Mähnenpflege bei Friesen | CAVALLUNA – Fanreporter | Pferdepflege

Mähnenpflege bei Friesen | CAVALLUNA – Fanreporter | Pferdepflege

I am in the stable tent of CAVALLUNA right now and here I see many Frisians. You would like to know: how do you get
the fur, the mane and the tail so shiny? Linda, do you have a moment for us? Food is definitely an issue. The Frisians also belong to a special horse race which needs more nutrients, minerals and trace elements. I take great care for example, that the copper content is higher than usually. The mane is very long which also makes the fur appear beautiful and brings shine. So there are some
Frisians, they’ve got some dull fur. Then I would recommend to give something with
copper content. Zinc is also important. Otherwise once a week I
open the mane and spray them with soft spray. Not
too much brushing is also recommended, sometimes it’s enough to easily brush the hair
for smoothening them – or gently go through them with your fingers. And then I’ll tie the hair again.
It is important that the mane is well fixed on top. Now they are relatively loose, because I’ll open them up for the show right away. Normally I put them very tight on the mane comb itself, because if the mane is so loosely braided down – and the
horses move – they get basically sawed, and it’s like it’s gonna cut your hair off. And that would break the hair then. I’ll do it. So if you already fix them at the top
and then it’s all good. – And he has an especially long mane. – So yes if I open the mane then it actually almost goes down
up until to the hooves. How long is the mane? – I have never measured
but I’d say that the mane is likely about 160 cm long. – Wow, okay and
I’m curious how it will look like in the show once the mane is open. – The mane looks great. Thank you very much. – Gladly.

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  1. Richtig tolle Pferde ❤ Habe selber einen Friesen und mache Freiheitsdressur. Leider hat meine an den Beinen öfters mit Milben zu tun. Was für Futter wird empfohlen bzw welches wird hier gefüttert?

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