Make a Camera Table Dolly for Under $20

Make a Camera Table Dolly for Under $20

there are a lot of yet another episode
of through from a girl a place where no budget is no problem here’s something
i’ve always wanted to the camera dolly nothing quite duplicates the smooth
gliding sensation a camera on wheels but always on time building one not just because they’re kind of
expensive it because it’s so big and wielding a can fit into the back my
civic so on a smaller compact version so i
came up with a pc table dali the stall e will be all kinds of shots
were pretty smooth surface and breakdown fit in your camera lights
and bag and the cost just under benjamin is we can do it a my removed standard home got and this is the military relish a too
just so i was there to see people going you can do any lateral motion and quick adjustment ill do any circular
tracking motion you cameras right here in this quickly and you can just sit right or left or up and down and note that this is a static donor
grilled move your camera on the fly as probably only good for camcorders and
really small cameras because you can reduce or closer to run this is part of a holder
well so don’t do that usury super sisters project you know the
cheap fifty and strike product you have to three-inch three-quarter
inch p_v_c_ pipes have seven inch and a half three-quarter inch pc parts of the reasons inserts you have three three quarter inch
teacher in two to three quarter job owes you have a three-quarter inch cookware
right here you have a half-inch three-quarter inch and after you have
the it should have twelve half-inch q_v_c_ pratap you have another coupler you have a
three-quarter inch plug you know the roadway we’ll you have a to ensure quarter-inch bolt
into quarter-inch not smith this is a basic we’ll assembly and every religion
for these people you have obviously four wheels pairs of those earning for this project
have a drill some kind you have some p_b_s_ erection cutters far better to
cut pbc than any hacksaw here two pairs of wires they’re
measuring devices ruler also work and you’ve also got a belated
screwdriver i’m actually reasonably treasurer in the movie tool because it’s
so short but you don’t have one of these trying a
short waited screwdrivers is partisan hero reversal way of attaching your
camera to your table colleen you do that with these pretty cheap but tripod heads the become
connected to these really cheap tripod legs rather earlier good for much for
the serbs are very good because you can fit them some half-inch p_v_c_ pipe
which is what i notice one day when i was looking at these dignity strippers pre which anywhere our
business and it has been reprinted this is a targets virginia comes word
console radio shack i got my entry dollars sale guerrillas over sixteen receive a big loss for ten dollars on ebay type in fifteen sharp arguments
lou these are cheapest ones about twelve bucks with shipping to better deal considering going to get
out of this what you get one if you just from trying to screw it here setup toxins yet head will he’s louise and uh… off you’re important part of your recruiter okay so maybe it really required tripod
harris miners magically transformed into a rectangle from an oval stage when you’re going to will sell these
connections here the former first of all operative access
to this piece right here and really answer in your half-inch ppc
pipe but if you notice this is not quite half inch in diameter
you can do show that in there the need to help a lot of its over into
israel take our short blades screwdriver shimizu who wanted to hear ten insert into that opening myself here on internet so fans even more getting to work opens even more opens the morality of meduni larger opening your intake this
piece here ingrown incidentally andre marin is
taking to the sidewalk and turn it into the sidewalk and write
it down so they just paper who make it easier to show them when you get to this point excel crap and then fingers of wild latches onto it
for children anything socialist thumb in a little bit so that the other top of
the homepage p_v_c_ sticks a prototype like this many rotate your coupler undercover
should be read after uh… half-inch too three-quarter inch adapter shown on the
in like that and then right into your coupler excel
now this is a loose fit across this is all the other friction but i recommend
gluing this portion right here let’s hear it s g_-rated okay next up is the wheel assembling at
these wheels of a pair of roller blades that that interest of the five dollars bhaiya took them off of one of the role of
religion to me four wheels and uh… the state of mind a little
role three insecure we’ll hit on it insert the forage bolt photographs insecure plug and draw a hole in our post my holds off but that’s ok for in order to nafta in
the senate reagan-era keep doing a considerable degree my was a lot but i was alright sort of
work does this make it things one just lost take the nut one of the nuts and cash on the other notable the statements by hand does need to be
super tight like that surgeon chloe then take the other net annotated or the other end of the uh… books like that insecure choirs preferably a smoker in
the los angeles user ratchet head for this kind of thing ten whole thing down then when you’re done simply answered this into account for in your real assembly is finished now make three or these but you will see an eternity community
joints including some concerts mutual so it’s gonna look something like that in historically has been deals on both
ends okay presto make another one of these fly off opponents who remain hopeful
cock everything together we build the serenity joint police in insert and the top like that into three insurances homicides like that mariela blows on both ends http sola when you’re done here’s the basic parts of your taylor
broken down for storage and nor transport and assembling the thing from
here is pretty easy here’s how you do it you know this yourself well why though
the sun three quarter inch base weighs three quarter inch cut linkages billable
thing have happened ch of course you can but if he uses
three-quarter inch base they will now be compatible with or p_v_c_ whites there would build here
so it’s back just snap your tripod head around like
this and now you’ve got a low angle camera stand well you can use instead of send bag and that my friends the pc cable dali if you like this to please confirm
promega dot com for more or find us on instructables facebook and twitter adios

88 thoughts on “Make a Camera Table Dolly for Under $20

  1. I'm building one of these in London and I'm having trouble getting the smaller pipes… It's ridiculous, this city has nothing available in all the diy shops… I'll figure something out once the tripod arrives 🙂

  2. So I went to Loews and bought the 3/4" PVC pipe and the 3/4"PVC t-joints, 3/4" elbow etc they don't fit at all. There are exactly 3/4". What am I missing?

  3. Great dolly! I built my own based on your tutorial and it works fantastic. You need a very smooth surface to run it on to avoid camera shakes. I have a piece of kitchen counter on a piece of plywood that acts as my table. Works with my T2i and my smaller HF M31 just fine. Thanks for the video!

  4. HI! I am from Bombay, India. Thanks for your videos, I think they are really helpful. PVC pipes are easily available in my neighbourhood shops, I need to find out from I can buy the wheels. Once I procure the wheels I will attempt to make a dolly in the manner you demonstrated.

  5. I made this dolly, but with some changes, I used a bracket with quick coupler of a mini tripod with adjustable-ball. So I can leave the fixed base and is aesthetically better. then put the video on youtube here. thanks for the tips. great video.

  6. Thanks for your help – made one the other day and works great – Also using a DSLR camera with decent sized lens and still performs really well (have to hold the camera at all times though).

  7. Looks great! I am definitely going to try this out. I was wondering if there's anything I can do if I wanted a taller dolly for eye level shots?

  8. I don't recommend adding height to this dolly, as you will add wobble as well. If you need it higher raise the surface the dolly is riding on.

  9. you can build three of these with out the head of the tripod. Then attach them together by measuring your tripod, put your tripod feet in the holes at the top of each table dolly, now you have a "Track Free Tripod Dolly". Try it on the show, Scott!

  10. Yard sales or thrift stores. Wheel and bearing quality is an issue, but if you get a pair of skates you can usually cobble four decent wheels from the eight.

  11. Just started mine now but realized I don't have all the pieces I need so will get it completed this weekend.

  12. hold on a minute why couldn't we use the telecopping tubes from the cheap tripod here for a armature for the boom crane or Boom crane Junior

    also why couldn't we inlarge the footprint of this rig to make a stable taller version of this

  13. think tripod cause tripod turns easier and could do turning shots with littler adjustments

    8yrs Commercial Television and several simesters of colege videography

  14. You're a genius…I've been looking at lots of these types of builds and your's are by far the best and most practical and very affordable…very very clever…well done!!

  15. I made this today, but with a slight alteration. Instead of using bolts and nuts to hold the rollerblade wheels on, I used the original bushing/bolts that held the wheels onto the rollerblades. They were a bit too long, so I simply put a few washers on the bolt, inside the PVC end cap and it worked like a charm. T'his was quick and easy and works great. Thanks a lot!!

  16. Great video!!  Just one thing… a "Benjamin" as you stated is a 100-dollar bill, not a twenty, as you most likely meant.  Therefore, this project was well under a "Benjamin," but just under a "Jackson."

  17. Thanks for the video. Tried building mine today. However, the hole for the tripod head is way smaller than the half inch. Looks like some mods are in order!

  18. I'm trying to watch this, but you sound so much like Jeff Goldblum that I'm distracted.

    🙂  Great video, thanks for sharing!

  19. You really need to read your Close Captions on your video. Had to pay attention to what your building when I laughing so hard!
    Love your videos and miss you greatly. Hope all is well.

  20. Okay so.
    If you want to make this for DSLR cameras all you gotta do is use T joints at the ends and put couplers in the middle and make 2 of the top pieces. After that get a metal plate and drill it to the top and use a 1/4-20 screw and bam you have a camera plate that'll work with a DSLR

  21. Great video. It was easy to follow and I love my new table dolly. Especially since it was cheaper than $130 and Functional

  22. my tripod's base thing didn't fit 1/2 pvc 🙁 i'm gonna try grinding the pvc as grinding the base would ruin my $4 dollar tripod


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