– You did a good job. Go! Why do you both shout like pigs? They lost with kids.
Fight them. – How should I? Are you informers?
– Parrot is dead. Go away! Brother, do I look like an informer? I heard you are a big goon.
So I came to meet you. Hey, they are our boys. They
are friends who studied together. Go and say sorry. Go! Sorry, brother! I beat you by
mistake. – Why do you beat like that? Hey! Give warning! – Mani, come here. Greetings, brother. Take him to the hospital
in your vehicle. Be careful! Potter number two. He thrashed us badly! – They are
carrying us as how Shahrukh Khan.. ..carried Kareena Kapoor
in the move ‘ Ra.One.’ Don’t feel sad, buddy! Anyway, you are used to this place. Don’t cry. Sleep, dear. Let father come, we will beat him.
Sleep, dear. Hey, where did you go? You are going out
all the time these days. Boy is not getting to see
you and therefore he is crying. Where are you going? What happened, Shiva? These days
you are not talking to me properly. Shiva! Hey.. Give it.. Rascal! Where are you?
Tell me, I will come right now. Cheat! I am not cheat!
I am your father talking. Father.. – Yes, your father.
Why do you doubt? Hey, it is father over the phone. Your phone rang. Why do you come out and talk for it? Because you were sleeping. Sorry, father.. What for sorry? Why are you shouting like mad?
Give the phone to Sandhya. Hello.. What happened to him? It is nothing, father-in-law. Must be a nighmare! That’s why he is shouting like that.
I will see to it. I will talk in the morning.
– Okay, dear. Goodnight. – We are coming tomorrow. Hey, what happened to you?
Why are you behaving like this? You only should say it.. ..that I had a nightmare. No! What is this? Did you sleep so early, dear?
Mother is going to office? Okay? Bye. Hey. Shiva! My friend Mahi’s birthday
is there today evening in Taj. Will you come? Hey, I am asking you. Will you come? Hey, I will not come.
Go and do your work. Okay, nanny is not coming today. I will come late in the evening. So take good care of the kid. Bye. Hey! Four.. Four.. Mahi.. He hit six! No! – Ball! Ball! Throw here! – Run! Run! Fast! Throw me! Throw me! Mahi! Superb! He is playing well. Mahesh! My god! She called Mahesh as Mahi! Did you go after telling me? You are dead in my hands!
I am coming! I should find Mahesh today!
I will see you then! This is really good. You are caught! You are looking so hot in this shirt.
– Thanks a lot. Hey, get up! – Who are you? Shiva? – Who is he? Where is Mahi? Mahi is here. How come you are here? Don’t change the topic.
Where is Mahi? Sandhya,
why did you finish it so early? Hey, clean the table! Hey, who are you telling
to clean the table? You? – Mahi.. He is my husband.
Shiva. – What is this? Oh sorry! Sorry! I am Mahi. Are you Mahi? Yes, Mahalaxmi. I call her Mahi in short.
Today is her birthday. What is he thinking? Very bad. – I am really sorry. Happy birthday. – Thank you. Come, let’s have dinner. It is okay. I am really sorry. It is okay. Sorry, Mahi. I too will leave. It is okay, Sandhya. – Sorry, dear. Who is he? Why he behaved like mad? Sorry. – Very bad. Shiva! Shiva! Stop Shiva! – No! Shiva, I said stop! – What? What is your problem? Why are you behaving like this? You said it is your friend’s
birthday. So I came to wish her. So will you do like this?
You should have some manners. What did I do due to which
you are shouting? – Am I shouting? Okay, where is Rahul? Oh! – What happened? No! – Where is Rahul? Shiva! Shiva! Come fast! – Did you leave
the kid alone and come? – Go fast! What are these bags? Where did they go
by leaving the kid alone? Aunt, we went to my
friend’s birthday party. What? To party?
He doesn’t have sense. What happened to you? Tell me. Child has fainted for crying
continuously. Do you know that? Sorry, aunt.
– Wait, he slept just now. First you both go out! Go out! Go! They went for party.. leaving the child alone. He has not taken any responsibility. He will not change
in his life at all. Hey, didn’t I tell you and go? Can’t
you take proper care of the child? Go away! Go! Hello.. – Hello.. Tell me, buddy. Buddy, good news for you. – Tell me. I am going to become father. Congrats. – Thanks. I checked that too.. – What? I have confirmed
it that I am the father. Bujji, will you eat lollipop? Even my friend is teasing me? I cannot live with
this depression anymore. She will tell about
Mahesh if I beat her. Hi, son-in-law! How are you? Half of my life got
ruined after his coming. What is it? No reaction at all. How are you, son-in-law? I am okay. Hello, dear. How are you? Child is naughty. Hair too is black and curly. Son-in-law,
boy doesn’t have any traits of yours. He is different.
He is completely different. Okay, I will go and see Sandhya. I too will come with you.
I cannot stay with him alone. Child is naughty.. Child is naughty..
Hair too is black and curly.. Hey! You! Who is this thick haired fellow? Him? He is our senior from college. You are the son of that
thick haired guy, right? I found it! I found it! What happened to him, dear? Hey, what did you find out? I foudn who Mahesh is. What did father find out, dear?
– Who is daddy to whom? He is the son of that
thick haired guy, right? What are you saying? – You.. Hey! He is the son of that
thick haired guy, right? – Superb! Brother, he found it. Nice twist! Come veterinary doctor! Veterinary?
– Do you know one more thing? Hey! – You found it well. Do you too know it – Yes, I know. Everyone present here
knows it except you. It means everyone
cheated me deliberately. I will kill him!
I will kill him! – Hey! Hey! Hey, stop! – Leave me! Stop! – Leave me, father. You! First I should beat you. Why are you beating Sandhya? Mother, beat her like that. Will you give stupid ideas?
– Mother, girls are like this. First you shut up! Why are you beating me? Stupid! All this
happened because of you! Stop it, mother.
You don’t know what she did. Had you behaved well then we wouldn’t
have faced all these problems. Mother, what did I do? What did you do? You tell him. My brother is not
a veterinary doctor.. you are thinking.
He is a psychiatrist. Who? This chimpanzee? That day when my brother
came home for the first time.. Forget Kashi and Rameshwaram.. ..they will directly go to heaven
if they give birth to such boy. Okay, You don’t worry. I am your brother.
I have come. He is a psychiatrist. I have seen many patients like him. Hey, brother. He is not a patient. Sorry, dear. I have seen
many characters like these. There will be something
interesting for these characters. If we find it out and work on it,
he will become normal. But still we cannot change him,
brother. We can definitely change him. Find out what he likes the
most without him coming know of it. I will take care of the rest. Okay? I am going. That day I asked you what
interests you more. But you said.. I like you and Gajini. You said you like me and Gajini only. That night I called up my brother. Brother, he says he doesn’t
have interest in anything. By the way, what is he saying? He said he doesn’t have any interest
in anything except me and the boy. Superb! So I will play
a game with both of you.. ..and bring him to normal life. What are you saying, brother? Does he suspect anybody? Suspection..
He beat one guy in college. After that..
He beat one person at airport. Does he know that
you were pregnant then? He doesn’t know it. So that airport
guy is our trump card. I didn’t understand it. Do as I say.
I will take care of the rest. That day you wake up and saw
when I was talking over the phone. But you switched off the
light and slept. Okay, brother. Shall we play hide
and seek with mother? Come. Come, dear. Luckily I got a chance next morning. I already saw you and
Rahul hiding behind the sofa. Did you both go
to play early morning? And then I have sent a message
to my brother telling him to call me. What did you say? You said I
will not find anybody if I leave you. You said I will hold your legs. Listen to me!
I found a bigger fool than you. He is my husband. Your son too found a good father. So don’t ever call me, Mahesh.
Good bye. You heard me talking to
my brother and believed in Mahesh. According to my brother’s plan,
you started searching for Mahesh. Who is Mahesh? This is to change him. Do as I say. I will take care of the rest. Excuse me.
Who is the library incharge here? Yes! You? After that you went to the college,
took the list from sir.. You met all Mahesh.. My brother
was following you everywhere. Who? Mahesh?
He vacated three years back. But I didn’t find the curly haired
guy anywhere when I went to search. His watchman said it was three
years back since he left the city. Moreover he is your senior. Based on this,
you can find it easily.. Hey, is it a clue? Fate! Let it be anything, he is my son. Yes! He is your son! Lift Gajini! Bujji! You are my Gajini! You? Why did you call me? Just now I told him
something and convinced him. Call me tomorrow. With whom are you talking? Who are you? Son-in-law.. Son-in-law.. It is me. It is me, son-in-law. I checked whether
you are alert or not. You are perfectly alright, son-in-law.
Good night. Hey, veterinary doctor! You.. You..! You are Mahesh! Stupid guy!

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